Kartra Review 2022 - A Marketing Tool You Need!

Looking to check out one of the newest landing page and funnels builders on the market?  Kartra!  Well, we put Kartra through the marketing paces and wrote up this detailed review just for you and other marketers.

I have been using Kartra for the past month or so and loved it during the review process in our marketing!

There are a few other 2020 reviews of Kartra online but hopefully this one help you decide whether or not to try it out.  And really, why not?  You can give it a try for $1 right here (only one dollar!) and easily see if it is right for you while likely only risking a marketing buck!

Also, if you are interested in another feature of this site and other options, we did a comparison between Kartra vs Clickfunnels here and another comparison of Kartra and Kajabi.  Click any link you want here to learn more and the difference between a couple options.

Here is my Kartra review 2022 - take a look at this allinone marketing platform overview and get access!  One of the best all-in-one internet marketing tools for an online business owner and entrepreneur in my opinion.

* July 6, 2022 Update - It was just announced that Kartra added 6 brand new features to the platform!  We added all these new features to the "What You Can Do With It" section below.

What Is Kartra?

kartra review

Kartra is a fairly new marketing landing page and sales funnel tool and page builder from parent company, Genesis Digital, which was co-founded by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime.  Excellent people!

If you own an online business that wants to generate more leads and contacts, sell products online, consult with other online businesses, etc.  Kartra may just be the right thing for you because it allows you to create some amazing looking and converting marketing landing pages and sales funnel in order to help you generate leads and sales.

And it's super for any marketer or digital marketing company!  Read the rest of the review of the Kartra platform below!  It's everything and anything you need.  Learn why you need to get access now.

Is Kartra Worth It and Legit?

Yes!  I feel like it definitely is worth the price point and everything you need.  Kartra offers you not only a lot of sales funnels and landing page builder functionality, it also gives you plenty of price options that best suit everything you need.  As part of this detailed Kartra review and pricing, take a look at these benefits for large and small business owners that make it very legit and well worth it when you are researching whether or not to use Kartra:

  • All-in-one marketing tool that includes everything you need to start a successful online business campaign.
  • Straight forward onboarding process that allows you to start with this landing page platform and sales page builder immediately.
  • The learning curve is fairly short thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop builder.
  • It is used by top marketers like Frank Kern.
  • Different pricing plans to suit your specific needs.

Can You Make Money With Kartra?

Of course!  That's exactly what is inside Kartra and its set of internet marketing platform tools is for.  All the different money making methods we looked at for this review for this tech application are really limited by your own imagination.  However, here are some marketing solutions for your online marketing strategies campaign inside the membership area:

Launching a new product and need a page, order forms, upsells, confirmation pages and everything else required to sell all kinds of products.

Generate leads and email lists with beautiful squeeze pages of any kind or niche.

Create video sales letter pages with ease which includes video file upload hosting platform.  Makes videos easy to use.

Trip wire pages, sections and offers marketing sequence builder platform.

Host webinars and video hosting.

Sell physical products via ecommerce marketing online shopping cart checkout pages with upsells and downsells within your shopping carts.  Excellent shopping cart software.

Create engaging membership sites with security features via their robust membership portal with the ability to even give members different access levels.  A membership site is a great way to build a community around your company.

Marketing automation platform features to help promote your business online.

Create cool content review style pages with consistency.

Create a book funnel to help release a best-seller with all the steps you need.

Course creators can create a membership platform for selling their online courses.  The membership sites builder is complete with a login page for your members.

Sell Kartra through their awesome affiliate program and sell and make money it through your affiliate link.  Great for affiliate management and affiliates.

Coaching programs, courses and training modules.

Cart abandonment automation functionality for internet marketers.

Progress bars showing steps in the process for your users.

Who Is This Business Platform For?

Do you have a business that is looking to increase marketing and generate more income from online sources?  If so, Kartra is the perfect set of marketing tools opportunity for you.  Especially since you can actually replace the approach of an expensive web designer for this software.  If you are one of the following people, you should give Kartra a try today after reading the rest of this review of Kartra.

