How Can Landing Pages Help Your Business?

A landing page is a site page explicitly designed to convert visitors into leads. Landing pages are unique and different from other pages. They have a form that captures visitors’ information in exchange for desired offers. They are designed for one primary goal, unlike other pages known as “call to action.” Its where website visitors land after clicking email links, Google ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, among other similar web places. Research findings have demonstrated that landing pages play an integral role in digital business advertisement and marketing.

Now, how can landing pages help your business? There are many ways and this is the primary focus of this article. Keep reading to find out.

how can landing pages help your business

What are the benefits of a landing page?

It is no doubt that building landing pages are beneficial to any business. Here are the benefits:

Support business goals and objectives

The primary objective of landing pages as aforementioned is supporting your business objectives, aims, and goals such as discovering new market niches, getting new customers, closing more sales, and promoting new products. Landing pages are beneficial since they can be tailored to meet specific audiences, goals, and targets. This gives a splendid opportunity to measure success in relation to the set business goals and objectives. Landing pages encourage people to move into action and sign up into the business mailing list, subscribe to newsletters, request for consultation, and provide contact information.

Increase Conversions

Websites contain information that inspires visitors’ decision to take action, and landing pages are no different. They set up a clearly defined action for users to take, therefore making it pretty easy for them to take appropriate actions. This is commonly referred to as a call to action. In the long run, more conversions will be created. The more customer conversions, the more the sales hence increased profits.

Generate data insights

When landing pages are linked to a specific piece of content, campaign, source, and action, the most interesting topics, channels bringing most leads, and highest-performing campaigns are easily noted. Monitoring and tracking users’ activities and behavior are the primary objectives of landing pages. This produces valuable insights concerning the business performance. The generated insights help in refining campaign strategies, address weaknesses, and, in the long run, improving effectiveness.

Additionally, when landing pages contain a form, information contained in the forms can be used to learn about visitors. For instance, clients preferred date of consultation, particular challenges, and the specific information they want to learn or extract. Another way landing pages can benefit a business through data and insights is through A/B testing. A/B is the most effective campaign success tool. With the analytic data available on the landing pages, various landing pages elements can be tested to determine the most effective. Video versus pictures effectiveness can be compared, styles, vocabulary, different tones, among other things.

Improve paid search Campaigns

Click-through rates define the success of a paid search campaign, or search engine marketing influenced greatly by landing pages. For instance, an SEM campaign can be used to bid keywords to enable the business track when customers search “bathroom remodeling “into the search engine. The ad link serves as a homepage or site subpage, which will get more customers into the website. Through the use of a landing page, more leads are generated than when directed to people to the website homepage.

Primarily, landing pages are created to serve as advertisement and marketing tools; therefore, they will bring interested customers into your web page. On the page, customer’s information and interests thus increasing chances of calling them into action, filling forms, and in the end, become new leads. This is the ultimate aim of any business, and landing pages help in attaining this objective. It is essential as such for landing pages to be geared to specific advertising information to make it clear to new customers and avoid distracting links.

Grow email list

Landing pages are primarily used for lead generation. As such, a business must get form submissions besides telephone calls from interested customers who become potential leads. They must contain links and forms that request customer information such as email addresses, contact information, company, and name. When emails are used in the landing page forms, they grow a business email list, therefore, benefiting business in entirety. When customers fill forms, an “opt-in” button is necessary to ask users whether they would like to receive business newsletters, sales, promotions, and announcements. This helps a business always stay at the top and informative.

Increase credibility

Because landing pages have clearly defined roles, optimizing its content and elements to facilitate the achievement of the role is fundamental. When new users find a clear call to action, and on the other hand, you are helping them achieve the call to action, they recognize your presence and demonstrates a more in-depth understanding of their pleas. Besides, they think you are committed to solving their predicaments. This reaps significantly to a business.

Credibility increases when landing pages have testimonials for products and services they are marketing. Testimonials indicate the previous success of the product and service offered. This helps new customers build trust and feel secure in their decisions to act.

Improve brand awareness

It is fundamental for landing pages look, feel, style, and copy to complement the content they link. Landing pages with consistent branding ideally improve brand awareness in marketing. This benefits a business by augmenting brand consistency in media and give users more opportunities to engage and recognize the brand in question. When customers land on brands they are used, their chances are making purchases are high.

How do businesses use landing pages?

Knowing how to generate leads is essential as it increases sales. Highly targeted and optimized landing pages are effective methods of generating authentic business leads. How do businesses use landing pages? It is by providing:

Detailed information concerning their products and services.

The business gives benefits of doing business with them. They ensure that all prospects have an obligation to trade with them. This ensures that they generate more leads, thereby making less high-pressure sales pitch.

Offering exclusive membership discounts by creating membership packages.

They give incentives to their loyal customers and provide rewards for referring new customers. They have set up referral programs to ensure that customers spread a word about their products and services.

Offering coupons.

In the retail business, nothing is important than giving a buyer great deals. The business gives away coupons through their websites or Facebook pages. They attract new customers and retain their existing ones hence generating qualified leads. Businesses email gate coupon landing pages and ensure having customers contact information. They use email automation campaigns aimed at connecting to interested customers with immediacy. They stay on the radar on weekly deals concerning their business. This increases sales significantly.

Newsletter signups.

Besides drip email campaigns having landing pages forms that require users to sign up for newsletters is essential. Newsletters are good platforms to discuss industry issues, highlight the company team, and, more importantly, a briefer blog form targeting newly qualified recipients. Newsletters offer essential and feasible information to customers, and when they don’t want such information, they simply unsubscribe. This is important as you avoid frustrating people who may otherwise produce opposite results besides ensuring a business keeps in touch with qualified leads.

Offering free tips.

Everyone loves free advice, which means their lives become easier through such information. Free tips give positive benefits to people before they become customers. This builds long-lasting relationships, thus generating new leads as customers remember those who helped them. This proves business reliability in the products and services they offer.

Showing contact information.

Making business contact information visible generates leads. Ideally, clear contact information outlines the business name, phone number, address, and email address. Business addresses can be left to dedicated salespersons to move potential clients quickly through sales funnel. In other words, contact information is a surefire method of generating new business leads on your landing page. It requires a few seconds on your computer and keyboard, but surely it can make a difference in the future of your company.

Hosing webinars.

Webinars provide an attractive way to engage and attract new customers who have developed an interest in your products and services. Besides, they demonstrate business knowledge and understanding of the products and services they deliver. Therefore, consider hosting a series of webinars to engage with the market and build new relationships, in the long run, getting qualified leads.

In summary, landing pages are necessary advertisements and marketing tools for any business prospecting a bright future. Consider implementing this smart marketing strategy and give customers what they need. Ideally, landing pages increase business credibility, increase sales, search campaigns, conversions, improve brand awareness, generate market insights, and grow business email lists. To generate more leads, having more content, organized, and many landing pages are necessary. However, not all landing pages can bring the intended success to a business, but those customized to customer preferences. Use free email signups, show business contact information, provide specific products and services offered, and newsletter signups. This will assuredly boost sales.

If you are ready for the next steps, consider looking at landing page builders like Clickfunnels, Kartra and Convertri and get started with building your own and collecting leads and customers.

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