Funnel Base Review – Automated Emoji Feedback & Star Ratings

Before I really get into this Funnel Base review, I want to share and mix a little story before my review…

Back when I first started in my internet marketing career, I struggled HARD to make a sale.  It was very discouraging.  I tried many different things:

  • Spending more money on more traffic – FAIL.
  • Sending out more emails – FAIL.
  • Rewriting my sales copy – FAIL.
  • Trying different traffic tactics – FAIL.

Everything I tried just didn’t seem to pan out.  Until I realized one small aspect that I was missing.  SOCIAL PROOF!  Showing feedback from others that bought the product was like I turned on a switch to sales pumping through.  And it wasn’t much either – some reviews from customers displayed on the sales page, video reviews, social media posts showing positive comments.  It was AWESOME for customer experience!

I’ve never launched anything else without including some way to add social proof to my pages.

Now to be honest, creating these systems to my pages was a pain in the a$$!  There’s a lot of work that goes into it.  Well, until this new Funnel Base product came along.  Because, holy crap, it is super simple now!

Want to learn more about Funnel Base and how it can help you? Have you ever heard about the Funnel Base Effect? Read on to find out!  This is our Funnel Base Review.

funnel base review

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What Is Funnel Base?

And How Funnel Base Can Help You

The best way to describe Funnel Base is that it is an automated way to quickly and easily add very cool looking social proof aspects to your sales pages.  All done with just a few clicks and just one simple line of code copied and pasted into the heading section of your web site.  This is to be officially released on Feb 25, 2020.

Once the 2-minute installation process is done, Funnel Base can be used to automatically send out a specific product review requests to your previous customers.  When those customers make the review (which can be text, video, emoji feedback, etc), it will then be published on your site.  Easy peasy!

Designers also have a lot of freedom on how you want the reviews and testimonials to look on your page because the tool gives you complete control of the design, background color selection and layout for designers.  Add star ratings, video testimonials from customers, text reviews all in real time.

So, basically, this is what I would call the main functionality of this product.  But there’s quite a bit more very useful things that it can do that makes it worth a helluva lot more than they are currently charging during this launch period.  These extra features are:

  1. Funnel Base has a pop-up creator to help generate more sales, create deals and coupons, etc.  All done without having to know things like HTML and other fancy tech skills.
  2. Have you ever been on a site thinking about buying something and a little pop-up showed in the bottom corner saying that “so-and-so” just purchased the product.  You can do that – great little sales push for your visitors.
  3. Show a cool little counter that shows sales numbers in real time.
  4. Another counter option that shows the number of people looking at a product page at the same time the visitor is.

So many different social proof options all in one complete package.  Hold on though! I am not done showing you other things that Funnel Base can do to help skyrocket your conversion rates:

  1. Got some visitors that just are quite ready to buy, show them a pop-up with a coupon code to help tip them over the edge.
  2. Want to collect leads?  You can set this up right inside Funnel Base and create nice little pop-up boxes prompting visitors to enter their email in exchange for something.  And then you can promote to them later through email using Funnel Base
  3. Show some social media sharing buttons.
  4. Set up cool promotions like timed flash sales, helpful blog articles, notifications of cookies, and promotional videos.

And if that’s not enough, the creator of this product, Cindy Donovan, even included a couple bonus add-ons:

  • Auto Ad Creator – this allows you to create converting ads for the top social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.  A great time saver for designers.
  • Live Workshop to help answer your questions on marketing campaign, email setup, etc.

These are excellent bonuses and I wanted to make sure to mention them in this Funnel Base review!

How Much Is Funnel Base?

This is a quick and easy answer – it’s a one time fee of $27 with no monthly fees – now this is just during this launch period.  If you miss it at this limited time price, it goes up to $297 per year.  So it is very beneficial to get it today! Get it and you will immediately get access to start using it.  So get it right from this review funnel!

How Do You Use Funnel Base?

The Process For Your Funnels

The Funnel Base procedure is very easy and it all begins in the dashboard when yo first log on:

review of Funnel Base

The next step after creating your new marketing campaign in Funnel Base deluxe is to choose the type of campaign that you are looking to use.  For example, Latest Conversion, Customer Review, Review requests, Live Counter, Conversions Counter, etc.

bookfunnel reviews

Then it is easy to just follow the instructions on the screen to configure Funnel Base in the way that you want it to work.  You choose the layout and design, triggers that define when and how it works, custom colors to match your webpage’s design, etc.

Next, you just need to install it on your site.  This is just a simple copy and paste.  One line of code added to the header section of your site.  BOOM!  Done!  When I was doing this Funnel Base review, I was really impressed how easy it was.

How Can My Business Benefit From This?

If you have been around the internet marketing world long enough, you know that social proof is HUGE!  Many people that are looking to purchase something on the internet want to see that others have bought it and were happy with their decision to buy from my review here.

Being able to easily add real reviews from actual buyers drastically increases your conversion rates and in turn your earnings. They call this the Funnel Base Effect! Take a look at this image showing a before and after picture:

the effect of Funnel Base funnels

Platforms That It Works On

No Review Of Funnel Base Would Be Complete Without This!

Basically, Funnel Base works with many of the most website and ecommerce popular platforms out there today.  At this time, they are saying that there are around 30+ different platforms that you can integrate with.  Some of these are:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Zapier
  • Weebly
  • Drupal
  • Woo
  • Wix

Funnel Base Review Conclusion

And Make Sure To Get Funnel Base Now!

So Funnel Base is brand new and I’ve only scratched the surface on what it can do for business owners.  So saying that, I will mention that as I learn more about it, I will update this post.  Also working on creating an in-depth demo video for you to see how I use it when I include product reviews on my sales funnels and landing pages.

Thanks for reading my Funnel Base review and I hope that you start to automate reviews on your site.

It really is a great tool that helps you increase your sales conversions and share of the market you are in, take your customer service to the next level, grab many more customers, publish a great review and put more cash in your pocket!

Like this Funnel Base review?

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