Can You Use Clickfunnels To Sell Affiliate Products?

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for new ways to promote products? Maybe using Clickfunnels to help?

Can you use Clickfunnels to sell affiliate products?

Yes. You can build any kind of funnel you want with Clickfunnels, including an affiliate funnel to sell other peoples’ products.

That means you can build a pre-sell page that gives your visitors an offer or coupon code before they have to enter their contact information. You could also have a landing page that promotes the product, collects data from your visitors for email marketing purposes and then offers them an upsell opportunity by sending them to download the software via the affiliate program.

How It Works – My Own Afiliates In Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a program that makes it super-easy to create sales funnels with advanced features. You can create your funnel from scratch by clicking on the ‘new funnels’ tab. This gives you a huge list of examples of possible funnels you could build, with all the different settings and customization options they have. You can also just copy an example from their website or use their built-in templates.

The program is pretty intuitive to use, which is a huge bonus for a lot of people.

Once you have your funnel built, every step of the way you can add subscribers easily by clicking on the goal that corresponds to that specific step. You can also select from different types of optins to use, such as ‘free’, ‘landing page’ and so on. I personally use a combination of paid and free optins on all my funnels. It depends on what I’m building and for what purpose.

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When it comes to the funnels that include an affiliate component, you can add your affiliates into that funnel from any of the places you create a new account. From the ‘dashboard’, which is where all your funnels are listed. It’s super easy to then send traffic to their offers with the click of a button (which they will then collect commission on).

If you can’t find what you are looking for, there is a huge support team that are helpful and willing to help out. The entire support process takes maybe 10 minutes max to work through, including email responses. There is also a live chat support option which is really worth trying if you have any issues at all.

You can use the sales page builder tool to generate sales pages for your products if you don’t have access to them yet.

If you have a lot of products to promote however, I’d advise you to generate them all first before going through the process of adding all those affiliate links.

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Just Using Clickfunnels?

It depends. The fact that you can do it at all is awesome, but you have to reach a certain level of proficiency before you can make money with Clickfunnels using affiliate marketing.

My experience has been that if I build a good sales funnel and promote that with the right kind of offers, then I can make some serious coin with Clickfunnels affiliate marketing. It’s something I’ve been doing for years and it works, and everyone needs to make money from their efforts eventually.

Can You Promote The Clickbank Affiliate Offer With Clickfunnels?

Yes, you can. In fact, Clickfunnels is a great tool to use to promote Clickbank products with affiliate marketing that’s been proven. If you have been wondering how you can get more people on your sales funnel, then Clickfunnels is a good way to do it.

However, you must be aware that it doesn’t necessarily mean that a ‘good sales funnel’ will guarantee a ‘good affiliate funnel’.

What Promotional Materials Does Clickfunnels Give Their Affiliates?

The Clickfunnels affiliate training course is very comprehensive and covers everything you need to know. They give you a ton of high-quality images and graphics to use to promote your products, and even some videos. This isn’t necessary to get started, but it’s definitely a good way to go if you can afford it.

Clickfunnels also provides affiliates with a lot of great resources such as the Clickfunnels blog, Facebook group and Twitter account to use as additional promotion tools.

When Do You Use Affiliate Link Builder In Clickfunnels?

There are actually two ways you can use an affiliate link builder within your Clickfunnels affiliate program. The first way (which I do) is to put the affiliate link in the ‘capture page’ section that comes up before your leads even get to the next step in your sales funnel. That way, they won’t see an ad for your affiliate link while they are trying to buy something else.

The second way you can use an affiliate link builder is to put it on the landing page you want them to visit after they complete the goal of your affiliate funnel.

As I said, it really depends on what kind of experience you want to give your users. You can also use an autoresponder to collect email addresses and send them a message about a follow-up offer after they leave their contact information, which is a good way to make some extra money from those that fill out your form.


Clickfunnels is awesome because you can set it up for any type of offer you want to promote, and there are people who are making a lot of money using affiliate marketing in Clickfunnels. This is an awesome way to get started with affiliate marketing if you’ve never done it before. The training program they provide affiliates with is awesome, and the support team is very helpful. Finally, all their tools make it super easy to reach out to your target audience and get them interested in your product or service.

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