​Clickfunnels Review 202​1 (Incl The New Platinum Plan!)

​Thanks for stopping by and checking out ​my detailed Clickfunnels review.  I have been using Clickfunnels for the past 6 months plus and cannot see myself moving to any other page builder for sales funnels.  However, with that said, it does have some cons as well, but nothing too major (more on that later in the article).

There are many reviews of Clickfunnels online but I hope that this one help you make your decision on if you should try it or not and choose it over other marketing tools or landing page builders to help you make money.

Without further ado....here is ​my review!  If you are interested, we also have a great Clickfunnels vs Leadpages comparison article as well.  Here is everything you need to know in order to use it to promote your product or service!  Read on, as I am sure you will like Clickfunnels to help you start generating your first sales using your first sales funnel.  ​Take a look at this Clickfunnels review:

Note - I am a ​Clickfunnels affiliate and may receive affiliate commissions from referring my visitors.

​What Is Clickfunnels?

clickfunnels review

​No Clickfunnels review would be complete without giving a lowdown on what exactly it is.  Basically, Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel pages and landing page builder created by ​Russel ​Brunson back in 2014. Many ​successful business owners, marketers, website owners, consultants, freelancers and others use Clickfunnels to quickly and easily create landing pages (beautiful and high converting) - a landing page and sales funnels to help sell your products online.

If you are looking for an easy way to create sales pages or sales funnels for your business, this is one of the top options in my opinion.

You don't have to know anything about coding or complicated HTML - it's all just a visual drag and drop Clickfunnels editor.  ​Clickfunnels provides a huge selection of Clickfunnels templates, with many different funnel type options, and edit it exactly how you want it.  

What Is Clickfunnels Platinum?

​On Sept 23rd 2019, Russell Brunson made a huge announcement coinciding with their company's 5th anniversary with the new account tier called Clickfunnels Platinum.  Basically, it is another Clickfunnels option you can use to create your funnels and landing page but it also includes a ton of features exclusive to Clickfunnels Platinum only.

What does it give you?

  • ​The ability to create unlimited sales funnels, store unlimted contacts and emails, and have unlimited follow-up funnels, etc with everything you need.
  • "Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thons" which are designed to help you through the process of creating your funnel pages of different funnel types from start to finish.  For people that may be stuck in the process of creating your funnel, this is awesome!  You'll get very hands-on help to get you over the hurdle of creating your sales funnel and starting to use it to earn money.  
  • The Official Funnel Hacker Forum access.  This exclusive forum gives you another avenue to get your questions answered on a variety of topics relating to funnels, landing pages, marketing, etc.
  • New platform called "FunnelFlix".  This platform is basically like a "Netflix of funnel info".  All training, courses, etc from Clickfunnels exist in Funnel Flix - all included and it makes it so you do not need to buy any of their courses because they are all there!

    If you order right now, during their 5th birthday promotion, you can get Clickfunnels Platinum for $297 per month for a limited time.  After this promotion, it goes back up to the regular $697 per month.

​Is Clickfunnels Worth it & Legit?

Yes!  It is worth it!  Clickfunnels makes it so easy to create sales funnels, landing pages and an entire sales process quickly and easily.  I would highly recommend it to any business owner looking to generate leads to their company.  Their customer service is excellent as well so you are never too far from help if you need it.

​I will also say that Etison LLC does not appear to be going anywhere and I would imagine that they will continue to support this excellent piece of software and keep releasing enhancements and improvements.

​Can You Make Mon​​ey With Clickfunnels?

​There are quite a few ways to make money and all types of businesses that can generate an income from a constant flow of new sales leads can benefit from this.  If you are a business owner, you know that you need to start with good leads that you can sell to.  This gives you all the tools you need to do just that.

​​Clickfunnels can be used for a ton of different applications online for making money when it comes to marketing products and services.  Some common applications:

