Complete List Of Features In Kartra

As cliché as this may sound, the top priority for many business owners is finding a great marketing tool. They’re looking for a tool that boasts countless features, is extremely easy to navigate, and effortlessly enables them to fulfill their marketing goals. They’re looking for ways to increase exposure to their business and reach new customers.

Before looking at this, you may enjoy our full review of Kartra.

One of these marketing platforms is Kartra, which has many features!

Features Of Kartra

Kartra Checkouts

Kartra allows you to create your own checkout pages. This will enable you to create multiple checkouts to cater to different customers. For example, if you have an online store, you can create a landing page where prospective customers browse and buy your products. You can separate this checkout page from your main store so that people can reach it and browse it without having to navigate through your main store.

If you don’t have a store, you can use a checkout page to collect payments from customers who have signed up for your newsletter or downloaded your ebook.

Kartra Pages

Kartra allows you to create different landing pages specific to your marketing campaigns. You can use these pages to promote special promotions or products, collect customers’ emails or social media links, demographics, and much more. Each page can be customized so that you can customize it using their drag and drop editor to your liking.

You can customize the page’s or blog appearance to match your brand identity. You can also create different URLs for each page to direct customers where you want them.

Kartra Leads

Kartra allows you to create leads lists and segment them by specific parameters. For example, you can create leads lists based on demographics, such as age group, gender, zip code, and so on. You can also create leads lists based on different behaviors, such as website visits, email opens, and so on.

Kartra Funnels And Campaigns

Kartra allows you to create different types of funnels that target specific customers and will enable you to track and monitor the results. You can run a survey or a contest through a funnel to collect information from customers’ emails or social media links. The Kartra page builder also offers campaign automation features that allow you to segment your audiences based on behaviors, such as email opens, social media clicks, and more.

Kartra Email

This software features drag-and-drop email automation builders that allow you to create email automation workflows that target specific groups of subscribers. Communicate with leads and customers based on typical behavior or event triggers.

No other software provides an all-in-one email marketing automation platform like Kartra mail does. You can get started with Kartra by simply importing your email list.

Kartra Membership Sites

This software features the drag-and-drop membership site builder to create and manage membership site member account profiles. Members can log in to your site using a unique username and password. The membership site supports multi-level pricing so that you can put different types of memberships on different tiers based on price levels.

These are great for creating an online course!

Kartra Analytics

Kartra Analytics is a powerful and innovative marketing tool that helps you better understand your customer base and track your marketing performance. Specifically, Kartra Analytics enables you to see which marketing initiatives generate the most revenue. It also provides you with essential insights into customer behavior that you can use to improve your marketing strategies.

Kartra Quizzes And Surveys

Kartra Quizzes and Surveys allow you to create quizzes and surveys hosted on one or more of your web pages. Members can log in to your site using a unique username and password to take these quizzes and surveys. The statistics that are generated help you create more effective marketing strategies.

Kartra Video Hosting

This software features video hosting capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily upload and host videos on your own website. . Visitors to your site can access these videos using their web browsers. You can also embed these videos on other web pages on your site. So that visitors can watch these videos without having to leave your website.

Kartra Support And Helpdesks

This software features an integrated Support Desk that allows you to create and manage an online helpdesk for your customers – including chat. The entire process of managing helpdesk tickets, broadcasting, assigning tickets, and accessing tickets are easy and intuitive and can be done using the built-in dashboard.

Kartra Calendars

Kartra Calendars allows you to create and maintain various calendars hosted on one or more of your web pages. These calendars are available to your customers and employees so that they can easily keep track of important events and deadlines.

Kartra Forms

This software features an integrated Forms Builder that you can use to create forms for your web pages. These forms can be used to collect necessary information from your customers and website visitors. You can also send the collected data to different recipients via email.

Kartra Affiliate Marketing

This software features an integrated Affiliate Marketing Dashboard that you can use to create and manage affiliate marketing campaigns for your business. Imagine having an army of affiliates promoting your products and services.

Kartra Agency

Do you have several clients or businesses that use Kartra? You can easily handle them all from one centralized dashboard. Kartra offers you many different built-in tools to help you create and manage successful projects.

Kartra Marketplace

Quickly sell products and services online using Kartra’s built-in Marketplace. You can also create memberships for your users. Build funnel templates and sell them to other Kartra users.

Third-Party integrations And API’s

Kartra provides several different APIs and third-party integrations that you can use to build powerful integrations with other platforms. (such as CRMs). Add payment gateways like Paypal, tracking and analytics, and other business tools like MailChimp, Google Mail, and Xero to your Kartra pages.


Kartra provides you with everything you need to manage your business online in one place. There are so many options and features available that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better solution out there for the money.

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