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​Infusionsoft Vs Clickfunnels

​Sales funnels are web pages which are built to engage clients. This is through attracting and informing them about your products hence prompting them to buy from your online store. It also ensures the collection of data about the clients who are interested in these products. This makes it easy for one to reach out to them with updates and news about their products. It is important to note that this information is straight to the point, truthful and convincing. There are four stages of the funnel, and they include the following:

•    Creating awareness
•    Sparking interest
•    Influence decision making
•    A call to action

We will go into two of these tools and compare them - Infusionsoft Vs Clickfunnels

When effectively in use, they are guaranteed to provide excellent leads which help to elevate conversions hence boosting businesses. A well laid out sales funnel ensures that making prospects in a business is a natural process.

​Infusionsoft Vs Clickfunnels

​What Is Clickfunnels?

clickfunnels vs kartra

Clickfunnels is a software whose core function is to build landing pages for generating leads hence selling products online. Its services include advertising, marketing, and delivering products to clients. As a sales funnel, it has simplified marketing for e-businesses by eliminating the need for a team of technicians to create and manage an online store. This means that there is no need for the essential components of owning a website, which includes a domain, hosting services, or coding from experienced developers.

​What Is ​​Infusionsoft?

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​​​Infusionsoft software automates sales and marketing for startup companies as well as companies which are struggling financially. It ensures that both new and returning clients are catered for by automation of marketing tasks. This helps in the consistent growth of the business while grounding expenses.

​Features That ​Each ​​Have


Among the features of this software are the following:

  • Actionetics MD - Actionetics MD is used for tailoring informative messages to clients regarding their needs promptly.
  • Backpack for affiliate programs - The Backpack creates affiliate programs, which are smart and well designed.
  • Etison Editor - The Etison Editor has a drag and drop feature which helps in the creation and editing of individual funnels.
  • Building independent Marketing Funnels

Funnels are used to design and customize pages concerning personal and business interests of an individual.


  • ​Record Keeping
  • Targeted Emails
  • Generation of leads
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to customize

Like its counterpart above, InfusionSoft devotes to keeping updated records of clients as well as cater for their needs while directing them to the correct product on the stores. This happens by sending targeted emails and messages. Leads are generated, thus reducing the workload to employees. It has an easy to use interface, which can be customizable, your preferences.

​Differences That We Noticed ​On Clickfunnels Compared To ​InfusionSoft

​​Regardless of the similarities, these two softwares have distinct features that set them apart. These influence their functionalities as well as productivity levels. These include the following:

  • ClickFunnels is geared towards small businesses while Infusionsoft aims towards all kinds of companies.
  • InfusionSoft does not discriminate on who uses it; it accommodates small, midsized, and even larger corporations.
  • Clickfunnels encompasses an easy to use interface as compared to Infusionsoft. This is because Clickfunnels has a variety of prebuilt funnels that one can use while for the latter, one has to build their funnels from scratch.
  • InfusionSoft offers an organizational service where each client is allocated a profile for easy identification. This customer relationship management service is not available in click funnel.
  • Landing pages in Infusionsoft come with an Infusionsoft domain, it is not necessary to customize a domain as it is with ​Clickfunnels.
  • Infusionsoft also comes with consistent reports about sales and marketing. Its payment options are defined by the number of contacts you have. The online platform is built to offer professional, quality, and attractive landing pages.
    The interface is easy to use as one can access relevant features easily. It can be used by anybody regardless of how tech-savvy one is.
  • The Biggest Difference Between this two software - Infusionsoft enables your clients to receive information bit by bit. When done correctly, drip model persuades clients to make purchases from you. This service is not available in clickfunnels.

​Pricing Comparison


  • Start with a 14 day FREE Trial offer.  Click here!
  • Standard Clickfunnels - $97 per month.  This gives you slots to create up to 20 funnels and 100 landing pages and up to 20,000 visitors per month for this platform.
  • Etison Clickfunnels Suite - $297 per month.  This package basically unlocks all the limitations on the standard plan and makes the number of funnels/landing pages and traffic unlimited.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these prices.