  • Product sales funnels and product launches - this includes order forms, upsells, order bumps, order confirmation pages, etc.  It makes it very easy to set up your own ecommerce store and run it right inside your account without the need for anything else other than integrating ​your checkout pages to your payment processor (which is super simple inside your dashboard).
  • Lead generation squeeze pages - as you probably know, the first step to making a good income online is generating quality leads.  You can't generate those leads without some way to capture them through sales funnels.
  • Video sales letters (VSL) - Video is a great way to help sell a product, especially products that require some kind of demonstration to help sell them.  you can easily add videos that you create to your pages in order to help sell your product and increase conversions.
  • Two-Step ​tripwire ​funnels - a good way to help increase the sales performance of your traffic is to set up tripwires to help entice your visitors to buy.
  • Promoting webinars - holding live webinars are an excellent way to bring together an audience and introduce your product or service this way.
  • Membership sites and membership funnels.  Are you in a niche or industry that may be lacking in a good membership site?  Maybe you should set one up and charge a small monthly fee to be a member.  ​Membership sites are an excellent and fun way to earn a recurring income assuming you have something worth sharing each month.
  • Affiliates - you can easily set up attractive pre-sell pages to help promote any product through an affiliate program that you are a part of.  ​Clickfunnels also has their own Clickfunnels affiliate program that allows you to earn for each signup you generate - recurring.

​Who Is ​It For?

​Personally, I believe that if you are doing anything online for business, you can benefit from this.  I actually would use​ Clickfunnels in place of having a designer build funnels or a website (which saves you literally $1000's of dollars for funnel building right there).

  • Agencies - any type of agency really - marketing, SEO, public relations, etc.
  • Freelancers - people out there hustling to get more freelance clients for the type of work they are doing is a perfect match for this because you can easily set up and launch marketing campaigns to help grow your freelance client base.
  • Information product owners - let's say you created the next big online info product for a certain niche.  What's next?  Well, you need a page to be able to sell it and you probably want to get it done efficiently, quickly and easily.
  • Coaches and Consultants - this works for any type of coach or consultant - online or offline.  Put together a marketing funnel to get them in the door and build your client base one at a time.
  • Network Marketers - recruiting online is a great way to build your base line.  
  • Affiliate Marketers - if you are an affiliate marketer, you know that creating a good pre-sell page for an affiliate program promotion to sell someone else's product is one of the top ways to increase you chances at getting affiliate sales and generating big commissions.
  • E-Commerce Store Owners - setting up an ecommerce store complete with a shopping cart, product pages, coupon functionality, upsells and downsells, one time offers (OTO), etc is simple.
  • Charities and Non-Profit Groups - these types of entities can really benefit from this because it allows them to handle everything themselves without needing to hire a designer.  This allows more of your money to go towards that charity instead of bloated administration costs.

​What ​Does Clickfunnels Do?

​Plenty!  As part of our Clickfunnels review, here is a list of all the different features that Clickfunnels has available:

  1. ​Drag and drop WYSIWYG editor which basically allows you to visually choose elements of a page, edit them and make them look exactly like you need them to right from the very intuitive Clickfunnels dashboard.  I love this drag and drop editor.  ​Ease of use is the name of the game here!
  2. Create fully responsive desktop and mobile pages and easily put them together to create your unique marketing funnel.
  3. You can choose to start you design from the free funnel templates available.  Simply load up a funnel template for the funnel type you are looking for and edit it how you see fit which saves a ton of time.  To add to this, there is also a marketplace of affordable premium themes that can help you make you pages even more beautiful.
  4. Build attractive and converting email forms and easily add them to your pages.  Makes building your email lists simple.
  5. For product sales pages, you can easily handle different currencies if you are selling products around the world.
  6. Easily add, change or move around pages in your entire funnel.
  7. Monitor all your traffic stats, page views, conversion rates, split testing (a b testing) results and more.  This makes it very simple to keep an eye on your website visitors to see how it is performing and allow you to make adjustments to help optimize your traffic for conversions.
  8. Easily add one time offers, up-sells, product bumps, etc.  This is another excellent way to help increase sales and revenue per order.
  9. Easily integrate with other services for email management, payment processing, webinar management, messaging, and more.  As you will see in the integrations section, it will handle just about all the major services that you may already be using that you can just plug into.
  10. ​Quickly publish your sales funnels to either a Clickfunnels subdomain or your own custom domain that you own.  This means that you can set up your pages and funnels using your own domain name.  We recommend putting everything on your own brandable custom domains.
  11. Manage any digital download and assets and automatically deliver these as needed without you having to worry about it once ​Clickfunnels is all set up.  This means that all your digital product delivery can be completely automated.
  12. ​Create and use your own templates.  You can even create premium templates to sell on the Clickfunnels Funnel Marketplace!
  13. Add tracking codes such as Google Analytics, heatmap services, Faceook pixels, remarketing, etc.  ​You can put in a tracking code for just about anything that you need.
  14. Allows you to create two landing pages in the same sales funnel in order to split test (a b testing) in between them.  It will also track everything for you so that you can easily make decisions based on the split testing results.
  15. Easily configure basic SEO settings such as title tags, meta descriptions, etc.  You also have full control of heading tags, etc.
  16. Excellent included hosting for your marketing funnels that is fast and responsive.  My recommendation is to do a speed test on your landing pages to make sure that it loads quickly and adjust from there.
  17. Free WordPress plugins that give you the option to easily create a sales funnel page and add it right to your WordPress site.  This is an excellent feature if you already have an established WordPress site and want to add a lead capture or sales funnel to your site without having to change the entire site over.
  18. Share​ funnels and landing pages with other Clickfunnels users and team members.  This is great for client work and a great way to save a lot of time by being able to have an entire team working on a campaign seamlessly.
  19. Add social sharing to any of your pages.  Sharing your content on social sites can really help to generate a ton of traffic if you have something that goes viral and is sharable.
  20. Get questions answered using their detailed customer service help section and 24 7 online messaging chat support system.  They have excellent customer service in my experience.
  21. Marketing automation that saves you a lot of time to do other tasks in your business.