  • Owner of a digital agency.  If you are an agency owner looking for ways to generate more quality leads into your pipeline, setting up a funnel to help capture these leads is a great start.
  • Internet freelancer and internet entrepreneurs.  Freelancers looking to increase their customers and client base without tying up too much time with your services.
  • Owner of different information products.  Have you created a new digital product and are at the stage of getting it ready to sell to the masses?  A sales page platform for whatever you want to sell is definitely required for this.
  • Online consultant or coach.  Consultants and coaches usually don't have a lot of time to put together expensive web pages to promote their services.  This is a good alternative that's actually better than hiring an expensive web designer.
  • Network marketing.  Need to build you downline?  Setting up a page online to help with this is a good option.
  • Owner and operator of an e-commerce store. Thanks to this platform, you will no longer need to hire a designer in your business, web coder and others to put your entire ecommerce store together.  It can handle all this when you are selling physical products online.
  • Manager of a charity or non-profit organization.  Charities and non-profits don't have a lot of extra money that is required to hire a designer to build their website.  But this makes it a lot more affordable for them.
  • Affiliate marketers. Building a top quality pre-sell page to help promote someone else's product is one of the best ways to increase and maintain a hefty affiliate commission.  Affiliate management for your own products and offers can be done right through this as well.
  • Great for marketing beginners and pros!  It really doesn't matter your skill level.

What Can You Do With It?

Kartra can do a huge amount for your marketing trends!  Here is a list of all the different features of Kartra and functionalities we looked at in this review that Kartra funnel builder has available:

  1. Kartra has a super easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) drag and drop editor.  Simply build your page starting from a squeeze page template or blank page and drop in each element to create the page.  Great page building experience.  The dashboard makes it easy to make changes too!
  2. Pages work on all devices - mobile responsive.
  3. Kartra's huge library of campaign templates to get inspiration from and use for your own designs.  I love these because it saves a lot of time.  I like to just load a template that I like, make the necessary text and font changes for my page and I'm done!
  4. Easily implement SMS or email marketing tool and lead generation forms for strategizing the best email marketing automation marketing play using the marketing automation workflow builder.  Easily made more efficient with email templates.
  5. Quickly and easily build your entire Kartra funnel consisting of multiple pages.  It is also very simple to logically put those pages together into a cohesive funnel that should help support and generate sales and leads for years to come.
  6. Ability to keep an eye on your web traffic numbers, email marketing conversion, sale conversions, testing results, case studies, etc.  This makes it very easy to make logical and educated decisions on how to manage and react to your marketing campaign.
  7. Quickly and easily implement upsells, bump up offers and OTO's (one time offers).  These types of additions to your sales process is well known to help increase you bottom line immensely.
  8. Many different integrations available and more being added.  Easy to connect to third party services for payment processing, email marketing management, email sequences, webinar hosting, marketing, etc.
  9. Publish your marketing pages to a custom domain with SSL.  Having your funnels set up on their own custom domain name will go a long way in helping your visitors not only remember who you are but also put some more trust into your offers with your calls to actions.
  10. Digital asset management system for your lead magnets and digital products.  This helps save a lot of time because it automated all your digital product delivery.
  11. Ability to custom page design your own templates.  Start from scratch from a blank page so that you have complete and full control on what your page looks like all all different screen sizes and platforms.
  12. Done-for-you campaigns.  I love this.  It not only saves a ton of time but it also is a huge help for beginners.  Being able to see how a campaign is structured, one that has been tested to work well, is a huge educational opportunity.
  13. Add third party tracking codes for things like Facebook pixels, Google Analytics traffic, remarketing campaigns, etc.  Just about any third party tracking code should work in this.
  14. Easily create testing environments that allows split testing or Kartra A/B testing analytics (you should be doing campaign split tests as a good marketing strategy!) between different landing pages (or sales funnel) and see which converts the best for your traffic source.  This allows you to measure things properly and make the right decisions based on your measurements.
  15. Set up basic SEO settings like title tags, meta tags and more.  You also have complete control of the seo parameters such as heading tags as well.  SEO = search engine optimization = Google traffic.
  16. Automation tools to help you save time.  I believe that being able to automate as many tasks as possible helps free up your time to work on other more pressing aspects that will help your online business grow.
  17. Form builder.  Build all types of forms with complete control of the fields you include.
  18. Excellent web hosting and video hosting for your pages that is fast, reliable and responsive.
  19. Ability to share Kartra funnels, sales pages or entire marketing campaigns with others on your team.
  20. Excellent Kartra helpdesk support and live chat to help marketers through any issues that may arise.  Great customer service in my experience with an excellent support team.
  21. Campaigns conversion rate optimization features for you and your team members to track stats on your marketing funnels.
  22. Page templates and functionality for blogs which includes templates for page layouts for this as well as Kartra pages for recent posts, confirmation page feature, etc.
  23. Learn all you need thanks to their Kartra Academy.  Kartra provides plenty of training materials.
  24. Also add in Sept 2019 - Kartra Sites - now you can easily create entire sites in one place with Kartra and manage things like headings, footers, tracking codes like Facebook, Analytics traffic, css, etc more easily.  Simply edit it once and apply it to all pages that you want to update.  Huge time saver for online business owners.

