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Is Kartra A CRM?

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Is Kartra a CRM?  To answer this with a yes or no, it is important to find out what Kartra is and what you can do with it.

What Is Kartra?

Is Kartra a CRM?  Kartra is a page builder, marketing automation platform, and sales funnel builder. Kartra differs from other platforms as it takes a ‘whole-package approach.’ In essence, Kartra is a comprehensive business platform that merges your landing pages, online courses, sales pages, email systems, membership sites, and payments in a single place.

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Therefore, rather than having to switch among several platforms that serve various functions, you will be able to have a single home for your online business. You will get everything needed to market and sell your online products without depending on costly developers. The advantages of Kartra include:

  • All of your systems can be in one place, making it easier to manage your business
  • Your marketing goals will be easier to track as Kartra features like landing pages, opt-in forms, payments, videos, and courses are in one place.
  • You will get a visual of the customer’s journey from the entry point, his or her moves through Kartra funnels, and email sequences to him or her signing up for the products and memberships on the site.

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What Is A CRM?

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system assists in handling customer data. It delivers actionable insights, supports sales management, facilitates team communication, and integrates with social media. Cloud-based CRM systems provide total mobility and grant access to an ecosystem of apps that can be customized.

Kartra CRM platforms assist you in maintaining contact with customers and prospective customers and keep track of all points of engagement. CRM is sometimes described as Customer Retention Management, which is also a good thing.

To answer the question, Is Kartra a CRM?  Kartra basically tracks all of your interactions with an individual, including the emails they get, the ones they opened, the videos they have watched, the offers they accessed, and when a purchase was made. The strength of Kartra is its capacity to take vital business services and implement and integrate them into an overall system.

The matter of customer data creates a challenge that is addressed by CRM systems. Every time someone goes to meet up with a new sales prospect talks to a customer on the phone or follows up an encouraging lead, there is the potential of learning something new and possibly valuable.

What CRM Features Does Kartra Include?

Funnel Builder

The funnel builder incorporated in Kartra allows you to build sales funnels; this is done by dragging and dropping things onto a canvas. This enables you to create sales funnels almost effortlessly, and doing so is quite easy and intuitive. To create a sales funnel in Kartra, you would make a starting rule for the sequence. For instance, this could involve someone completing a form.

The next step in the question Is Kartra a CRM? It could involve adding an email object and configuring things like the day it should be sent and from whom it is sent. This could be followed by adding content to your communication. At this point, you will have two options; you can select basic or advanced. This will be particularly handy for individuals who are doing a product launch and will use features such as testimonials, images, videos, countdowns, tracking, and call to action.

After your steps have been created, you need to connect them to the other steps in the Kartra funnel; you will know when this is achieved when a yellow arrow comes up. After which, you will need to activate the step to go live when it is published.

Kartra Landing Pages

Its landing pages are another core feature of Kartra. These pages are organized into categories, and as such, you will be able to organize your pages into several different categories easily. This will come in handy when you wish to find a Kartra page quickly to clone or edit. Many users have found that duplicating the pages a few times makes it much quicker.

For instance, to organize the pages, you could create categories based on the kind of pages they are. These include ‘thank-you pages,’ ‘opt-in pages,’ ‘payment pages,’ ‘sales pages,’ and ‘webinar pages.’ With Kartra, you have access to many spectacular high-converting pages. As such, you can pick a page and customize it easily with Kartra.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another major feature offered by Kartra when asking Is Kartra a CRM? Inside the platform, you can easily create email broadcasts and campaigns. Broadcasts are essentially one-time emails that are sent out to your email list. For instance, this could be a weekly newsletter or a one-time offer. The email builder incorporated in Kartra is intuitive, making it quite easy to generate a custom email. This email could contain header images, buttons, testimonials, calls to action, and videos.

Products and Payments

If you are seeking out a platform that has functionality for products and payment, Kartra could be the ideal choice for you. With Kartra, you can create various products to satisfy any product type; these include online courses and ebooks done specifically for your services.

Every time a product is created in Kartra, you must go through different steps before it is up and running. Firstly, the product will have to be named, and then the payment processing has to be considered. Payment processing can be easily set up, and your options will include credit card, PayPal or Stripe.

Setting up product pricing would be the next step. You can set payment options like recurring, one-time, or a limited number of installments. The options are especially handy for product launches.

Additionally, you can set up an initial payment so individuals can get a taste of your products. For example, you could offer $20 for the first 30 days. For those with a membership platform, recurring payments are quite remarkable. You can create a refund policy and set sales tax as well. You have the option of creating customized Kartra pages for different Kartra price points as well.

Courses and Memberships

If you are seeking a platform to deliver your courses and memberships, Kartra is a remarkable option to consider. The platform is equipped with a membership portal management system designed to make your courses and memberships available to your members. Kartra makes it relatively easy to provide your members with content and manage how it is received.

When a membership is created in Kartra, you will have two options on how individuals can access it. You will be able to provide them with full access to the content. You will also have the option of delivering one module at a time to the individuals using the automation features of Kartra.

Is Kartra A CRM – Analytics

Integrated analytics is undoubtedly among the best features in Kartra when asking Is Kartra a CRM. In effect, you can completely track your customers’ journey from the point of entry through email sequences, funnels, products, and membership; this is an invaluable tool to access.

In addition, Kartra is equipped with a dashboard on which you can view and take measurements of key metrics like sales, traffic, subscriptions, and conversions. As such, it makes checking in and keeping track of your sales, list growth, and traffic remarkably easy.

Best of all, Kartra has analytics for most of your features; these include tracking sales, click-through rates, open rates, and video views. This is designed to take the guesswork out of running your business. In addition, it enables you to make knowledgeable business decisions based on tracking credible data.

What Are Some Features That It Does Not Include?

Unlimited Funnels

With the question, Is Kartra a CRM? you are limited to certain funnels, visitors, and certain pages on their least expensive plan. Many users have issues with software products that restrict them in this manner. However, those who build sales funnels in Kartra are likely okay with these limitations.

On the other hand, these limitations can become very frustrating for individuals doing client work, promoting Kartra as an affiliate, or creating funnels for several customers. You must upgrade to a more expensive Kartra plan to develop unlimited funnels.

An Impressive SEO Feature for Blog Posts

Kartra excludes functionalities. For example, even though Kartra enables you to write blog posts, its SEO will not be as robust as WordPress and other available platforms.

Is Kartra A CRM Conclusion

So, Is Kartra a CRM?  Kartra provides video hosting that securely integrates into Kartra landing pages, membership sites, sales funnels, and content pages. There is much more to Kartra than described above, and additional features are included daily.

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