Do Landing Pages Need Hosting?

Do you have a landing page all designed or in the process of being designed? What about hosting that landing page and publishing it on the web? There are times when you need a host and other times where you don’t.

do landing pages need hosting

Do landing pages need hosting? Well, it depends on how your landing page is built. If you use one of the commercial landing page build SAAS tools, hosting is already provided. If you are using WordPress or created the HTML yourself (or a hired designer) you will need hosting. Let’s get more specific:

Landing Pages Created By SAAS Tools

Let’s say that your page was created using a software package like Clickfunnels, Kartra or Convertri. If this is the case, you will not need a third party host. These tools include hosting so all you have to do is create the page, hit publish and you are good to go. Of course, you can enhance it a bit by assigning the page its own domain name as well.

Landing Pages Created In WordPress, HTML Without Builder Tools

If you created your landing page in WordPress or something similar, you will need hosting. However, if you create the page on an existing site that already has a host, you are good. Just create the page and publish it.

What To Look For In A Web Host

So, you have established that you need a web host but what should you look for?  This is what you need for best results for landing page conversions into sales and leads being generated:

  • It needs to be FAST! Your pages need to load very quickly.  Think about this, what do you think would happen if a visitor lands on your site and it takes forever to load.  they are going to possibly hit the back button and never return.
  • It needs to be reliable! If you site is constantly going down, you are losing leads and customers.  Imagine that you are paying for advertising to your lead page and the hosting drops.  That’s not only lost opportunity but also lost money in ads.
  • Good support!  If you do need something, you want a host that is quick to respond when needed.

With all that said, personally, if I am looking at getting a host I recommend  I have been using them for years and have had no issues, it’s super fast and reliable too!  If you want something simpler, using one of the sales funnel landing page builders (check out our review of Clickfunnels, review of Convertri and our Kartra review here) is an excellent option.

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