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Kartra Pricing Plans (How Much Is Kartra Per Month?)

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Are you looking forward to starting your e-commerce website in the marketing space?  Maybe seeing this review of Kartra and the available Kartra pricing plans (both monthly and yearly) will give you a better idea of what you need, and you will know exactly how much it is to help take your site building, landing page, and funnel building to the next level.

If you are planning on using Kartra, here are the quick pricing guide and Kartra’s pricing packages of some of the most popular marketing software product plans, along with their Kartra rates, price plans, and fees.  Here is the pricing packages summary:

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  • ​Kartra Starter – $​99 per month.  Kartra gives you ​​​up to 2 500 contacts 15 000 emails, create 100 marketing pages, sell 20 products for eCommerce or digital downloads, and much more – more detail below.
  • ​Kartra Silver – $​1​99 per month.  Kartra gives you ​​​up to 12 500 contacts, ​125 000 emails, create each month ​unlimited marketing pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more – more detail below.
  • Kartra Gold – $299 per month. Kartra gives you ​​​up to 25 000 contacts, ​250 000 emails, create ​unlimited Kartra pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more – more detail below.
  • ​Kartra Platinum – $​​499 per month.  Kartra gives you ​​​up to 50 ​000 contacts in email lists, ​​500 000 emails, create ​unlimited pages, sell ​each month unlimited different products, and much more – more detail below.
  • Kartra Enterprise plan (Pro plan) – there is a Kartra plan for this, but it requires you to contact them to get the details for your marketing funnel campaigns.

*Payments can be made using any major credit card or Paypal payments.

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What is Kartra?

Kartra’s main product is a fairly new web drag-and-drop page builder created by well-known internet marketing experts. Unlike every web page and funnel builder you might come across on the internet, Kartra offers more than that at a great price. By seamlessly integrating every tool you need, Kartra opens the frontier to something you have never even imagined.  Pages created with this awesome piece of software usually have a lot of potential to convert, thanks to their awesome designs and ease of customization.

Not only these tools, but Kartra prices also include a built-in shopping cart system, a platform for efficient business management, hosting for videos, sites requiring memberships or online course content websites, building email lists, and email marketing strategies to your customers and clients. Much more you will need to make an impactful entry into the market!  You can create sales pages easily with no coding skills.

You can also use Kartra to set up membership portal websites in your niche that allow people to join and interact with your sales pages, the functionality to sell digital and physical products, show a video or webinar on your website, and everything else you need for your website marketing campaigns.

So basically, Kartra saves you from the hassle of switching between different platforms to fulfill different needs by grouping it all together and ensuring you are free from troubles while delivering your content.  Look at all the Kartra rates, costs, and price amounts available.

Let’s look at all the Kartra pricing options and note that each also includes a Kartra trial offer to give you access without committing to paying full price and costs:

Kartra Pricing Plans Options

To accommodate individualized needs, Kartra offers a wide variety of Kartra options for you to access and choose from for your online business for your custom domains.

These Kartra price packages are perfect for all scales of companies. Surprisingly, Kartra doesn’t limit features with the choice of any selected products online marketing package, which is common in other competitive services.

Before we get into it, you can get a 14-day trial for only $1, so you can experience the tool before paying full price.  Just click here to sign up and start using it right away.

How much does Kartra cost monthly?  Without further ado, here are the Kartra pricing plans:

Kartra Starter plan – $99 Per month

Are you new to online marketing, affiliate marketing, or creating a business online?  Read on because this Kartra price may be the perfect option for you.

This Kartra package basic plan is perfect for new startups — just making their start in the industry with little to no contacts. Kartra provides you with the convenience of paying only for small base contacts. This makes it an excellent starting option to upgrade later as your email list, and online business grows.

I also recommend this plan for local businesses seeking to generate leads in their local area.  You may only need this cheapest plan when you are in the small business space in a specific niche.

The selection of this plan is not limited to smaller businesses or startups because organizations of any status can reap the countless benefits of this versatile plan. Being a good plan for those who are starting, this Kartra plan is also for those who are soon considering the silver plan.

This Kartra plan accommodates 2 500 subscribers (contacts) along with 50 GB bandwidth per month (with each month an unlimited number of monthly visitors) and 15 000 emails per month. You can create up to 100 pages to create your sales funnels in your account per month, sell up to 20 different products, and have one custom domain.

With the Kartra starter choice, you can create up to two membership websites and two support helpdesk portals with this starter plan.  Great starter pack landing page builder for any small business owner.  Save more money by paying for a full year and get an annual billing discount.

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Kartra Silver plan – $199 Per month Cost

Is your business a little more established but still has some room to grow more?  When creating a landing page, you don’t need to overbuy your marketing tools with this option.

An upgrade to the Kartra starter plan for $199 per month; with the silver plan, there is a significant increase in the number of contacts and emails per month. This is an excellent second step for growing companies as your business is growing and your email list is getting bigger.

With 12500 contacts and 125000 emails per month and set up three custom domains that come with this illustrious plan, it is tailored to fit every medium-scale business aiming for continuous growth. With the inclusion of every other Kartra feature, the added advantages, and a small hike in the price – this plan is a steal!

