Convertri Review 2020 – Pricing & New Features

What is Convertri

Convertri review 2019Convertri is essentially a sales funnel building software used specifically for creating squeeze pages, landing pages and sales funnels on the whole. It is the brain child of Andy Fletcher, a software developer and an online marketer. The software is renowned for being the fastest funnel builder in the world. This is because the fact pages loads much faster than the competition. The major aim of the marketing software is to quickly assist businesses in building up pages, fast blazing funnels and marketing system, which will allow users to have an incredible experience and a load of value.  This is our Convertri review.


What’s New With Convertri 2019 Video Edition

On Oct 22, 2019, Convertri is out with a load of new features that concentrate on video.  Why?  Well, we all know that when you embed videos on a page, it can slow the loading speed down by quite a lot.  A huge impact on your visitors.  Convertri 2019 Video Edition solves this problem with the following:

  • Super light video player for al your pages allowing you to embed as many videos as you need and not worry about slowing down the loading of your page.
  • Functionality that allows you to trigger content on your page based on the video being played.  This includes the ability to add buttons at any point of your video playback and locking content until a video is played.
  • Audience re-targeting that can be set up in just minutes.

List of Features Available in Convertri

Lightning Fast Pages

convertri loading speedThis is among the areas in which Convertri primarily shines. With its Accelerated Page Technology, pages created with this software loads in under 3 seconds. This is done by taking user experience as a deciding feature for conversion in an Internet business. Therefore, the Convertri team has made this possible by using multiple super-fast servers to build their CDN.

As such, JavaScript and HTML are automatically minified into the smallest space possible. You would require an expensive hosting service or have to use a plugin before you could do this on a regular site.

However, since all your hosting is taken care of by Convertri, remotely-stored images are compressed and autoscaled prior to being transmitted.

Slow-loading pages drastically impact your conversion rate (individuals would simply move on elsewhere if pages take over 3 seconds to load); the strength of Convertri rests on this feature. Conversely, this is an area in which the majority of popular website and funnel builders fail to deliver when you review them.  A very important value part of this review of Convertri.

Drag and Drop Builder

convertri page builderA common feature seen in all funnel builders, Convertri also supplies a remarkable drag-and-drop editor. This enables you to easily access page design elements such as moving buttons, changing texts and adding media files. Its flexible editor has the responsibility to let even a beginner quickly build up pages without any technical, design or coding skills.

A few funnel creation software make it a difficult for users to utilize the drag-and-drop editor; however, Convertri does not operate like that at least in our review of Convertri. Simply choose your desired element, hold your mouse down and drag and position in your desired location. In addition, there is an undo button to correct any wrong moves made on the editor.

Convertri Integrations

There are HTML and API integrations for the wide array of software you desire to utilize in your online business. There is the option of integrating your shopping cart, review, email marketing solution, webinar software, payment processor and marketing automation tool.

Remarkable Mobile-specific Pages

convertri mobile pagesWith mobile taking over from desktop on both search traffic and usage of the Internet, it is not a good idea for your mobile visitors to have a difficult time on your landing page or funnel.

Research has shown that individuals who have a bad experience on your website on mobile devices hardly ever come back. This is an indication that you could lose prospective customers and there could be a lack of conversions, absence of sales and lack of funds; this could lead to frustration or actually going broke.

Pages created by Convertri are quite mobile responsive. Best of all, you will not need go through the hassle of designing a distinct mobile edition of your pages. This is because with the click of a button, the software will convert your pages automatically into a mobile version. If you are not impressed with the value they provide, it can be tweaked to your preference.

Keep reading on this review of Convertri!

Loads of Templates

convertri templates

Inside Convertri, there are stand-alone pages and complete funnel templates that are available for free. You can get inspiration or customize the ones available for your business. Dozens of super cool pre-built templates are available for just about any industry. They are optimized for conversions and load very quickly.

Popup and Sticky Headers

If you would like your offers to get more attention or boost your chances of having increased conversions, you can use the power of Popup and Sticky bar. This shows up to your visitors according to certain conditions. This feature is not common among the majority of marketing funnel building tools and landing page builders.


This advanced feature is only available to subscribers of the Convertri Agency plan. It enables integrations to be assigned to partners or clients. The Convertri Sub-Account allows you to effortlessly offer clients your funnel building service as either a freelancer or a corporate organization. All that is required is creating and designing pages inside the sub-account and sending clients access to publish or edit the page.

Dynamic Text Replacement

For PPC marketers, dynamic text replacement is among the most useful features. This dynamic feature is designed to allow you to adjust your page copy according to the keywords in advertisements or change the landing page copy according to the parameters of the URL.

Essentially, this is an underrated function that allows visitors from search ads to access a landing page that matches the results of their searches. This means never having to lose visitors because of generic copies.

Convertri Page Import or Recreation

If your plan is on migrating all your current built pages from other builders to Convertri, there is a page import feature that will assist you in recreating everything. Best of all, this can be done without the hassle redesigning or starting from scratch.

Perhaps you have considered changing your existing funnel software or landing page. However, since your business has been built around a particular tool, you are having difficulty with migration. With Convertri, you will be able to easily move entire funnels from other software programs within minutes.