Optionally, depending on your subscription plan that you purchase, you can also:

  1. ​Maintain a list of autoresponder emails and do email marketing using their Actionetics option.  This is a good option for people and businesses that do not already have an active email list through a third party email autoresponder service.
  2. Segment your email list.
  3. Implement lead scoring.
  4. Send out email list broadcasts.
  5. Track email performance such as open rates.
  6. Set up email autoresponders based on actions that your subscribers take.

​​How Does Clickfunnels Work?

How do you set up a click funnel?

​Just to give you an idea on what ​the ​user experience is like to work with this awesome program called Clickfunnels. I wanted to create this quick section showing a typical work flow that would be done when you want to create a simple funnel.  Let's take an opt-in funnel for this purpose.

Step 1 - Log into ​Your Click Funnels account.

​Naturally, you are going to have to log into your Clickfunnels account before you can do anything.  Go ahead and click the Member Login button and enter your email and password on the next page.  Once you are done, go to step 2.  Don't have an account yet?  ​​
​​Get a 14 day free trial right here

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp login review

​Step 2 - Click "Funnels"

​At the top of the screen, you'll see a few options in a menu.  Hover over the "Click Funnels" section and then click the first menu option called "Funnels".  This will take you to the next screen that will get you started in creating your own Clickfunnels landing pages.

how to publish clickfunnels

​Step 3 - The Fun Part, Creating The Landing Pages For Your Funnel

​To begin, you are going to need to click the "Add New" button.

clickfunnels landing page examples

​You are then presented with a pop-up that gives you a couple different options to choose from inside the Clickfunnels options - the Cookbook Builder and the Classic Builder.  Both are actually very similar and you end up at the same sales page builder dashboard.  I find that the Cookbook builder gives you some more options for templates and types of funnels.  So, if you are looking for something more advanced like reverse funnels, surveys, membership areas, applications, daily deals, etc go with Cookbook.  For more simple lead generation landing pages, sales pages or simple webinar opt-in, use the Classic version.  For this demonstration, I will choose Classic.

clickfunnels review 2019

​Step 4 - Choose The Type

​On the next screen is where you need to choose the type of Clickfunnels sales funnel you want to create between collecting emails and leads, selling a product or hosting a webinar.

is clickfunnels worth it

​Step 5 - Give Your Sales Funnel A Name

​Enter the name of your sales funnel and click "Build Funnel".  The system will now work in the background and create all the web pages you need to your full funnel.  This includes squeeze pages, confirmation page, thank you page, etc.  Depending on the type of funnel you choose.

​Clickfunnels marketing tool also now will give you a huge selection of templates to choose from.  Simply browse and pick a template.  Once you have one, click it and edit for your own needs.

clickfunnels review

​From there, I encourage you to play around with it and get used to the interface. There is a bit of a learning curve but if you have used other website builders in the past, it is very easy to get used to and intuitive to use - ease of use here is incredible.  If all else fails, check the Clickfunnels online support section to get any questions answered.

Also, I find that if I am stick on something, it is easy to solve with a quick Youtube search for the answer.

Step 6 - Experiment​!

Just try different things and see for yourself how it works.

