Kartra Pricing Plans 2020 (How Much Is Kartra Per Month?)

Are you looking forward to starting your e-commerce website?  Maybe seeing the available Kartra pricing plans (both monthly and yearly) will give you a better idea on what you need and you will know exactly how much it is.

Here are the quick pricing and Kartra cost of some of the most popular marketing products plans along with their Kartra rates, price and fees:

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  • ​Starter – $​99 per month. ​This gives you ​​​up to 2500 contacts, 15,000 emails, create 100 marketing pages, sell 20 different e-commerce products, and much more.
  • ​Silver – $​1​​99 per month. ​This gives you ​​​up to 12,500 contacts, ​125,000 emails, create ​unlimited marketing pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.
  • ​Platinum – $​​499 per month. ​This gives you ​​​up to 25,​000 contacts, ​​250,000 emails, create ​unlimited marketing pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.

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What is Kartra?

Kartra is a new page builder. Unlike every other page builder, you might come across on the internet, Kartra offers more than that at a great price. By seamlessly integrating every tool you will ever need, Kartra opens the frontier to something you have never even imagined. Not only these tools, but Kartra also includes a built-in shopping cart system, a platform for efficient business management, email marketing strategies, and much more you will need to make an impactful entry into the market!

So basically, Kartra saves you from the hassle of switching between different platforms to fulfill different needs by grouping it all and making sure you are free from the troubles.  Let’s look at all the Kartra rates, costs and price available.

Kartra Pricing Packages Options

To accommodate individualized needs, Kartra offers a wide variety of Kartra options for you to choose from for your online business for your domain. These Kartra price packages are perfect for all scales of companies. Surprisingly, Kartra doesn’t limit features with the choice of any selected products marketing package which is common in other competitive services.

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How much does Kartra cost monthly?  Without further ado, here are the Kartra pricing options:

Kartra Starter $99/month plan

This Kartra package is perfect for new startups — just making their start in the industry with little to no contacts. Kartra provides you the convenience to pay only for small base contacts. This plan accommodates 2500 subscribers (contacts) along with 50 GB bandwidth and 15000 emails per month. Selection of this plan is not limited to smaller businesses or startups; organizations of any status can reap the countless benefits of this versatile plan. Being a good plan for ones who are starting, this Kartra plan is also for those who are soon considering the silver plan as well.

Kartra Silver $149/month plan Cost

An upgrade to the Kartra starter plan, there is a significant increase in the number of contacts and emails per month. With 12,500 contacts and 125,000 emails that come with this illustrious plan, it is tailored to fit every medium-scale business aiming for continuous growth. With the inclusion of every other Kartra feature, the added advantages, and a small hike in the price – this plan is a steal!

Kartra Gold $299/month plan Price

When you have earned an ample amount of subscribers list, this package is a win-win situation for you! This package can entertain approximately 25,000 contacts at a fair price for 200 GB bandwidth per month. This Kartra plan is convenient for medium to large scale businesses with moderate to high traffic.

Kartra Platinum $499/month plan

If your business has already grown and gained its valuable traffic, this plan can fit your needs perfectly. With up to 50,000 leads and 500 GB bandwidth along with 500,000 emails per month, the Kartra platinum plan is capable for a large scale business with moderate to high traffic.

Diamond $699/month plan

A member with the Kartra diamond plan can avail up-to 100,000 leads with 1,000,000 emails per month and 600 GB bandwidth making it easier for large scale business holders with extremely high traffic while all other Kartra features are unlimited.

As you can see the Kartra plans here, there are many options for your specific needs.

What do you get in these Kartra plans?

As seen above, the pricing options for Kartra are pretty reasonable and fits everyone needs. Each plan covers a set of features including:

• Landing pages modules
• Automation of emails
• E-commerce features
• Video and course hosting

These Kartra features can be quickly built with Kartra products as it has user-friendly and straightforward workflow along with accessible Kartra dashboards to help you keep a close eye on your business.

Is Kartra Free?

There is no current free option for Kartra, but you can get a 14 day trial for $1 which is almost free!

Final verdict:

With tonnes of features for the Kartra monthly pricing, Kartra is the most convenient tool available right now as it keeps you aware of your user’s journey from the moment of sign in to the end, it can be of a great help increasing your stakes using this data.

So, save your quality time and sign-up for the Kartra to manage your business efficiently for the money while being one of the most competitive platforms entertaining all industry needs! Those who use to rely on other services for the projection of their online store will find Kartra the one-stop solution to all their marketing requirements as Kartra offers all the tools you need to push the sales of your online firm.

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