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9 Awesome Tips On How To Build A Digital Marketing Funnel

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A digital marketing funnel is a creative integration of marketing techniques aimed at generating more traffic to a business and nurture customers. They help a business gather high quality leads with ease conversion, get more exposure that grows with time besides nurturing customers or prospects to share their experience with others. A complete digital marketing funnel consists of critical steps ranging from being unaware of a brand to becoming a loyal customer. Moreover, it includes landing pages, free offers, email sequences, sales, and ultimately ads. Notably, any business investing wisely in digital presence capture leads hence increased sales through digital marketing funnels.

Now having a general overview of the importance of a digital marketing funnel, here are the nine key steps to help you create one;

1. Know what to offer

Before starting to build a working digital marketing funnel, knowing what service or product to offer is essential. Important details to know concerning what service or product to offer includes:

  • Payment method
  • Cost
  • Delivery mode such as downloading, mail and mail links
  • Components which your product or service entails

2. Create your Freebie

Freebie or lead magnet is what your digital funnels offers to customers while they land or visit your landing page. Lead magnets entice clients to click on ads, visit your landing pages besides acquiescing their contact information in exchange for something worthwhile. Lead magnets serve to attract potential customers’ attention and interest because they provide exceptional valuables. Examples of freebies include instructional videos, white papers, e-books, free media, and guides.

3. Sign up for Email Service Provider

Sign up for a reliable email provider that will provide automated emails. However, it may appear unusual to create emails before signing up with the provider still, it is essential to create your email copy earlier to enable you to plug them into you are the providers user interface with ease without necessarily being bogged down.

4. Build a good landing page

A landing page is where clients will land upon clicking on your ads. Primarily, landing pages are meant for sensitization, interest generation, and a promoter can entice customers so that they can give email exchanges for your freebie. Ideally, this forms the first step in marketing your digital marketing funnel. A successful landing includes:

  • Simple with eye-catching graphics
  • Clear freebie title
  • Three to five freebie sentences
  • A place for customers to put their name and email

How do you create these landing pages and sales funnels quickly and easily?  We recommend using a landing page building software tool like Convertri review.  If you can’t decide between these three options, you can also look at our comparison between Leadpages vs Clickfunnels, or Clickfunnels vs Convertri.

5. Connect Elements of the Marketing Funnel

Connect all elements to your funnel to track progress and performance. Connect your email to your service provider besides landing page. It is helpful, as you will receive an immediate notification while a client signs up.

6. Test your Digital Marketing Funnel

Provided everything is well organized and connected; you must test to determine their effectiveness. You can check by putting your email into your landing page and expect a freebie to be delivered with you welcome emails sent automatically without complications. Ask your friends and family members to test to ensure that the funnel is working efficiently before traffic.

7. Start marketing your landing page

This is the only way to start receiving traffic into your funnel. There are multiple ways, both free and paid. To achieve this, all you need is to use both approaches. Some of the freeways include:

  • Using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Engaging question and answer platforms in websites such as Quora
  • Incentivizing subscribers to share offers
  • Search engine optimization
  • Create a course and hot it on a place like Teachable.

Paid ways include:

  • Leveraging sponsored content
  • Buying pay-per-click ads on a search engine such as Google
  • Use social media management like Sprout.
  • Buy ads from platforms like Taboola

8. Building Loyalty

Building loyalty means your user and customers believe you are the ultimate solution to their problems. While they are satisfied with your services and products offered, devising ways to score and retain them is essential. Build loyalty by sending handwritten thank-you notes, exclusive deals, special gifts, and designing reward programs.

9. Evaluate and Optimize your Funnel

As traffic increases, there is a need to evaluate performance and determine the extent to which your page converts visitors and conversions. Use the heatmap tool to track your landing page engagement. The heatmap tool will help monitor customer actions and understand where to place elements such as sign up buttons and images.

Overall, building a digital marketing sales funnel requires time, attention, and resources. How to build a digital marketing funnel and digital marketing sales question has been answered by this article tips. Try them out and assuredly they will help you create a functional digital marketing funnel worth your money and resources besides meeting your objectives and goals.