​Available Integrations

​You can integrate Clickfunnels with just about all the ​popular web services available.  Here is a list:

  • eMail service provider - ​Aweber, Constant Contact, ​ConvertKit, ​Drip, ​GetResponse, GVO Pure Leverage, HTML Forms, ​HubSpot, ​InfusionSoft, Mad Mimi, ​Mail Chimp, Market Hero, ​Maropost, ​OfficeAutopilotTagging, ​Ontraport, ​Sendlane
  • Webinar - ​EverWebinar, ​GotoWebinar, ​WebinarJam, ​Zoom, ​ActiveCampaign
  • Messaging​ - ​Facebook, ​PushCrew, ​SlyBroadcast
  • Delivery - ​Kajabi, ​ShipStation, ​ZenDirect
  • Payment Gateways - ​Clickbank, ​InfusionSoft, ​JVZoo, ​Stripe, ​WarriorPlus, ​BlueSnap, ​Easy Pay Direct, ​NMI, ​PayPal, ​Ontraport, ​Recurly
  • Other - ​Zapier

​​Why Use Clickfunnels - The Pros

  • ​​Ease of use.  Clickfunnels is very easy to use.  I admit that there is a bit of a learning curve and things to get used to, but once you have used it for a relatively short amount of time, you will have no problems at all and it makes it easy.  All the tools included are laid out very well and intuitive.
  • Tons of different Clickfunnels features that can be added at a click of a button.  See my list of features above.
  • With the way that the Clickfunnels interface is set up, it is very simple to add pages, move them around inside the funnel, delete pages and do just about anything you need to do with the flow of the funnel.
  • Easy to integrate Clickfunnels with payment processors, email autoresponders, etc.
  • Awesome training materials available.  And since it is such a popular page builder, many users have created their own instructional Youtube videos.  Between support and Youtube, you should be able to find answers to ALL of your questions that may arise while working with it.  Not only are there training for using the product but also general online marketing training and is world class.
  • The company behind ​Clickfunnels, Etison LLC, is always adding new features.
  • The templates look beautiful, convert well and are all mobile responsive.  They also cover a lot of different types of lead generation pages, marketing styles and methods.
  • Awesome Clickfunnels affiliate program.  Probably one of the best affiliate program for this type of product and has everything you need to promote it.  If you generate 100 customers for them, you may be eligible for a bonus prize of your dream car.  A​lso get that you can set up your own affiliate programs too where you can share your products affiliate link to others to promote you as an affiliate marketer.
  • There is a 14 day free trial which gives you plenty of time to try it out for free before committing to a monthly fee.

​Where ​It Falls Short - The Cons

  • ​For people that do not have any experience with sales page builders, ​Clickfunnels can be a little overwhelming because the management software an do so many different things.  However, if you take it one step at a time, you should not have any problems at all.
  • Compared to other sales page builders, ​Clickfunnels is slightly more expensive.  Definitely worth the price but it is important to note that it does cost a bit more than other options.
  • In order to get access to some of the more complicated Clickfunnels options, you do have to upgrade to a higher priced tier.  This is also the case when you want to create more than 20 different funnels.

​​How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

​Available Clickfunnels plan basically has two different pricing plans and tiers:

  • Standard - $97 per month.  This gives you slots to create up to 20 funnels and 100 landing pages and up to 20000 visitors per month.  It also allows one single user for creating and editing your pages and funnels, up to three payment gateways, and up to three custom domains.  You'll also have access to FunnelFlix and the Funnel Hacker Forum.  This is the basic plan for this marketing platform.  Note - it does not include followup funnels and their weekly peer review hackathons - you will need to get a higher tiered plan to get access to these two helpful resources.
  • Etison Suite - $297 per month.  This package basically unlocks all the limitations on the standard plan and makes the number of funnels/landing pages and traffic unlimited.
  • New for Sept 2019!  Clickfunnels Platinum - $697 $297 per month.  If you order right now, during their 5th birthday promotion, you can get Clickfunnels Platinum for $297​ for a limited time.  It includes:
    • ​unlimited funnels, unlimited landing pages, unlimited contacts, unlimited followup funnels, etc.
    • you can setup up to 3 different users, 9 different custom domains, and nine different payment gateways.
    • "Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thons" which are designed to help you through the process of creating your sales funnel from start to finish.  
    • The Official Funnel Hacker Forum access.
    • New platform called "FunnelFlix".  This platform is basically like a "Netflix of funnel info".  All training, courses, etc from Clickfunnels exist in FunnelFlix - all included and it makes it so you do not need to buy any of their courses because they are all there!
    • This plan also gives you priority level customer support.

​Sign up here for the 14 day free trial.  Credit card details required for verification.  Will update if anything with ​Clickfunnels pricing changes in the future.

More pricing options - If you choose to, ​Clickfunnels landing page software also allows you to purchase on a yearly basis and get a discount.

