How Much Do Landing Pages Cost?

Revenues of many small- to medium-sized businesses today rely heavily on sales through websites and landing pages. Many businesses earn 60-70% of their revenues from online channels. This fact alone should be enough to give one some idea of the importance of creating functional and quality web pages (be it a landing page, a homepage or any other regular page inside a website).

And when we listed those figures above, we obviously meant businesses that have other revenue generators (physical stores, etc.). If, however, online sales is one’s only source of revenue, having a proper website or/and landing page becomes so much more important in such a scenario.

how much do landing pages cost

In this article, we will focus on building landing pages rather than websites. Allegedly, we’ve already arrived at the “post-SEO” era and although no one can still deny the huge importance of organic traffic, entrepreneurs today have the opportunity to utilize other methods of driving traffic and converting.

And one of the most lucrative of these methods is a landing page.

But how much do you need to spend to put up a properly functioning landing page (that is, a landing page with a decent to high conversion rate)?

Different Cost Options for Building a Landing Page

How much do landing pages cost? Well, it is possible to create landing pages for as little as $10 or less and in certain cases, you can put up a landing page at no cost at all. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the option to hire experienced landing or web page designers or web studios to create a landing page for you. However, the latter option will typically set you back by $1,000- $4,000. So, to state the obvious, it’s your budget that should determine what option you settle for.

How do I create a landing page for free?

There are a good number of web builders or web constructors that let you create a landing page for free. These are typically web building software programs that offer both paid versions of their service as well as free versions. Also, among these web constructors there are dedicated landing page builders as well as generic website builders with landing page capabilities. But more on this later.

Normally, you don’t need any IT knowledge when you use one of these programs to create a landing page for your product or service. But, as you can expect, not all of the programs deliver the same kind of quality regarding issues like functionality, ease of use, adaptability and so on.

For this reason, a bit of research will stand you in good stead when deciding which software program to use for developing your landing page for free. Keep it in mind though that your options will be limited in terms of tools and functions when you are opting for a free or no-cost version.

That said, here is a small checklist that you can refer to for the purpose of deciding whether or not you’re getting good value from the free landing page builder you choose.

  • The program offers smooth and intuitive building options. (Some web building software out there is a pain to use and someone with little or no IT or coding knowledge will have a difficult time developing his landing page using one of these programs.)
  • Offers flexibility and control. You should have the freedom to change or modify whatever content and design elements (photos, videos) you choose to put on your landing page.
  • Offers a reasonably wide variety of templates. It is even better if you can find a program that offers different industry-specific templates such as landing page templates for events & webinars, e-commerce pages, “coming soon” pages, and so on.
  • Offers quality integration. Landing pages require proper integration with a number of other tools such as content management systems, CRM, e-mail marketing tools, etc.
  • Offers responsive design. This is a big plus for any free landing page building program since a large number of your potential customers will browse the landing page from their smartphones or other mobile devices.

One last thing to note when you are building a no-cost landing page via a web builder is that you’ll often have the option to upgrade to a paid version later. This will naturally give you access to additional tools and functions based on the plan you choose. Unfortunately, however, there are a few programs where you cannot access advanced tools even after you have upgraded to a paid version. So, make sure this is not the case with the web builder you are using.

Using a landing page builder software

This option is not too different in terms of creating your landing page and get it “up and running” in little time. As often as not, you use the same page builder software programs that you use to create a free landing page. So, the points we’ve mentioned on the above checklist apply here as well. But obviously you would expect much more than that since now you are paying for the service.

The first criterion to look for is, of course, quality. By which we mean landing page conversion rate. In other words, are the features you will be paying for really able to offer a good conversion rate?

The next thing to focus on is the price. Typically, the web constructor programs will offer several price points; so the more you pay, more features you’ll have access to. However, there are programs that design their price points based on the number of monthly visitors your landing page receives. And if you go for one of these services, you must never even consider any price point set at below 5,000 visitors monthly.

Next comes the ‘features’. Now, this is where things get somewhat tricky since different web builders offer different sets of features under different subscription plans. Now, some of the features included in a particular set may be relevant to your needs while others may not.

That said, keep a sharp lookout for features such as A/B Testing, DTR or flexible Visual Editors.

– A/B testing tracks conversions right from the time your page is launched. This is a great feature since you get to know from the start whether or not your landing page is able to deliver desired results. With most web builders, you’ll have to pay an additional charge for this feature. However, there is one landing page builder software service, namely Lander, which includes this feature across all of its price points—which is really great!

– Another valuable feature is the ability to enable DTR or Dynamic Text Replacement. This feature lets you automatically match your PPC campaign keywords with text or content elements on your landing page. So, if you want to target multiple keywords with a single landing page, this is a great tool to have on your kit box.

– Also, a tool like a flexible visual editor is often prized by landing page creators since these editors let them simply drag and drop certain elements exactly where you want them on your landing page. (Without this drag-and-drop flexibility, you would have to work with HTML or CSS to place different elements on the page at your desired locations. )

[Note: Some web constructors provide free hosting services as well. Now, although this feature may seem attractive to someone new to this field, we advise you not to put too much importance on this. Free hosting often results in slow load speed, higher lag time, etc. and can therefore actually hurt your campaign.]

Finally, when choosing a web builder for creating a landing page, you must ensure that the service provides good support. Make sure that it is easy to get in touch with the customer service reps and that they will do a proper job of helping you out or fixing a problem if you ever run into any issues.

A few of the software tools we recommend are Clickfunnels from Etison LLC, Kartra from Genesis Digital and Convertri.

Hiring a landing page designer

Now, this is the expensive option you have when creating a landing page. Experienced landing page designers will often charge $100-150 per hour and they are able to roll out some of the best works in the industry in terms of both unique custom designs and conversion.

It is also pretty much the same if you hire out the work to a reputed Web Studio. In both cases, your project will be handled by professionals who know their job insides out. They will perform A/B testing, analyze traffic channels (so to select the most profitable and rewarding ones) and they will analyze your landing conversion all through the cooperation period. It is also worthwhile to note that unique and custom-designed landing pages rank high on search engines.


From the above discussion you can see that if your budget permits it, opting for a web studio or a specialist and highly qualified landing page designer is your best bet for creating landing pages with great conversions. However, many businesses cannot afford the kind of money that this option entails. In such cases, you can obviously settle for a landing page building software and can certainly get good results out of it as long as you play your hand right and make an informed decision.

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