​​Kartra Review 2019

Looking to check out one of the newest landing page and funnels builders on the market?  Kartra!  Well, we put it through the marketing paces and wrote up this detailed review just for you.

I have been using Kartra for the past month or so and love it! 

There are ​a few other 2019 reviews of Kartra online but ​hopefully this one help you ​decide whether or not to try it out.  And really, why not?  You can give it a try for $1 right here and easily see if it is right for you while only risking a buck!

Also, if you are interested, we did a comparison between Kartra and Clickfunnels here.

​Here is ​my Kartra review!

​What Is ​Kartra?

kartra review

Kartra is a fairly new (at least at the time of this writing in April 2019) marketing landing page and sales funnel builder.

If you own an online business that wants to generate more leads, sell products online, consult with other online businesses, etc.  Kartra may just be the right thing for you because it allows you to create some amazing looking and converting landing pages in order to help you generate leads and sales.

​And it's super easy to use!

​Can You Make Mon​​ey With ​Kartra?

​​Of course!  That's exactly what it is for.  All the different money making methods for this application are really limited by your own imagination.  However, here are some suggestions:

  • Launching a new product and need a sales page, order forms, upsells, confirmation pages and everything else required to sell all kinds of products.
  • ​Generate leads with beautiful squeeze pages.
  • ​Create video sales letter pages.
  • ​Trip wire pages and offers.
  • ​Host webinars.
  • ​Create engaging membership sites.

​Who Is ​It For?

Do you have a business that is looking to generate more income from online sources?  If so, this is the perfect opportunity for you.  Especially since you can actually replace an expensive web designer for this easy to use software.  If you are one of the following people, you should give it a try today.

  • Owner of a digital ​agency.
  • Internet ​freelancer.
  • Owner of different information products.
  • ​Online consultant or coach.
  • Network or affiliate ​marketer.
  • Owner and operator of an ​e-​commerce ​store.
  • Manager of a charity or non-profit organization.

​What Can You Do With ​It?

​A huge amount!  Here is a list of all the different features that ​Kartra has available:

  1. Super easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) drag and drop editor.  Simply build your page starting from a template or blank page and drop in each element to create the page.  Very easy to use.
  2. ​Pages work on all devices - mobile responsive.
  3. ​Huge library of templates to get inspiration from and use for your own designs.  I love these because it saves a lot of time.  I like to just load a template that I like, make the necessary text changes for my page and I'm done!
  4. ​Easily implement email and lead generation forms.
  5. Quickly and easily build your entire funnel consisting of multiple pages.
  6. ​Ability to keep an eye on your traffic numbers, conversions, testing results, etc.
  7. Quickly and easily implement upsells, bump up offers and OTO's (one time offers).
  8. ​Many different integrations available and more being added.  Easy to connect to third party services for payment processing, email management, webinar hosting, etc.
  9. ​Publish your marketing pages to a custom domain with SSL.
  10. ​Digital asset management for your lead magnets.
  11. ​Ability to custom design your own templates.
  12. ​Add third party tracking codes for things like Facebook pixels, Google Analytics, etc.
  13. ​Easily create testing environments that allow you to split test between different landing pages and see which converts the best for your traffic source.
  14. ​Set up basic SEO settings like title tags, meta tags and more.
  15. ​Excellent web hosting for your pages that is fast, reliable and responsive.
  16. Ability to share funnels or entire campaigns with others on your team.
  17. ​Excellent support to help you through any issues that may arise.

​Available Integrations

​You can integrate ​Kartra with many of the most ​popular web services available.  Here is a list but I expect that I will need to update this soon!

  • Mail - ​​ElasticEmail, MailGun, PostMark, ​SendGrid
  • Delivery - ​Kajabi
  • Payment Gateways - ​​​Stripe, ​PayPal, ​​Authorize.net, Braintree
  • Other - ​Zapier, ​DAP, ​Nexmo, ​OptimizePress, ​Plivo, S2 Member, ​Twilio, ​Wishlist

​What ​It Does Well - The Pros

  • ​Kartrais very easy to use.  ​If you ahev used other landing page builders, it should come to you very quickly because they all work in similar ways.  But, if this is your first go at creating landing pages using this software, it is very intuiative and easy to get used to.
  • So many different features available.
  • ​I like how the interface is set up and divided by pages, communications, forms, etc.  Makes it very simple to get in there and find what you need.
  • ​Super simple process for integrating third party apps.
  • ​Excellent training materials available.  I never felt like I was stuck at any time while using it because finding any answers to questions I had were wasy to find in support.
  • ​Since it is relatively new, more features are always going to be added.
  • ​Very nice looking templates that convert very well.
  • ​The affiliate program is very well done.
  • ​There is a 14 day trial for only $1 which gives you plenty of time to try it out for free before committing to a monthly fee.

​Where ​It Falls Short - The Cons

  • ​​If you have a huge list of email leads, it can get expensive becaue the price increases based on how many emails you are managing.  But, if you are managing a lot of emails you should have no issue with the costs.

​​How Much Does ​Kartra Cost?

​Kartra basically has ​a few different pricing tiers available:

  • Start with a $1 trial for 14 days.
    • Starter - $​99 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 2500 contacts, 15,000 emails, create 100 pages, sell 20 different e commerce products, and much more.
    • ​Silver - $​1​​99 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 12,500 contacts, ​125,000 emails, create ​unlimited pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.
    • ​Platinum - $​​499 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 25,​000 contacts, ​​250,000 emails, create ​unlimited pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.

If you choose to, you can also buy ​Kartra on a yearly basis and get a discount.


Can ​Kartra Replace Your Website?

​Absolutely!  There are quite a few people having success just using ​Kartra as their entire website.

Can I Use Paypal With ​Kartra?

​Of course!  Inside the interface, just add it using the integrations section.

Do I Need A Domain For ​Kartra?

​While it isn't completely necessary, I would recommend it.

Our ​Review Of Kartra Conclusion

Hopefully, this review of Kartra for 2019 is exactly what you are looking for and answers all your questions.  I have to say that it is an excellent marketing option and I am excited to see how this product grows and evolves as it matures.

​Got a dollar?  Get a 14 day trial here and try it out for yourself.

Got any questions about this review of ​Kartra, feel free to contact me anytime at the email below.​