​Why Is Clickfunnels So Expensive?

Well, in my opinion, when you really think about it, it really isn't so expensive.  Why do I say this?  Let's look at what it could cost you to do the same thing without it.

​First off, for $99 per month, one thing you get is the complete landing and sales page editor.  to me, this alone pays for itself when you think about the $1000's of dollars it would end up costing you to have them created by a web designer.  But you might say that you are not a designer so it doesn't work for you.  

To that I would say that you definitely don't need to be a designer because with all the professional looking templates already available, you can easily create beautiful pages by starting with a template and just changing out the text for you.  Very easy and saves a ton of money by not having to hire a designer!

​On top of this, you also get a huge amount of support, tutorial videos, etc that are worth a lot in financial terms as well.

So while the price tag is a little high, it is way lower than the alternative of hiring someone to help you.

​With the way that the pricing tiers are, you can also start with the cheapest plan and then upgrade as you business grows.

Customer service is huge here too and to me, this is priceless!


​How To Get Clickfunnels For Free?

​There is no way to get a permanent free Clickfunnels account but you can at least try it out for two weeks completely free.

When Did Clickfunnels Launch?

Clickfunnels was launched in 2014 so it is still a relatively new software tool.  However, in this short period of time, it has made quite an impact in helping businesses and companies make a huge living online.

​Who Owns Clickfunnels?

​Popular and well-known internet marketer Russell Brunson.

Can Clickfunnels Replace Your Website?

Yes!  Many people are having tons of success selling their products and services just using Clickfunnels as their entire website in addition to just creating a landing page with the sales funnel builder.  All without graphic web design skills.

Can I Use Paypal With Clickfunnels?

Yes!  With just a few clicks, you can integrate with many different payment processors including Paypal.

Do I Need A Domain Or Website For Clickfunnels?

No, it is not completely necessary.  Every page you create is hosted automatically and given a unique url.  However, I would recommend getting a domain name to assign your sales funnels to.  So you can build sales funnels without a domain.

Does Clickfunnels Have A Shopping Cart?

Yes!  You can make Clickfunnels act like a shopping cart checkout p​ages and add multiple products and quantities to a single order using this sales funnel software or funnel builder.

Does Clickfunnels Have An Autoresponder?

Yes! However, you needed to upgrade to the top tier Etison Suite.  As an alternative, you can easily integrate with many different autoresponder services at just the click of a few buttons.

Does Clickfunnels Host Webinars?

Yes!  Not only can they host it for you, but there are also many webinar funnels and landing page templates available.

What Is FunnelFlix?

Back around Sept of 2019, Clickfunnels made an exciting announcement of the release of something called FunnelFlix.  In the most basic terms, this is a kind of Netflix for internet marketing related video content.

Let's think about it this way.  Let's say that you signed up for the 14-day trial, but you are unsure on what to do next to help kickstart your online business to the next level.  Wouldn't it be great to have a bunch of really high quality and informative videos available to watch and get inspired and learn from?  This is basically what FunnelFlix is.

When you get inside, you'll see a huge library of tutorial videos that cover topics including funnel building, sales and copywriting, traffic generation, personal and business development, internet marketing documentaries and more.  

Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

​No, not at all.  It is basically just a business tool that you can use in just about any way you like in order to help increase your company's presense.  When I think about a pyramid scheme, I think about those scammy network marketing offers that people sometimes try to sell you and require you to bring in other people under you in order to "build your downline".  This is nothing like that.

​I can see where this question comes from though, and I would say that this is because of the way their affiliate marketing program works.  Basically, anyone that signs up as an affiliate has the opportunity to promote the software.  Anyone that you sign up for the service can also become an affiliate and they would be signed up under you.  This gives you the opportunity to earn an additional small percentage of their commissions.

Our Clickfunnels Review 2021 Conclusion

​I hope that this 2021 review of Clickfunnels ​gives you an idea on whether or not it would be a good option for you and your business with everything Clickfunnels offers.  Quite honestly though, all you need to do is sign up here for the 14​-day free trial​, get started and give it a go for yourself for your products or services.  You have nothing to lose so create a new funnel today!

If you think I may have missed anything that clickfunnels offers, feel free to leave a comment and let me know.  I will definitely update this post with any suggestions and give credit.

Got any questions about this review of Clickfunnels, feel free to contact me anytime at the email below or check out our social media links below.

We hope this ​Clickfunnels review helped you decide whether or not it is the right option for your company.

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