​Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages - An Indepth Compar​ed To

​If you have been looking into which landing page or funnel software tool to buy, chances are, you have come across both of these.  Clickfunnels ​vs Leadpages.  In my opinion, these two are probably the top ones on the market right now.  This makes it a very good choice to compare side by side.

Both options give you a "virtual ton" of options and ways to build some of the highest quality and converting landing pages on the market today.

To help make things as easy to read as possible, I tried to ​format everything in kind of a side-by-side comparison mode for each section of this article.  Hopefully, this format helps make you decision!

Ready for the comparison to help you buy the right one for you and/or your business?  So which interface will it be?  Leadpages ​vs Clickfunnels for your marketing automation enterprise?

Lets go help you compare Click funnels vs Leadpages and find a simple right solution for a marketer like you....

Trying to decide between the two?

​Both of these options will give you a 14 day free trial.  We recommend signing up for both and try before you choose! However, we choose Clickfunnels first because it has the best bang for the buck and easy to use when compared to others. ​Wh​y?

  1. I was able to create a complete funnel a lot faster!
  2. I found it much easier and intuitive to use.
  3. I preferred the look and design of the templates.
  4. ​The amount of step by step on their help section as well as independent Youtube videos.

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​Looking for something specific about each of these when comparing the performance of Clickfunnels vs Leadpages?  Take a look at our quick navigation section below and feel free to click any of these links to instantly take you to that section of this article.

​Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages

​What Is Clickfunnels?

clickfunnels vs leadpages

​Basically, Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel and landing page ​software that helps individuals and businesses you create and launch pages easily in order to sell their products and services online.

​What Is Leadpages?

clickfunnels vs leadpages

​Compared to Clickfunnels, Leadpages is an online sales funnel and landing page ​software that helps individuals and businesses create and launch pages easily in order to sell their products and services online.

​Wait, are they both the same?  Well, no....we need to dig a little deeper in this vs Leadpages vs Clickfunnels article!

So, if you read the above definitions of each of these products, at a high level, they seem to be just about the same.  And you would be right, but once your get into the details, you'll see areas where they are very different.

Let's begin with what they both do to take your marketing automation to the next level:

​Features That ​Both Leadpages Vs Clickfunnels Have

​The interface ​via ​both ​Clickfunnels and Leadpages boasts a huge number of things that you can do with them to not only make your pages look amazing, but also be able to convert well.  We can all agree that the converting is the most important part!

Here is a list:

  • Both Leadpages and Clickfunnels have a ​web editor that allows you to drag and drop each element on a page or set of pages quickly and easily.
  • Tons of templates to start with to make sure that your landing page design comes out beautiful but convert well at the same time.
  • Simple dashboard interface editor that organizes things very well.  Save hours of performance creating and focus on goals!
  • Ability to easily integrate things that one time offs and up-sells.
  • Need to integrate with other connected services and /or payment gateways?  It offers easy integration with all the most popular email marketing, a webinar, messaging, etc services out there.  Just takes a few clicks to connect these services with your landing page or funnel.
  • Clickfunnels and Leadpages platform dashboard can ​easily add custom domains.
  • Manage all your downloadable digital assets and do digital asset delivery automatically.
  • Create and save reusable templates for your pages.
  • Lead pages and Click Funnels have the ​ability to set up email marketing sending for things like promotional emails, resetting passwords, sending shipping notifications.
  • Maintain a list of emails that you want to stay unsubscribed to all your lists.
  • Awesome affiliate program with tons of marketing materials to use and different products to promote.
  • Very detailed help document section that can answer many questions that pop up while working with​ the product.  If this doesn't help you, an online chat is available as well.
  • Fully responsive to mobile devices.
  • Split testing settings that allow you to create variations of your landing pages and goal A/B test them against each other to find the best converting page.
  • Clickfunnel vs Leadpages have ​traffic stats for your campaigns to give you access to your traffic numbers and conversion rate at a glance.  Great for when you are testing different things for conversions.
  • Add tracking codes, such as Google Analytic to your head or body sections of your page.
  • Ability to easily drop pixels and other tracking code into your marketing automation pages.
  • Configurable ​basic SEO settings for pages (title tags, headings, meta descriptions, meta keywords, etc).
  • Fast website hosting for your pages and funnels.  Clickfunnels and Leadpages have excellent hosting for their pages.
  • WordPress plugins that allow you to publish your pages right to your WordPress site.
  • Ability to share funnels with other users.
  • Both Leadpages and Clickfunnels have ​FREE trials offer that lets you try before you buy!  Get testing a landing page in minutes at no risk.
  • Add all the most popular social sharing buttons to all your existing pages on your campaigns.