Update - July 6, 2022 - Brand New Features Added To Kartra

  1. Embeddable Audio Player - easily upload and embed audio content files into your pages. You can even set up playlists. It would be a great way to add a podcast episode embed into your page.
  2. Split Pages Preview - You can now easily determine how your split tests are performing.  Just hover your mouse over the name.
  3. Page Autosave - No more worrying about whether or not you saved you page design before closing it. It will now automatically save itself.
  4. Improved Comment Moderation - easily moderate your page's comments in one place.
  5. Email Template Naming - Easily find your email templates by the name you assigned to them.
  6. Label Your Support Tickets - this makes it very easy to categorize your help desk tickets so you can better support your customers.

Kartra Integrations

You can integrate the Kartra funnel builder with many of the most popular web services available.  Here is a list as part of this review but I expect that I will need to update this soon with more systems integrations!

Mail (email marketing service - list building) - ElasticEmail, MailGun, PostMark, SendGrid

Delivery - Kajabi

Payment Gateways - Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree

Other - Zapier, DAP, Nexmo, OptimizePress, Plivo, S2 Member, Twilio, Wishlist, Webinar jam

What It Does Well - The Pros

review of Kartra
  • Kartra is very easy to use.  If you have used other marketing sales funnel landing page builders, it should come to you very quickly because they all work in similar ways.  But, if this is your first go at creating landing pages using this marketing software, it is very intuitive and easy to get used to.
  • So many different features available in the Kartra funnel builder interface.  See above in the features section where I listed them all out.
  • I like how the Kartra interface is set up and divided by pages, communications, forms, etc.  Makes it very simple to get in there and find what you need.
  • Super simple process for integrating third party apps.  Most can be completed with just a few clicks.
  • Excellent training materials available.  I never felt like I was stuck at any time while using it because finding any answers to questions I had were easy to find in support.
  • Since it is relatively new, more features are always going to be added.
  • Very nice looking templates that convert customers very well.
  • The affiliate marketing program is very well done.  Affiliates can earn a lot!  All the affiliate program management system functionality is there too to help you create a huge cash machine.  Create your own affiliate programs too and pay your own referral payments!
  • Kartra Academy learning platform.  Looking for not only Kartra specific learning opportunites, but also online and internet marketing learning resources?
  • There is a 14 day trial for only $1 which gives you plenty of time to try it out in your marketing efforts before committing to a monthly fee.

Where It Falls Short - The Kartra Cons

  • If you have a huge list of email marketing leads, Kartra can get expensive because the price increases based on how many emails you are managing.  But, if you are managing a lot of marketing emails or email list you should have no issue with the costs.
  • Sometimes the way things are structured are a little cumbersome, but to be honest, I am getting used to it so it isn;t a big deal now.  For example, videos are all uploaded to the same place and then added to pages from there.  I wish you could just upload them as you are building the page.
  • Not as many third party integration options as other landing page builders.  However, note that this is still a relatively new software tool so I would expect that the offerings here will grow in time as the tool matures and features are added.

How Much Does Kartra Cost?  Get A $1 Trial Here!

