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Does A Landing Page Need A Domain?

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When you are putting together a landing page for your offer, one thing question that comes to mind is whether or not you should buy a specified domain name for the landing page. There are many different reasons why or why not you would want to do this.

So, does a landing page need a domain? The best answer is maybe because it really depends on a few different things. This article will go into more details on that those things are.

If you are used to using any of the commercial landing page and sales funnel builders on the market, you will know that when you create a landing page, it gets assigned a url that you can use to send your traffic to.  The problem with these urls is that they are often very long and cumbersome looking website addresses.  Usually it is a subdomain off created from your account on the landing page builder interface.

Luckily, if you want to use a domain for your landing page to get some of the benefits that I talk about below, it is very easy to do.  That is, if you are using one of the top landing page builders like Convertri.

Reasons You Should Use A Domain For Your Landing Page

You Want People To Easily Find It

One of the most important reasons to use a specific domain for your landing page is to make it very easy to find and remember.  the main reason for this is because it can sometimes take people a few visits to your site before converting into a lead or customer.  Making the url short and memorable can help increase the chance that they visit again and eventually become a lead or customer.

Another reason for this is that it can sometimes help with SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.  However, it is important to mention that the way this help SEO is not how it used to be.  I wouldn’t recommend choosing a domain with keywords anymore, but opt for something brand-able and easy to remember.

You Do Not Already Have A Website That The Page Would Work With

If you are just getting into an industry and do not already have a website that would make sense to host the landing page on, it may make sense to register a new domain name and set it all up there.

With a domain costing only around $10-15, that makes it easy to decide as well because it is a very cheap investment.

How To Set Up Your Domain To Point To Your Landing Page

Setting up your new domain to point to your landing page is going to depend on how you created the landing page.  However, assuming you use one of the building tools I mentioned eariler, it is very easy.  Each of these tools has an area in the set up where you can specify a custom domain.  You basically just enter your domain there and it will tell you where to point the domain.

Next, you just copy over the nameserver information that is provided to you and you add it to your domain at the registrar that you bought the domain from.  Wait 24-48 hours and done!  Most times it takes a lot less waiting time.

And that’s all there is to it.  There are just a couple reasons why you should or should not use a domain for your landing page.