Integrated Shopping Cart

The integrated shopping cart provides you with everything needed to make sales and collect payment. The capability of the shopping cart is among the important things to look for when buying funnel software. While a number of page builders allow for the integration of a cart solution without provision being made for an inbuilt option, both options are available with Convertri.

WordPress Plugin

Like the majority of online marketing tools, Convertri can be used on your WordPress website and any of the pages built with Convertri can be published. All that is required is installing Convertri WordPress plugin.

Free SSL

As a user, you will also receive a free SSL, either on your own customized domain or, which will represent your Convertri free domain.

Convertri Pricing

Features of Individual Pricing and Plan Options (regular pricing, not just for this review of Convertri).


Standard Plan

The Standard Plan includes alternatives for 25,000 impressions per month, the option of creating 50 funnels and 500 remarkably fast landing pages. There is also more than 45 templates. This costs $53 per month and dditional features include:

• A/B split testing
• Custom domains

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan offers 100,000 impressions per month, 250 funnels and you have the option of creating approximately 2500 super-fast landing pages. This package can be yours for $58 per month. Other features include:

• Custom domains
• A/B split testing
• More than 200 attractive templates
• Team members
• Page Importer
• Dynamic Text Replacement

Agency Plan

This plan delivers 400,000 impressions per month, 10,000 super-fast landing pages and 1000 funnels. The Agency costs $199 per month and a two-year plan is available in the pricing portfolio for those who request it. Included among the other features of this package are:

• A/B split testing
• Custom domains
• Over 200 beautiful templates
• Page Importer
• Team members
• 25 Sub accounts
• Dynamic Text Replacement

There is a discount that is applied when you opt in for the annual plan. If you opt to prepay for an entire year, the plans will cost $53, $58 and $166 a month respectively. Additionally, if you opt to prepay for 2 years, even more discounts will be available to you. There is a 14-day free trial review period as well and this allows you to see Convertri in action prior to paying.

Convertri’s Lifetime Deal

At the launch of this product, Convertri offered a Lifetime Deal that required users to pay a one-time fee as opposed to the monthly or yearly fee. As the name suggested, this amount would cover you for a lifetime. However, this deal is no longer available.  However, we will update this review if it ever comes back!

The Process Flow of Creating a Page With Convertri

When a new funnel is created in Convertri, you will be transported to the Funnel Templates screen. There you will be provided with the option of using one of the existing collections or creating a funnel from scratch.

Selecting a funnel template populates the new funnel automatically with a set of matching pages for the preferred niche. Everything that is needed for your sales funnel will be created for you in a matter of seconds. All you will be required to do is edit each page to get the look you prefer.

If you opt to create the funnel from scratch or add other pages to the pre-built funnel in the future, you will be transported to the Page Template screen. These individual pages can plug into your funnel quickly for professional results. Additionally, there are templates for thank yous, opt-ins, sales pages, landing pages and more; extra ones are added every week.

To a template to create a new funnel:

  • Select ‘Create Funnel’ in the funnels screen
  • Under a preferred funnel, select ‘Preview’ to screen the pages and their connectivity. Arrows show the next stage to which your visitors will be taken after an action is completed on that page
  • Select ‘Create this Funnel’
  • Name your funnel and pick the domain you want it to be added to. Select ‘Create’

The pages in this new funnel are now ready for editing and publishing.

To use a template to add a new page:

  • Navigate to your preferred funnel or create a new funnel
  • Click on ‘New Page’
  • Select Preview under your preferred page to preview it
  • Select ‘Use this Template’
  • Name your page and then select OK

You will see your page in your funnel and you will be able to edit and publish it.

Support and Training That Convertri Provides

According to Convertri, customer support and training are rated highly among users. When they are contacted for support, you will find their system makes provision for immediate reply. This is then followed up by more solutions to the issue at hand. If a third party like an autoresponder company is involved in the issue, they will intercede and deal with the the third party to address the issue on your behalf. In addition, they are consistently upgrading and improving their software, support and training to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons


• Remarkably fast loading pages
• Pages are imported within 2 minutes
• Perfect for digital products
• Affordable pricing
• Money back guarantee
• Recommended for beginners
• Can also be used to create a website
• Capacity to share funnels and pages with other users
• Free SSL
• 100 percent uptime


• Limited in pages, funnels and traffic
• No affiliate platform or inbuilt member area
• Not ideal for larger enterprises

Convertri Review Conclusion

All in all, this review of Convertri rates the product very highly. It undoubtedly delivers bang for your buck. In addition, they provide the fastest funnels and have served thousands of business owners who have been reaping the benefits of their services. Its ease of use and the capacity to create OTOs, upsells and bump offers very quickly are popular features among its users.

It is definitely not the best alternative for building a complex funnel that houses everything. However, Convertri should be considered if you are new online or if you are a small business owner, especially one on a budget.

It takes under a minute to begin your review with a free 14-day trial and then you quickly get to start building out pages. Bear in mind that you are also provided with loads of review, support and tutorials to help you along your journey.

I hope this Convertri review help you decide on whether or not to try it out!

Still Unsure?  Give Convertri A Try!

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