We wanted to make sure our system review of this marketing solution included pricing to help you get started with Kartra.  Kartra pricing basically has a few different pricing tiers per month available with a Kartra bonus:

  • Start with a $1 trial for 14 days.  Excellent value!
    • Kartra Starter plan - $99 per month.  This gives you up to 2 500 contacts, 15,000 emails, create 100 pages, sell 20 different e commerce products, and much more.  The starter plan is the perfect way for anyone to start and still get great value.
    • Kartra Silver plan - $199 per month.  This gives you up to 12,500 contacts, 125,000 emails per month, create unlimited pages, sell unlimited different products, and much more.
    • Kartra Platinum plan - $499 per month.  This gives you up to 25,000 contacts, 250,000 emails per month, create unlimited pages, sell unlimited different products, and much more.  Best value for larger companies.

If you choose to, you can also buy Kartra membership builder platforms on a yearly basis and get a discount.  Definitely worth it to get started and get a discount on Kartra pricing!  Payment can be done using many major credit card.  Each of these also includes Kartra Academy to help you learn everything you need to know and get started the right way.

If you want more detailed information on all the features, what is included with this system and not included with each plan, I would recommend you take a look at our detailed article on the Kartra pricing options.

A Quick Inside Look Of Kartra

Before signing up for this all-in-one marketing tool, maybe you would like to see some of the insides of Kartra to see how the interface looks.  Here are a series of screen shots to show you some of this to give you a better idea.

Product Setup

The sales funnels screenshot below shows where you can set up your products that you are looking to sell online.  Setting this up is very easy because all you need to do is give it a name, decide if it is a main product or up or down sell.  

Then you assign how the payments are going to be taken.

kartra setup products


Inside the communications section, you are given the ability to set up your email automation sequence, manage your email lists.  It also allows you to import lists that you already have as well as create opt-in forms to use on your landing pages.

kartra email marketing setup

Page Builder

The Kartra page builder allows you to choose from a list of all the different types of pages that you can create.  It has all the pre-made templates logically sorted so that when you choose your page type, it shows you the right group of campaign templates to choose from. Then, once you load up your template, all you need to do is edit it to make it work for you.  

As you can see in the image below, there are many different types of templates and this image only shows some of them.

kartra page builder

Form Builder

Below is what the Kartra screen looks like when you are building out a business form to use on your page.  With this system, you can easily add, change or delete fields to create the custom form for your campaigns that you need.

kartra form builder

Video Hosting

Hosting your videos and uploading to the Kartra platform is simple.  Upload videos one at a time or in batches.

kartra video hosting

These screenshots above is just a small portion of the functionality that you get inside.  There are so many other things available inside for people which I have mentioned in this Kartra review.  

Kartra FAQ

Can Kartra Funnel Software Replace Your Website?

Absolutely!  There are quite a few people having online marketing success just use Kartra replaces as their entire website and marketing campaigns (a WordPress site for example).  Includes all you need including the email marketing platform or email marketing software and managing customers.

Can I Use Paypal With Kartra?

Of course!  Inside the Kartra interface, just add it using the integrations section for people that are web designers or developers and creators of online courses.

Do I Need A Domain For Kartra?

While Kartra isn't completely necessary, I would recommend it.

Will This Review Of Kartra Be Updated Over Time In The Future?

Yes!  As more Kartra website marketing features are added, our reviewer will update here.

Our Kartra Review Conclusion

Hopefully, this overview and Kartra review 2022 is exactly what information you are looking for and answers all your questions.  I have to say that it is an excellent marketing option and I am excited to see how this product grows and evolves as it matures.

Got a dollar?  Get a 14 day trial here, get access and try it out for yourself.  Also, check this page out to learn how to sign up for a Kartra trial.  To me, it is one of the best!  I am sure you will like a platform like Kartra.  Be sure to at least take a look at everything on their product page because it is something you should consider as a thing for you.

Got any questions about this site review of the Kartra account or other platforms feel free to contact me anytime at the email service below.  Or have a comment?  Add comment below.

Note from reviewer - this is an affiliate Kartra review.  We may receive business commissions when you click the Kartra product links and purchase.

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