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Can I Build A Website With Kartra Sites? Heck Yes!

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While we know that we can create single landing pages and sales funnels using Kartra, the question may come up:

Can I build a website with Kartra?  Yes!  You can.  Back in late August 2019, Kartra introduced a functionality called Kartra Sites that allows you to create full sites using just Kartra.  This platform has all the features that Kartra users need for business website creation!

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How Do Kartra Sites Work?

When you think about a website, it is just a collection of web pages on a single domain.  The things that the pages have in common are that they all share the same header, navigation, branding, footers, etc.

Kartra defines a site as a group of related pages on a website.  Each of these pages shares the global components mentioned previously.  Other things to think about that probably get shared among pages are tracking codes, exit popup codes, etc.

These websites can be used to sell your products, generate leads from your site visitors, get more clients for your service, or customers, etc.

Now, inside Kartra, you need to bundle the pages you create into one single “site.”  Here’s how you do this:

Open the My Pages section and create a new page to open the Page Builder.  The Page Builder window will open, and you will be shown the following.  You’ll see that there is a field for “Site.”  If the site is already defined in Kartra, you can select the site to bundle the page to.  If the site doesn’t exist, you need to click “Manage my sites” to add it.

Inside the “Manage my sites” section, you can also see all the pages that are set up for the site:

With that taken care of, there are a couple of ways to make it work:

When you are in the Page Builder, you can click the “Sites” option on the top left side of the screen and be given the options in the image below that allow you to export all the elements you want to use across the entire site.

So basically, if I created a new site using Kartra, I would use the page builder to create the home page and then do this process to export all the elements that need to be used on all the other pages. I can either start designing from scratch or use one of the varieties of built-in templates in Kartra. Then, as I create each new page, I get this:

Turn that option on, and you should automatically have everything you need on the page once you start designing it and getting it ready to publish.  Keep doing that and grow your site right with the awesome Kartra features.

Want to give it a try for $1?  Kartra has a 14-day trial here.