​Differences That We Noticed ​On Clickfunnels Compared To Lead ​Pages

​While there are quite a few similarities among the Click Funnels and Leadpages platform, as seen above, there are a few differences in offerings as well. I think that knowing what these differences are is really going to help you decide which is best for you.

The Biggest Difference:

Clickfunnels is easier to use (in my opinion).  Why?  Well, when you select your template, the entire Clickfunnels funnel process is created and all tied together automatically.  So after that you just need to edit each page and you are good to go.  You can also easily add/change/delete steps in the funnel right from the editor with a few simple clicks.

With Leadpages, compared to Clickfunnels, you need to create each page individually and tie them together manually into a funnel (at least this is how it worked at the time of this writing).  Still works well but a bit more cumbersome.

Here are other differences of capabilities that we found with Leadpages compared to Clickfunnels:


  • ​Huge “Clickfunnels Funnel Marketplace” that allows you to shop for some fantastic professional designs to use in your landing pages.  You can also create and sell your own templates here.  A great way to make a little extra money (and maybe even pay for the subscription!) is to create some custom templates and sell them here!
  • Cool ​unique free Clickfunnels T-Shirt offer available for customers that complete a few easy tasks like creating your first funnel, watching a simple intro video,


  • ​Leadpages has a built in ad creator that reads your landing page and creates a Facebook ad for you to use.  Instantly!
  • Clear Campaign ROI which allows you to easily see your ROI data on your ad spend.
  • Sub accounts allowing you to get others on your team to manage your pages for you.
  • Leadpages Leadlinks feature offer that allows you to set up your page to where a visitor can subscribe to your list with just a single click.

​Pricing Comparison Between Clickfunnels and Leadpages


  • Start with a 14 day FREE Trial offer.  Click here!
  • Standard Clickfunnels - $97 per month.  This gives you slots to create up to 20 funnels and 100 landing pages and up to 20,000 visitors per month for this platform.
  • Etison Clickfunnels Suite - $297 per month.  This package basically unlocks all the limitations on the standard plan and makes the number of funnels/landing pages and traffic unlimited.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these prices.


  • Start with a 14 day FREE Trial.​
  • Standard Leadpages pricing - $​37 per month.  Great starter account that gives you access to many features but some are locked out.
  • Leadpages Pro - $97 per month.  This is their most popular plan and it goes you full access other than priority support, some of the advanced integrations, virtual workshops, etc.
  • Leadpages Advanced - $321 per month.  Complete access to everything including a 1-on-1 call to help you get started.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these prices.

​Comparing The Funnel Creation Process Of ​Leadpages and Clickfunnels

​Both products have easy to understand creation processes, but they are naturally slightly different.


Compared to Leadpages, Once you click the "Add New" Button, you are greeted with the following screen that allows you to choose the type of funnel you are going to be creating.  What is interesting is the number of options it gives you!

On one side, you have the classic Clickfunnels process that gives you a more stripped down and customizable option for testing.  The other give you the "Cookbook" option which is extremely cool!

click funnels vs

To me, the classic option in the suite is great if you want to quickly and easily create a small optin funnel, sales page or a webinar sales page.  If you want to get more advanced, the Cookbook page Builder is just the right thing and saves hours of time!

