Clickfunnels Shopify Integration – How To Use Clickfunnels With Shopify

Do you have a Shopify store and asking yourself, "Can I use Clickfunnels with Shopify?"

The quick answer is YES!  Yes you can!  And not only that, you should be using it.  Not only that, you can get an ecommerce page done in an hour or less using it!

Using a well tuned sales funnel in your online product sales strategy can mean all the difference in the number of sales that you can generate.  It is a great way to offer things like free + shipping offers, free shipping offers, new product launches, order bumps, Upsells and more.  Very easy to do right inside Clickfunnels.

*Note -  we have a Clickfunnels review here as well.

And it is easy too...just follow these steps below:

Clickfunnels Shopify Integration Step By Step

So you got your Clickfunnels account and ready to integrate Shopify.  It's really easy and quick to do.  

What do I need?

Step 1 - Navigate To The Integrations Section

Sign into your Click Funnels account and look for the circle image for your account in the top right half of the screen. Click that image:

clickfunnels shopify step 1

Step 2 - Add New Integration

A list of options will drop down - Click "Integrations" and you will arrive at this screen below.  Click the "Add New Integration" button.

clickfunnels shopify step 2

Step 3 - Choose Shopify

Type "Shopify" in the search box and the icon will show up.  Click on that Shopify icon.

Clickfunnels Shopify Step 3

Step 4 - Configure Shopify Integration

You will arrive at the screen below.  Enter in your Integration Nickname (which can be anything you want it to be) and your Shopify store url.  Click the 'Connect Integration" button.

Clickfunnels Shopify Step 4

Step 5 - Verification

Click confirmation link to verify.  Integration is complete!

Adding A Shopify Product To Your Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels has a number of different types of pages that you use to put together your sales funnel.

Step 1 - Find Your Order Page

Assuming you have a sales funnel ready to go, navigate to the Order step of the process and locate your order page.  Click on the "Products" tab and then the "Add New Product" button.

Clickfunnels Product Setup 1

Step 2 - Add Your Product

One you click the add product button, a pop up screen appears and you are given a form to fill out for your product.  Enter all the necessary information.  Then click "Shipping".  Once you are in the Shipping tab, make sure the Shopify checkbox is checked, select the Shopify integration from the drop-down and your product should appear in the product drop down.  Select the product and you are good to go!

Clickfunnels Product Setup 2

Why Would You Want To Connect Clickfunnels And Shopify?

An important part of winning in Ecom is having the right tools tp handle everything as efficiently as possible.  Shopify does an amazing job at the ecommerce game and Clickfunnels excels in creating the best converting sales pages that you can create.  Putting the two together creates a bit of magic!

By integrating the two together, you can:

  • Take orders directly from your Clickfunnels into our Shopify account automatically.  I love this because it allows you to easily test out different promotions and landing pages in Clickfunnels while allowing Shopify to do all the order processing, shipping fulfillment, etc automatically.
  • You will no longer have to match up order data between the two systems - set and forget.

Need Help Setting It All Up?

If you find that you are stuck in the process, I would be happy to help out - just send me a quick message using the contact form page and let us know what you are having problems with.

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