12 SEO Friendly Landing Pages

It is wise to create landing pages for the betterment of your page. Your page needs the right targeted traffic to accomplish the goal, and landing pages are an effective way to increase traffic on your page. The SEO landing pages are optimized for search engines, along with the features that make it appealing to those algorithms that decide whether it is essential to searchers or not.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is getting pages to a higher rank in the search engines. You can make different types of SEO, like if we take the example of Seo For Interior Design. If you think of Seo For Interior Design, you have two choices: “Squarespace,” and the other is “WordPress.” There may be other options, but these two are the most convenient ones. You must consider some things before choosing the website, like if your website’s search engine optimizing abilities are lacking, then it is not a wise decision to go with it.

There are many different landing pages, and it is tough to keep track of them all, therefore. In this article, we will discuss the top types of landing pages.

Squeeze page

Squeeze pages are one of the most effective landing pages out there. The goal of the squeeze page is to capture the email address of the user. By having the email address, you can easily show them new offers and the relevant content. The standard type of squeeze page is gated content, content that users can only access after providing the information, like an email address. You need to make sure that your squeeze page is simple and the CTA is tempting to give up their email addresses.

Lead capture page

This page is similar to the squeeze page, but it requires more information. Along with the email address, the lead capture page seeks to earn the name, job title, business name, and some other things. The information you request depends on the goals of your page. If the customer is landing on your lead capture page after demonstrating your services, you must ask for more information.

Click-through landing page

Before asking for money, you must provide value to the customer, and click-through landing pages offer that value. The click-through landing page shows the qualities and features of your product that convince your customer to buy it or go for a free trial.

Get started landing page.

A “get started” landing page guides the audience about your offer. This landing page convinces them to get started.

Unsubscribe landing page

It is essential not to neglect the unsubscribe landing page. This landing page offers the customers to manage their preferences. It would help if you made sure that it successfully unsubscribes them.

Long-form sales landing page

On this page, you need to think wisely about any question your customer might ask you, every benefit they will enjoy, and every barrier they will face. All in all, you need to observe the track they will go through. The goal for the page is to buy or convert with rich written content.

Paid advertising landing page

The paid advertising landing page is a web page you use for a paid campaign. On this dedicated page, the customers land after clicking through on a pay-per-click ad. It is essential to send the customers who click on your paid ads to the right landing page.

404 landing page

Four hundred four landing pages do not look good, but you need to make them look good. You need to get creative with 404 landing pages and make sure that your users come to the main home page or any other neutral page. It would help if you thought about the things that will make even your 404 pages attractive.

About Us landing page

It is wise to make the About Us landing page a lead generation page; it does not always have to be a dead-end. You need to pack the About Us page with vision and history, but you also need to tell the user how to move further. Like, you can put a reminder to follow the page and to shop from the page.

Pricing page

The pricing page should be one of the most heavily optimized ones on your site. You should push the users towards the pricing page.

Splash page

To have the lead capture is not always the primary goal of the splash landing page. When someone clicks the content link or social media, these splash pages pop up.

Thank-You landing page

This landing page doesn’t have a real purpose; it just thanks to the user for taking the service. You can make this page work by including the gifts and offers to it.

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