The Cookbook page Builder starts you off by choosing a funnel type such as video sales letter, 2-step tripwire, application, reverse squeeze page, live demo, etc.  All types of different funnels to choose from.  They even have each of these categorized by industry such as Author/Speaker/Coach, Retail, Professional Services, B2B, etc.

Whether you want lead generation for subscribers or sell a product, it is an awesome and easy way to create a set of landing pages and funnel.

Once you choose, you are greeted with a page that looks like this which allows you to choose your template and get started.

clickfunnels templates

​And you are good to go!  Tweak you design from the template starting point (or start with a blank screen), add additional pages/steps in your funnel process, integrate with third-party services, create split test pages for conversion, etc.

Get your Clickfunnels trial right here.


​Compared to Clickfunnels, Once you sign up here, you are taken to the main screen and in the top right hand corner there is a button allowing you to "Create New Leadpage".  Once you click this button, you are given three choices depending on the type of ​Leadpage that you want to create:

leadpages add new funnel

​After you choose one of the three above options, you are lead to a screen that allows you to further design what you are attempting to create Leadpages leadboxes.  Let's take the "Generate Leads" option.  The next step brings you to this:

leadpages step 2

​Then, depending on the option you take here, it brings you to a selection of templates to use to get started.

leadpages step 3

​Comparing The Template Selections Of Leadpages And Clickfunnels

​Here is a quick selection of what some of the templates look like for Leadpages and Click​funnels.  Both Click funnels and Lead pages compare to each other quite well.


​Clickfunnels has an excellent selection of fantastic looking templates to get started with.  The other cool thing is that you can filter all of these by the functionality of each template.  This includes filtering by optin, sales, webinar, membership, clickpop, etc types of funnels:

clickfunnels template categories

​Here is just a small sample of the Clickfunnels templates that they have available.

clickfunnels templates

​Still want more template options?  Take a look at this small selection from the Funnel Marketplace that is also available.  Some amazing looking designs in here from other users just like you!

clickfunnels marketplace


​There is no shortage of different templates to choose from here.  They are also categorized very well by use.

Like I mentioned in the last section, when you choose the type of promotion that you plan to use this for, it automatically filters out the best templates to use for whatever you choose.  

However, you can still choose to browse all the templates available.  Here is just a small sample of what you can get here.

Quick note, there are two different types of templates:


leadpages standard templates

​Drag and drop templates:

leadpages templates

​Comparing The Types Of Funnels Available

​Both Clickfunnels and Leadpages have an amazing array of different types of funnels and landing pages that you can choose and build from.


  • ​Regular optin - gives you a starting point with both the squeeze page and thank you page.
  • Sales funnel - includes a main sales page, product launch step, order form page, one click upsell (OTO), one click downsell, order confirmation.
  • Webinar funnel - includes registration, thank you and broadcast room pages.
  • Membership site - signup page and main content page.
  • Other - Clickpop popup forms.


  • ​Regular optin​.
  • Sales funnel​.
  • Mini Site creation.
  • Event Registration.

Note - these are individual ​lead pages that you string together in order to create a funnel.

​Integrating With Other Services

​Here is a quick chart showing third party of integrations with ​Leadpages vs ​Clickfunnels.

​Third Party Service





clickfunnels vs lead pages
compared to clickfunnels

​Constant Contact

leadpages vs clickfunnels vs




​GVO Pure Leverage

​HTML Form


​InfusionSoft CRM


​Mail Chimp

​Market Hero












​ActiveCampaign CRM















Payment Gateways:


​InfusionSoft CRM





​Easy Pay Direct












​Zapier (for Marketo, etc)

Facebook Ads


​Support Available

​As you would expect, Leadpages and Clickfunnels have excellent methods for support when you need it.

Click ​Funnels

  • ​Detailed searchable Knowledgebase for quick and instant answers to your questions.
  • Online messaging system.
  • Lots of helpful tutorial videos.