  • ​Grow - $​23 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 500 contacts, ​one user and much more.  This basically gives you acces to the client management system without anything else.
  • ​Pro - $​44 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to ​500 contacts, ​one user and all the CRM functionality.  Additionally, you get the landing page builder, marketing automation, ability to take recurring payments, etc.
  • ​​Full InfusionSoft  - $​​​59 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​​full access to the entire system.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these prices.

​Comparing The Funnel Creation Process ​

​Both products have easy to understand creation processes, but they are naturally slightly different.


​When creating funnels on this platform, one must understand the basics. These include an overview of how a clickfunnel account works and the settings and integrations therein.
First of all, log in to your account, click new funnel on your dashboard. Choose between the classic funnel builder and the cookbook. Note that the funnel builder enables you to choose goals and templates while the cookbook allows you to customize your industry.
For the classic funnel builder, one chooses a goal; this means choosing between collecting emails, selling products, or hosting webinars. Then select the type of funnel you want and lastly start building your funnel.

The Cook Book allows you to choose between a paid and a free template. Choose your industry and the type of funnel you want to use and select models.
To brand your funnels, set up domains, and SMTP for emails. A payment gateway is also necessary if you are selling a product. Set up affiliates through the backpack system.


​​This software provides the most service. When logged in, you access the dashboard where you can check your contacts, tasks, campaigns, and reports.  To view your contacts and their records, click on individual names that are showcased on the contacts tab. This includes your previous interactions with the contact. This enables you to tailor suggestions through email to your client about the history you have. The goal is to organize leads to potential clients, get them to buy from you, and keep them as return clients.

​Comparing The Types Of Funnels Available

​Since Clickfunnel has inbuilt templates, it is easier to customize them according to one's preferences. One can choose among the available options that work best for him. Infusionsoft, on the other hand, necessitates the tailoring and construction of pages from scratch. This means that the interface provides you with tools to build your landing page.

Several identified funnels help in marketing. Among them are the following:

  • Lead capture funnels - These are processes that enable you to gain potential leads which translate to customers; you have to be able to attract and convince your clients about the products you intend to sell. Through your landing page, your customers should be able to leave their contacts as they are browsing. Some may become instant customers, while others may refrain. This, however, is dealt with by sending them messages and emails regarding your products. Leads are turned into sales by enticing written content, which turns to conversions later on.
  • Sales page funnels - This acts as a guide to your visitors for the process of purchasing goods from your store. It gives them a step by step approach on how to buy products and how they are going to receive them. This is the point where visitors become paying customers.
  • Event funnels - These are events organized to provide information about your products. They include webinar and auto webinar funnels. They are essential because they give insight to customers about the products that you intend to sell to them. Webinar funnels are live events that are scheduled to take place while auto webinar funnels are those which are prepared beforehand. The seller only makes a presentation of content that he had previously done.

​Integrating With Other Services

​​Infusionsoft can be integrated to enable communication between you and your clients. This is done through mobile combination. Tasks can be managed. Payments can be integrated for ios, android, and card reader.

Clickfunnels - This software can be paired with several programs to endure success in business. Among them are the following; active campaign, Aweber, convertkit, Infusionsoft among others. This moves marketing to another level because these two are powerful tools for marketing purposes.

​Support Available

​​​Both of these software ​packages have an excellent support system. The customer care representatives are always on call to answer queries or enumerate further about their products. Chat integration has made it easier to communicate too. These are available for service from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The companies work to ensure customer satisfaction as well as value for money.

​​Some of the Cons Of Each

​Well, you know we had to list some of the bad sides of each.  ​We already went over a lot of the excellent features and benefits of ​InfusionSoft and Clickfunnels.  ​I think that it is very important to make sure that you know some of the imperfections of these packages as well.


It is expensive. The cheapest plan goes for $97 in a month in which one is limited to 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors and a hundred pages. Actionetics and backpack also come at an additional charge. It is impossible to access the built-in email service as well as the creation of affiliate programs. To gain access to these, one needs to subscribe to the Etison Suite plan, which is $297 a month.​


​While it now does have a lower monthly price, the functionality isn't quite at the level that Clickfunnels is.

