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I recently read Russell Brunson’s first book Dotcom Secrets, and decided that it might be good to write up a quick Dotcom Secrets review to share my thoughts on it. If this is the first time you have read one of his books for marketers, businesses, and business owners, you are in for a treat, and your business will grow if you apply what you learn.

I will also share how you can get a FREE physical copy of this Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson (you must handle the shipping fees). Keep reading to learn more about that.

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We go for this review of DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online! In my opinion, a must-have for any business.

What Is The Dotcom Secrets Book – A Summary

Are you an online entrepreneur and business owner that may be struggling to make money online? Do you believe you are possibly missing some of the main aspects of online marketing that bring internet success? This is the book! Dotcom Secrets is marketed as a shortcut to earning a living online.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling products or advertising services that you offer. If you don’t know how to logically put together your business marketing campaign and your offer to your target audience, you are just the concept of wasting time.  You need the right strategies and methods.

It is also important to mention that this Dotcom Secrets book isn’t for people looking for help on how to increase their website traffic. It also isn’t a book about how to increase your conversion rate.

More often than not, your issue isn’t a traffic or conversion issue; it is more of how you frame your offer and take people through your sales funnel. This book is the step-by-step process to help you step back and create the best offer. Then, all you need to do is send traffic and cash the checks!

Everything in this book also has been tested because the author practices what he preaches and uses these techniques. Pretty rare these days! I recommend this book if you are looking into digital marketing! Reading this book was quick and easy; if you are interested in digital marketing, this easy read is super enjoyable. Not only that, I want to come back to it as a reference when setting up my business sales funnels.

All in all, I liked Dotcom Secrets.

Who Is It For?

I believe that anyone looking to build an online business or help increase their existing company using the internet can benefit from the contents of this Dotcom Secrets book. It doesn’t matter what business, niche, or industry you are in. This is for people looking to succeed online and not scared of a little work to make it happen.

Table Of Contents Inside

Much like Russell’s second book Expert Secrets (take a look at my review of this book here), Dot Com Secrets is broken up into multiple sections, and each section shares a number of his “secrets” to his success in online business.

Section One – Ladders And Funnels

This first section of Dotcom Secrets takes you through all you need to know about setting up your value ladders and sales funnels to attract perfect customers. It consists of five sections that can be extremely powerful once you know and implement it.

  1. The Secret Formula – in this secret, you will learn about the four must-ask questions you must answer to paint the right picture of your ideal customer. If you can’t define your ideal customer, it will be extremely difficult to figure out how to market to an audience.
  2. The Value Ladder – Once you know who your customer is, you need to know the right way to lead them to your offer without feeling like they are leading. You learn how to start them off small and slowly progress up each step of the ladder to high-ticketed items.
  3. From A Ladder To A Funnel – Learn how to seamlessly tie your value ladder to your sales funnel using a specific strategy while keeping the focus on the psychology of it all.
  4. How To Find Your Dream Customers – Once you’ve gone through the first three steps, you know your target audience, but where do you find them? This section tells it all.
  5. The Three Types Of Traffic – Did you know that there are three types of internet traffic? Knowing this lets you focus on what type of offer you should be sent to a specific type of traffic. You will learn this once you see this section inside this Dotcom Secrets section.

Section Two – Your Communication Funnel

This next section in Dotcom Secrets is all about communications and how to set yourself up to show yourself as the expert in your field and build trust. Storytelling is a big aspect of this section too. There are three parts in this section.

  1. The Attractive Character – Learn about the four elements of becoming an attractive character. This helps to find common ground and reputation with your visitors. New leads in the marketing space need to trust you, which is the first step.
  2. The Soap Opera Sequence – Telling a compelling story inside your marketing email sequences can be an effective tool to help solidify your attractive character with your audience. You’ll learn how to set this up for the best results.
  3. Daily Seinfeld Experience – Are you still watching Seinfeld reruns? I am! It’s entertaining. Being entertaining helps to get those emails opened and read. Dotcom Secrets recommends using what they call Seinfeld emails to help bring up your email list open rate.

Section Three – Funnelology Leading To Your Customers 99 To The Sale (Over And Over Again)

This section of Dotcom Secrets gives you an inside look at real working sales funnel models you can copy to use for your marketing campaigns. These include front-end sales funnels for the middle of the value ladder and backend funnels.

