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Can You Add Fonts To Kartra?

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Got a favorite font that you like to use but are unsure if it can be used with Kartra? Keep reading.

Can you add fonts to Kartra?

Yes, you can add fonts to Kartra.

But before you jump in and start copying and pasting your favorite font, we recommend doing a few things first. This includes reading this blog post for guidelines as to what you will need and looking at the website’s source code to see if there are any hidden settings that might cause problems during creation.

Kartra comprises CSS stylesheets that provide styles to components such as header sections, partials, menus, etc. Although you can certainly use other CSS-based stylesheets or even an inline style, Kartra requires that all styles be contained in stylesheets to ensure the proper formatting.

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For example, if you add a font into the header (which would require a stylesheet) when you view your site in a browser, that font will not display unless you have included that style. This is also true of other components within your website since they all have their own CSS file needs.


Adding fonts to Kartra is relatively easy once you have the proper stylesheet. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. We are happy to help.