Lead ​Pages

  • ​The level of support you get really depends on the account level that you choose.  Higher tiers include things like one-on-one quick start calls, priority phone support and virtual workshops.
  • Detailed knowledge base.
  • Contact form.
  • Weekly Q&A coaching webinars.

​​Some of the Cons Of Each

​With everything, nothing is perfect.  Above, we have gone over a lot of the benefits that each of these offers based on the features that ​click funnels ​and leadpages provide.  However, there are always some disadvantages that you need to realize as well between Clickfunnels vs Leadpages.


  • ​When comparing standard plans, it is the most expensive at $97 per month (but with that said, well worth that price!)
  • With the amount of options available and things you can do, it can take awhile to get your head around it.  However, there are excellent training videos available as well as a ton of info from users on Youtube.  If you ever have any issues figuring out how to do anything, a quick Youtube search or looking in the available knowledge base can quickly solve it.


  • ​While there are work-arounds for just about anything to get it to work, I wish there were more integrations options available.
  • Some other features are lacking that Clickfunnels already has but perhaps in the future, they will come.
  • I found the page designer to be more limited than other products.

​Clickfunnels & Leadpages Affiliate Programs Available

​I wasn't sure if I was going to add this section because I was not sure if my readers would be interested in promoting either Clickfunnels or Leadpages software products.  However, after some thought, I thought that I would include this in case anyone wanted to try to promote it and make their money back on the purchase of these (or in many cases, many times more!).  Both have excellent affiliate programs with a huge potential of earning a hefty income!

Click ​Funnels

​The affiliate program here is HUGE.  Many different products to promote and earn money with.  Here are just some highlights of the affiliate programs:

  1. Earn money by giving away a FREE book.  This funnel also includes a number of upsells that can bring earnings as high as $927!
  2. ​Dream Car promotion.  Get 100 active users and you get a bonus of extra payment towards a lease of your dream car.
  3. Funnel giveaway promotions.
  4. Webinar promotions.

Personally, I recommend promoting the 14-day free trial because the more of these that you generate for them, the better your chances at getting $38 per month per active paying user.  These add up after while and can potentially provide a great monthly income.

They also have an extremely extensive library of promotional materials to use to help make those sales.  These include email marketing swipes, banner ads, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, and much more.

Lead ​Pages

​The Leadpages affiliate program is a bit more basic than the Clickfunnels option but it is still a solid program.  You can earn 30% recurring commissions on all your sales.

I​ also have not seen anything as far as promotional materials to help out with selling the product - so it appears that you may be on your own for now on this but I would imagine that something would be added here in the future.

​​Clickfunnels vs Leadpages Compared To EAch Other

​As you can see above, both Clickfunnels and Leadpages are excellent options.  But which would I recommend?

Well, ​personally I prefer and use Leadpages vs Clickfunnels ​vs ​anything else out there because I find it easier to use.  But, if I were you, since they both have a 14 day free trial, I would recommend signing up for both of them, give them a try for free and choose the one that you like best.

Trying to decide between the two?

​​​Both of these options will give you a 14 day free trial.  We recommend signing up for both and try before you choose! However, we choose Clickfunnels first because it has the best bang for the buck and easy to use solution when compared to others.

FREE BONUS!  Sign up for the trial using the link below and get a FREE REPORT - Building Effective Sales Funnels.  Click the link below, sign up and then ​contact me and I'll send you the report!

​Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages

​Clickfunnels Comparisons

​Other options.  Stay tuned, we plan to release other comparisons like this for:

  • Unbounce
  • Instapage
I hope this Clickfunnels and Leadpages article helped you make your decision!

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  1. Michael Reply

    Nice. I found a lot of the same observations when I evaluated both Clickfunnels and Leadpages and how they compared to each other. I love them both and find them both very easy to work with. But, bang for your buck, when using Leadpages vs Clickfunnels, I also have to go with Clickfunnels. I find it a lot easier to create funnels, but like you mentioned – try them both and see which you like.

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