  1. Reverse Engineering A Successful Funnel – This section goes into reverse engineering a successful funnel and sees how you can copy aspects of it for your own use. Why reinvent the wheel when something already exists that works in promoting your product or service?
  2. Seven Phases Of A Funnel – To make the right business decisions going forward, you need to know the different phases a potential customer goes through when progressing through your sales funnel as they move up your value ladder. Very eye-opening!
  3. The Twenty-Three Building Blocks Of A Funnel – Learn about all the different parts that make up a successful sales funnel. This big section details all the building blocks you need to set up. Don’t be intimidated, though, 23 sounds like a lot, but this book takes it one step at a time.
  4. Frontend vs. Backend Sales – Do you know what to offer in the front of the funnel vs the back end? There are things that you need to ask yourself while setting everything up.
  5. The Best Bait – Like fishing, you need the right bait to lure your ideal customer in online marketing.

Section Four – Funnels And Scripts

Ready for the practical work using funnel recipes that work. There are seven different types that you can clone for yourself and be satisfied that they are tested and proven to work. This section of Dotcom Secrets reveals a lot of online marketing information – lots of information!

  1. Two Step, Free Plus Shipping – free plus shipping offers were very popular for a while because they work!
  2. Self-Liquidating Funnel – this type of funnel where the goal is to break even on the front end and make all your profit on back-end sales.
  3. Continuity – These funnels offer products that have a monthly or yearly payment plan and go as long as the customer maintains their membership.
  4. The Perfect Webinar – A funnel setup that uses a webinar to present your products and services. Thanks to this book, learning how to set up a perfect webinar is very helpful.
  5. Invisible Funnel Webinar – this is a type of webinar funnel set up so that the customer pays after the webinar is over (assuming they liked the webinar).
  6. Product Launch – This funnel shows you how to set up a series of promotional videos that are dripped out as you get closer to the launch.
  7. High Ticket, Three-Step Application – Is your business looking to sell something more expensive? This funnel setup gives you the right tools to do this. This is one of the best ways to promote high-ticket offers.

Section Five – Clickfunnels

This final section goes into how you can use a SAAS software tool called Clickfunnels, which Russell Brunson also created. It is a pretty short section but important to include because if you are creating landing pages and funnels online, you can benefit from a good sales funnel builder tool to help you do it as quickly and easily as possible.

If you haven’t tried it, using Clickfunnels makes it super easy for an aspiring entrepreneur to set up all sales funnels. Russell goes into a lot of detail here for creating funnels.

This is a very good thing to have in addition to this book.

Is An Audiobook Available?

There is an audiobook! However, there is a bit of a process to get it. When you order your FREE physical copy of the book and pay for just the shipping, you will also be presented with the option to buy the audiobook to listen to at your own leisure.

I love audiobooks and feel like the small extra costs of getting access to it is well worth it.

Is There A Free Dotcom Secrets PDF Ebook Download To Read Online?

Well, kind of. You can find pirated copies of the book in PDF form on some sketchy-looking sites online. My advice would be to stay away. Who knows what kind of viruses you can get on your computer when downloading one of these? Yikes!  We didn’t look at these during our Dotcom Secrets review process.

Dotcom Secrets Pricing

The Dotcom Secrets book by Russell Brunson has a retail price of $19.95; however, if you want to save some money, you can get it for free if you click here and order it directly from them. You only have to cover the shipping fee – sorry, no free shipping. On top of that, when you order, you are offered a few upsells that match perfectly with this book and should help your business get the most out of it. These additional offers include:

  • More books like Expert Secrets – The Black Box
  • 3 Funnel Bundle
  • The audiobook version of this book
  • Traffic Builder Secrets Course
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Course

Book Review Conclusion

Read this book! I really liked reading Dotcom Secrets and would highly recommend this book if you are looking to up your marketing and sales skills. Any online marketer, from beginners to those selling online to seasoned experts with many years of experience. It’s easy to understand, and I enjoyed reading it!

I hope this Dotcom Secrets review helps you decide whether or not you want to check the book out and apply it to your business. It’s probably one of the best books on my bookshelf!

Get two and give one to a business owner friend in the digital space.