Do Landing Pages Rank On Google?

In order to properly answer the question, do landing pages rank on Google, there are other aspects of landing pages that need to be understood.

do landing pages rank in google

What is a Landing Page?

This is a page focuses information that is targeted towards a specific user. SEO landing pages are those that are optimized for search engines. They have features which make it especially appealing to the algorithms that determine whether searchers find a page valuable. The page should be specifically optimized to encourage 1 of the 5 actions highlighted below:

  • Get visitors to make a purchase
  • Get visitors to click to get to another page on your website or another person’s site.
  • Get visitors to tell their friends
  • Get visitors to permit you to follow up by phone and email, which includes registration.
  • Teach visitors something that could include writing a comment or providing you some type of feedback

In internet marketing campaigns, landing pages are common, particularly PPC marketing and email management. Besides optimizing the site for user action, great landing pages are designed to make it easier to analyze or track visitor actions and make modification as required.

The main objective of a landing page is to optimize user experience when they visit a website, particularly for the first time. This is a great reason to ensure that they are applied them in SEO. This is because there is little point in attempting to rank if no conversion is done.

Do Landing Pages Help SEO?

SEO landing pages are basically the ones that are optimized for search engines. The features of these pages make it especially attractive to the algorithms that make the decision as to whether or not a page adds value to searchers. The majority of marketing campaigns are fairly short and as such, individuals assume optimizing landing pages is unnecessary; they are partially right.

Promotions are mostly finite because of their short lifespan and they inevitably have an end date. However, what is wrong with that assumption is that a number of individuals prematurely end their campaigns, incorrectly believing they are short term when they are actually long-term.

For those running a one-time promotional campaign for a few days or a few weeks, there is a minimal amount of visits that will be generated by optimizing your page. However, if a promotion is being run for a few days or few weeks each year, you might be missing out on valuable search traffic. As such, landing pages do help SEO.  We actually put together a Kartra and SEO article here as well.

Do Landing PAges Hurt SEO?

Universally, Google does not dislike all landing pages. Actually, by the loosest definition, a landing page is any page that a user enters your website through. You are optimizing your website for search; therefore, any content page can be viewed as a landing page.

What Google dislikes are pages which go out of the standard layout for your website to concentrate on a landing page funnel. The pages that are lacking the most basic navigation and basically serve to direct visitors to a single purpose instead of giving them the choice of exploring your website.

Even landing pages like those, Google is not totally against. Even using the term ‘strongly dislike’ is a little harsh. Google actually does not dislike landing pages; actually, they view them as being vital to a good sales funnel. However, Google has a specific set of rules to follow in order to create a good landing page. Furthermore, they will rank landing pages when it crawls them. They give a score that is under the keywords segment in the webmaster tools.

How Does Google Determine Landing Page Experience?

One of the measures used by Google Ads to estimate the relevance and usefulness of the landing page of your website will be the number of individuals who click your ad. Landing pages that have higher ratings are typically well organized and use text that is related to the search terms of a visitor.

The status of the landing page experience highlights whether the page will likely provide good experiences to individuals who click on your ads and are transported to your website. This status can be used to assist in identifying landing pages that could be hurting opportunities for conversions like sign-ups or sales. You should ensure the landing page is useful and clear to customers. In addition, it is vital to make sure the page is linked to your keywords and the searches visitors are making. These are all factors that can play a role in figuring out the status of your landing page experience.

There are three possible statuses your keywords can have: below average, average or above average.

  • An “above average” or “average” status indicates that there is no significant issues with the landing page experience of this keyword in comparison to all other keywords throughout Google Ads.
  • A status labelled “below average” indicates that you should consider making some changes to improve the landing page of your website.

How Can I improve My Landing Page Quality Score?

According to recommendations from Google, there are three things you should focus on to improve the quality of your landing page:

  • Ease of navigation
  • Transparency
  • Original and relevant content

If the quality of your landing pages has been deemed “below average” by Google, it is highly likely that you are looking to enhance your landing page experience. Below are 10 guidelines on improving the Quality Score of your landing page:

The relevancy of the content to your ad on your landing page should be checked. It is of the highest importance that the content on your landing page matches the text of your ad and the keywords of the ad. For instance, if a visitor clicks an ad that is talking about sneakers, do not send them to a shoe page for general shoes; you should send him or her to a specific page regarding the sneakers offered. The more the landing page is directly related to the text of the ad, the better.

Produce a Solid Website Architecture System

Design a site using information architecture that enables you to produce very detailed pages for particular Google ads later on in your website hierarchy.

Do Not Overwhelm Visitors With Links

Provide requirements such as contact info, a link to make a purchase or and a homepage link; however, you should not do much else. Giving more possible departures from the landing page will increase the probability of the user leaving.

Write a Commanding Heading

On your landing page, the header is among the first things people see. Ensure that it is attention-grabbing and relevant.

Relevant High-quality Images

Images deliver a visual clue regarding the messages to the users of the landing page. Combine images with text on the page makes it a lot more attractive.

Experiment with the Length of the Form

If you have a low rate of conversion, think about shortening the form. If the main issue is the quality of your leads, try to lengthen the form. Every minute added or shaved off the experience of a user on your website can make a huge difference.

Keep it Concise

Bear in mind that your landing page is not a blog post. Excessive amounts of text and information can overwhelm visitors easily. Nowadays, with the mentality of the interwebs being obsessed with quick scanning, virtually any text is excessive. Simply offer vital information and essential points that will be of interest to your audience; always think benefits.

Remember the Need for Speed

There are times when something as simple as the speed of a website can have a major impact on the Quality Score of your landing page. Test the page and ensure it has reasonable speed when it is loading. If it is too slow, you should check the image sizes and eliminate anything that could be weighing down the page.

Add Trust Symbols and Social Buttons

Trust symbols and badges such as your own logo, awards you have won and other recognitions assist in reassuring prospective customers that you have a safe and trustworthy business from which they can make a purchase. It is smart to add social media buttons as they make it possible for your fantastic offers to be shared by your visitors with their friends all across the globe.

Call to Action

Entice your visitors with a powerful and clear call to action. Making every attempt to answer the question “I want to…” (this should predict the wants and needs of your visitors). The best calls to action are in button form.


Create your own SEO landing page and begin to capitalize on search traffic. Creating landing pages that rank well in searches is not as complicated as some believe. The most challenging aspect is striking the delicate balance between converting well and page ranking. Ideally, you should ensure you are adequately optimizing a page to contend for the top Google rankings; however, you should ensure it is not bogged down with links and keywords to the point where reading it is difficult.

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