​​Affiliate Programs Available

​Want to make some money promoting either of these products?  ​You may be interested in promoting either Clickfunnels or ​Kartra software products.  ​To help you decide on whether or not these are right for ou to promote, here is a quick overview of each of the affiliate programs available.

Click ​Funnels

​The affiliate program here is HUGE.  Many different products to promote and earn money with.  Here are just some highlights of the affiliate programs:

  1. Earn money by giving away a FREE book.  This funnel also includes a number of upsells that can bring earnings as high as $927!
  2. ​Dream Car promotion.  Get 100 active users and you get a bonus of extra payment towards a lease of your dream car.
  3. Funnel giveaway promotions.
  4. Webinar promotions.

Personally, I recommend promoting the 14-day free trial because the more of these that you generate for them, the better your chances at getting $38 per month per active paying user.  These add up after while and can potentially provide a great monthly income.

They also have an extremely extensive library of promotional materials to use to help make those sales.  These include email marketing swipes, banner ads, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, and much more.


​​Infusionsoft offers three modes of affiliate programs. These include the following:

  • Certified partner - This is for consultants and agencies who wish to better their marketing strategies while serving others and themselves. It helps in the improvement of organization and followup as well as accurate reports on campaigns about individual clients. There is a 30% commission on the sale of monthly subscription of applications which are engineered by Infusionsoft. One can also enjoy cofounded marketing opportunities. Inclusion of this program includes an online certification program.
  • Authorized Reseller - This is for beginners who want to learn more about Infusionsoft as well as earn a commission by promoting and selling Infusionsoft products. They are handed the rights to trade infusion products. They get assistance from pro authorized reseller regarding the sale of infusion products. There are no mandatory certifications which are required for this affiliate program. You only need training which lasts for two to three hours and signs the partner agreement. After that, you are free to scale your business.
  • Developer partner - This is for software developers and companies which are interested in building applications which can be integrated into Infusionsoft products. One is given a chance to advertise and grow in the Infusionsoft market place. This is coupled with access to the user audience through available marketing programs. They also enjoy assistance from premium developers in this company and participate in arranged hackathons to test and make better applications. For one to be included in this program, you have to request an appointment with the developer account manager. Submit a review on any of the Infusionsoft applications and be involved in the Infusionsoft marketplace.

​​Clickfunnels vs ​InfusionSoft Compared To EAch Other

​Delivering correct information is the core goal of sales funnels. This is to acquire sales by capturing the interests of potential clients. Both of these softwares indeed engage in marketing to accumulate prospects since they are both premium services.

This is by ensuring that potential clients are attracted to landing pages, click links, and most importantly buy from your stores. This is considered to be the most challenging phase in marketing but funneling seems to be the ultimate solution.

They both work to generate customer interest in the products that are being sold. This necessitates content which is of very high quality to capture your client's attention span.

Infusionsoft offers more services as compared to ClickFunnels. This, however, makes the latter expensive to small scale business.  Regardless, Infusionsoft is the best for organization purposes.

This is because it isolates individual clients as well as their needs. It helps create leads and schedule campaigns and is priced according to the number of contacts gained. ClickFunnel, on the other hand, creates automated sales funnels, eliminates the need for domain and hosting, and it is priced about the number of funnels one establishes.


Infusionsoft ​and Clickfunnels have proven to be the best software when it comes to funneling and marketing of products. They have significantly contributed to the creation of leads, which are then utilized to achieve conversions.

This software can be integrated with other tools to ensure the utmost performance. This is because they can be used to create communication channels with clients through automated emails as well as scheduled webinars to provide essential information regarding your products.

There are free versions of both of them, but for increased functionalities, one has to purchase premium services. They guarantee beautiful landing pages, which improves marketing strategies. They also provide sales and marketing reports to show how the businesses are faring.

Their interfaces are easy to use and built to ensure professionalism and quality in marketing. They can be used by small scale as well as large scale businesses. They are solely geared towards marketing so that one can focus on sales and profits.

Priority support is provided when one purchases the enterprise suite. This ensures value for money. They all center on the provision of excellent services and products to clients, and retaining them for the growth and sustenance of the businesses.

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