So what do you get in addition to what is mentioned above?  Unlimited and sales funnel pages can be created, which is a huge step above the starter basic plan.

This Kartra pricing plan options choice can also set up unlimited products to sell, set up unlimited membership websites, and unlimited helpdesk portals per month.  Bandwidth per month bumps up to 125GB.

So an extra $100 per month with the Kartra silver plan over the starter is quite an upgrade above the Kartra starter plan – especially if you take advantage of an annual billing discount!

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Kartra Gold plan – $299 Per month Price

Are you a larger business owner already established but looking to help automate your marketing efforts and maybe even free up a lot of time for yourself?

When you have earned an ample amount of subscribers’ contact list, this package is a win-win situation for you!  This Kartra plan is convenient for medium to large-scale businesses with moderate to high traffic and a large email list.

This Kartra pricing package can entertain approximately 25 000 contacts, up to 250000 emails, and 250 GB bandwidth per month.

With the Kartra Gold Plan, you can also have up to 5 custom domains where you can send unlimited traffic per month (page visits unlimited).

With Kartra gold, you can set up video hosting, email automation, unlimited landing pages, membership websites, unlimited products, and unlimited Kartra helpdesk portals with a support ticket system and live chat functionality.

Kartra Agency is also included in this plan pricing of Kartra, and there is also an annual billing discount if you decide to pay for a full year.

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Kartra Platinum plan – $499 Per month

Are you a large online company owner that needs a slick way to market its products or services to grow the business even more?

If your business has grown and gained valuable traffic, this plan can fit your needs perfectly.

With up to 50000 leads and 500 GB bandwidth per month, and 500000 emails per month, the Kartra platinum plan can be a large-scale business with moderate to high traffic.

Your company, per month, can also set up unlimited membership sites, page visits, sales funnels pages created, unlimited products, and unlimited helpdesk portals.  For custom domains, you can use up to 10 as an additional feature.

Finally, with the pricing of the platinum plan of Kartra, Kartra Agency is also included, just like it is for the previous plans, and the option for an annual billing discount.

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Diamond Pro plan

A member with the Kartra diamond plan can avail up-to 100,000 leads with 1,000,000 emails per month and 600 GB bandwidth making it easier for large scale business holders with extremely high traffic while all other Kartra features are unlimited.

As you can see the Kartra plans here, there are many options for your specific needs.

There used to be a Diamond pro plan which was the one that had the most features unlocked.  However, this plan has been discontinued at this time.  If the platinum plan is too limited for you, since this diamond plan is no longer available, I recommend contacting them about the Kartra enterprise plan.

What do you get in these Kartra plans?

As seen above, the pricing options for Kartra are pretty reasonable and fit everyone’s needs. Each plan covers a set of features, including:

  • Design templates for landing page modules in different theme groups with lead capture forms to set up your marketing platforms and allow visitors to sign up to your list with their email addresses and other information.
  • The ability to set up logins for other team members at your company.
  • Set up split testing between multiple sales pages for testing rates of conversions.
  • Set up helpdesks to have support for your business clients or customers.
  • Email marketing automation with email sequence builders, follow-up sequences, and automated email sequences.
  • E-commerce features and shopping carts and Kartra checkout forms to sell products or services.  Even launch promo discounts.
  • Video hosting and online course hosting.
  • Online Kartra help desk customer support helpdesk, billing support team, and support ticketing.
  • Affiliate management and marketing assets for affiliates.
  • Processing of membership payments in your Kartra membership plan for your membership websites.
  • Training material, training courses, and customer support.
  • Easy management of your email subscribers.
  • Analytics to help you monitor your traffic and conversions.
  • Help documentation and marketing material.
  • No setup costs for their user base.
  • Awesome Kartra affiliate program.

These Kartra features can be quickly built with Kartra products as they have a user-friendly and straightforward workflow and accessible Kartra dashboards to help you keep a close eye on your business needs.

Is Kartra Free?  Look At This Kartra Pricing

There is no current free option for Kartra, but you can get a 14-day trial for $1, which is almost free at only one dollar!

Kartra Pricing Final verdict:

Which subscription model is right for you as a successful business owner and for increasing your business presence?

With tons of features for the Kartra monthly pricing plan options and membership levels, Kartra is the most convenient tool available right now as it keeps you aware of your user’s journey from the moment of sign-in to the end.  And as you can see, the Kartra price offers a lot of choices for their customer.

It can be of great help in increasing your stakes using this data and putting you at the top of the internet marketing game.

So, save your quality time and sign-up for the Kartra to manage your business efficiently for the money while being one of the most competitive platforms entertaining all industry needs!

Those who rely on other services for the projection of their online store will find Kartra the one-stop solution to all their online marketing requirements as Kartra offers all the sales funnel software tools you need to push the sales of your online firm in many different Kartra price options.

Want to try it out for just $1?  Click here.

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Also, if you have any questions or suggestions for resources for other software tools that we can review and write up on, feel free to comment below.

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