My Favorite Kartra Funnel Templates For Websites

When you are putting together a landing page or entire sales funnel using Kartra, there are ways that you can speed up the process.  Kartra templates is just one of the ways.

Being able to start with a beautiful design and edit it from a template not only speeds up the process but also makes it so non-graphic designers can make something look nice too.  Whether you are doing just a landing page or a full website, it can all start page by page with these templates.

Over the course of using Kartra, I have looked at a ton of their templates so I wanted to pull out some of my favorites and show how each could be used and help your business succeed.

And if you still need more information, we also did a very detailed Kartra platform review.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Take a look at the image below and see how well the templates are organized based on type:

kartra template categories

As you can see, the templates are categorized by:

  • Blank page
  • Squeeze pages
  • Video sales pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Long sales pages
  • Coming soon
  • Product launch
  • Product review
  • Webinar registration
  • Checkout pages
  • 404 pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Membership login
  • Live events
  • Affiliate pages
  • Legal pages
  • Blog posts
  • Blog home pages
  • Personal branding
  • My templates – this allows you to save any that you have created yourself.

So, as you can see, it definitely covers everything you need!

How Does The Process Work In The Kartra Page Builder?

It’s actually very simple.  When you are ready to build a website or page, you simply click the “My Pages” link in the main menu and then click the “+ Page” button.  This brings up the template selection section (like in the image above) where you can browse through all the available templates to choose from.  Just choose the template and click the “Launch Builder” to edit it for you own needs.

Favorite Kartra Templates Available

If you are thinking about signing up and using Kartra (and you can actually get a 14 day trial for only $1 if you click here and sign up! and more info on how much is Kartra here too), I wanted to help nudge you along by showing you some of my favorite templates that they offer.  Take a look:

Squeeze Page Templates

When I set up a squeeze page, I like something clean with not too much going on to distract the visitor.  Tell us the offer, benefits and where to sign up and that’s it.  I love this design for this purpose.  And when you load it up, it is so easy to edit the text and replace the image to match your needs.

squeeze page template

Video Sales Page Templates

Using a video to help sell you offer can do amazing things to your conversion rates.  This theme below is one of my favorites in this category.  The video is front and center, easy to read headline and it also includes a testimonials and social proof section:

video sales page

Thank You Page Templates

Having a “thank you” page is not just about being polite!  It is also a great opportunity to deliver your product, promote more offers, share your offer and give instructions on getting the product after they have signed up.  Take a look at this one that I love for this section:

thank you page template

Long Sales Page Templates

I love these templates because they have everything you need all ready to go for editing.  Sections like the main hero heading section that predominately displays the product, product description section, benefits and features, what is included, an email capture form, testimonials section and pricing.  All done beautifully – since it is a long image that requires scrolling to see the entire template, I created a short video to show it off:

Coming Soon Templates

Including a countdown on a page is proven to help with conversion rates on product launches and helps get people on your list that are interested in that upcoming launch.  Kartra has some excellent options to choose from here and this one is the one in particular that I like:

coming soon template

Product Launch Templates

Got a product that you are getting ready to offer online?  A good product launch page will definitely help to sell it.  The theme I choose here not only is a product launch but also can be set up as part of a multiple day sequence of videos to show during your launch period:

product launch template

Product Review Templates

I love these for affiliate style pages where you compare the best products in a specific category or niche.  If you have done any “best product” searches online, you have most likely seen these types of pages.  Many of the people that create these pages get very creative and probably have to do a lot of work to put them together.  Karta though, has you covered here.  This one is excellent:

product review template

Webinar Registration Templates

Webinars are a great way to market any product or service – especially one that requires some kind of demonstration. Kartra can handle all the webinar related things as well as help you create an attractive page to help promote it.  Here is my favorite design in this category:

webinar templates

Checkout Page Templates

A well designed checkout page can make or break a sale because not only does it need to look good, but it has to be functional as well.  Selling physical products online is made a lot easier with these templates.  Here is one of my favorites in this section:

checkout page template

404 Page Templates

404 pages or “Page Not Found” pages are important to set up when a visitor lands on an invalid page.  Instead of just displaying nothing, you want to have a goo 404 page to help move that traffic over to a valid page.  Kartra has some excellent option for this and here is one of my top choices:

404 page template

Up-Sell Page Templates

Having some kind of upsell or one time offer (OTO) is an excellent way to increase sales.  I love this option below because not only does it introduce the upsell well, it also includes a progress bar to give visitors an idea on where they are in the buying process:

upsell template

Membership Login Templates

When you set up a membership site in Kartra, you definitely want to have an attractive login page for them to come to and login with.  Kartra has some excellent options here but this one sticks out to me because it is simple and it also includes options for visitors that are not already members:

membership login template

Live Event Page Templates

Are you planning on hosting a live event or conference in your local area?  Kartra has you covered here with this next type of templates.  If you have ever organized an event like this, you know that you are busy enough just with the scheduling and organizing so this makes it really quick and easy to set up a page so that would be one less thing to worry about.  It’s got all the sections you need such as an about section, speakers, countdown to event, sponsors and a gallery section:

Affiliate Page Templates

Since Kartra has all the functionality you need to start your own affiliate program with your product, it seems natural that they would provide some excellent affiliate page templates to choose from.  Heck, you could even use these to create a page to promote Kartra itself through their affiliate program.  Like this one:

affiliate page template

Legal Page Templates

You can’t omit any legal pages like a privacy policy and terms of service.  And these pages don’t need to look bland either.  Make them just as nice as the rest of your site with templates like this one:

legal page template

Blog Post Templates

Kartra now has added the ability for you to include a blog on your site and making those blog posts look good is probably going to help them in their readership but possibly even in the sharing of them on social networking sites.  I love this particular one:

blog post template

Blog Home Templates

Now with these blog posts, you are also going to want to have a good looking blog page to present all your blog posts well.  I love this blog design that they offer – very clean and easy to read:

blog page template

What’s Next?

So there you have it…all my favorite Kartra templates that they offer but this is only a small portion of all the templates that they have to choose from.  I would highly recommend signing up for their 14 day trial offer that is only one dollar so that you can check them all out and see which would work best for you.

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