Do I Have To Pay To Be A Clickfunnels Affiliate?

Looking at becoming an affiliate for Clickfunnels but not sure if you have to have an active account?

Do I have to pay to be a Clickfunnels affiliate?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to be an affiliate. You only need the link, then you’ll get commissions on any sales that your referrals make.

Can I Promote Clickfunnels Without Having A Clickfunnels Account?

Yes you can promote Clickfunnels without having an active account. You just need the link to get started. How can I get the link?

Your affiliate link will be provided to you after you sign up. It’s conveniently located in your affiliate dashboard.

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Can I Make Two Affiliate Accounts On Clickfunnels?

No, you can only promote Clickfunnels through one affiliate account. You cannot create more than one account under your name.

Does Clickfunnels Offer An Affiliate Program For Your Business?

Yes, Clickfunnels does offer an affiliate program for your business. It’s the easiest way to earn money promoting Clickfunnels. You can use your affiliate link to earn sales today.

How Long do Affiliate Payouts Last With Clickfunnels?

I bet you’re wondering how long do affiliate payouts last with Clickfunnels?

You can check your affiliate payout rate at any time by going to the “My Affiliates” tab in your Clickfunnels affiliate dashboard. Here, you’ll find all of your payout stats, like the percentage of affiliates that have had at least one sale and the percentage that have converted to paid members.

How Long Does The Sticky Cookie Last At Clickfunnels?

For orders, the cookie lasts for 30 days.

For orders with automatic payment, you can choose how long they stay on your customer’s computer when they buy. The default is 30 days (this is when the cookie expires).


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When someone makes a purchase with your affiliate link, you’ll earn money based on the fees you set.

This is perfect for any business owner looking to promote Clickfunnels. There’s no cost to use Clickfunnels with your affiliate link, so why wouldn’t you want to try it?

As an affiliate, you can promote Clickfunnels free of charge and sell it for recurring commissions on every sale that your referrals make. It’s the best way to make money promoting any product online.

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