Does Kartra Have A Blog?

Are you considering Kartra but want to make sure that it has blog functionality so that you can create your own blog in a Kartra site?

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Does Kartra have a blog?

Not exactly, but it is possible to create a blog with Kartra. It’s not ideal, but if you are determined it can be done. This blog post will provide instructions on how to do so and some other helpful tips for starting and maintaining a blog in your Kartra site.

A blog platform like WordPress will allow you to create a blog and it’s content entirely within the web application. A blog is an easy way for people to read your content and leave comments as well as subscribe to automatic updates. This is what you will be missing if your site is hosted on Kartra.

If you want to create a blog in your Kartra site, you must do it by yourself, manually creating all of the pieces necessary for a modern blog implementation. Basically, you create a separate page for each blog post and then link the pages together to simulate a blog.

If you want to try this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a page with the title “Blog”

Under “Template”, choose “Full HTML”. On the right side under Page Settings, select “Anchor Page:” and then type the name of your page into that field. You can use any name you want, just remember it because you need to paste the name into a different place later on. When you are done click Save on the right side under Page Settings.

Step 2. Create a page for your first blog post

Create a new page using the same steps you used to create a “Blog” page. This time select the “Blog Full HTML” template and then under Page Settings choose “Anchor Page:” and paste in the name of your Blog page. Your settings should look like this:

Step 3. Link Blog Posts to each-other

Next, link each blog post to its predecessor, just like they do on most real blogs. To do this, choose “Anchor Page:” and then type in the name of the page you just created and click Save. Then, click the link icon in the top right and change “Link to:” to “Anchor: Blog” and click Save.

Step 4. Add Navigation to see all blog posts

Finally, add a navigation menu so that people can see all of your blog posts. Use your judgment here. You can create a menu or you can create links to each post. Links are easier to maintain but are not as nice looking. I usually put the blog page in an “Articles” section that includes all of the articles on my site.

Go to “Pages” -> “Add New Page”. Then, choose the “Page Full HTML” template and paste in your Blog page name in under Page Settings. Choose “Anchor Page:” and then type in the name of your blog page. Then, click Save. The settings should look like this:

Go back to “Pages” and “Add New” and choose “Blog”. This time choose the option to create a mega menu and copy and paste one of the menus from your site into the new page. Edit the menu as necessary and then click Save. Your settings should look like this:

Your site now has a blog!

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If you have a lot of time on your hands and the need to create the blog platform that you want, then creating your blog in Kartra is definitely possible. You can create many other different kinds of pages just like this one, all within the Kartra interface. However, if you want to focus on creating content for your site and not for its interface design, I recommend using WordPress instead of Kartra.

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