​Kartra Vs Clickfunnels - Sept 2019

While Clickfunnels has been around for quite awhile, Kartra was released just a little under a year ago (at the time of this writing of March 4th, 2019).  You may already be familiar with Clickfunnels, but it wouldn't hurt to also take a look at Kartra vs Clickfunnels to see how these two landing page / funnel software marketing tools perform against each other.

​Clickfunnels Vs Kartra - The Main Differences

clickfunnels versus kartra

​While both options are excellent choices, each of these SAAS tools have some distinct differences.  The main difference is how each are best used when building sales funnels.  In our opinion, Clickfunnels is best for businesses that are focused mainly on getting specific tasks done.  Kartra, on the other hand, focuses on the main g​oals entrepreneurs and a business owner have first and works you backwards to figure out the best approach to reaching those business goals.

​​Right off the bat, both options are quite similar with some key differences as well.  Both will also give you plenty of options to choose from.​

This page is formatted in a way that you can quickly do side by side comparisons for each different section of each tool.​ Hopefully, this format helps make you decision for your business marketing!

So without further ado, let's get into this Kartra and Clickfunnels comparison!​

I will be honest....I was surprised by the results after comparing the two together and deciding which for your entrepreneurs investment.

​Looking for something specific about each of these when comparing the marketing performance of Clickfunnels vs ​Kartra?  Take a look at our quick navigation section below and feel free to click any of these links to instantly take you to that section of this article.

** UPDATE FOR SEPT 6, 2019 - We just received notification that Kartra added a cool new feature called Kartra Sites.​  This is an exciting feature that allows you to change multiple pages all at one.  For example, if you had a menu at the top of the page and many pages on your Kartra Site used the same menu, you will just need to change it once and it will automatcially change all pages that use that same menu.  Super time saver!  This can be done for headers, footers, tracking codes, custom CSS, etc.  Now it is a lot easier to handle full sites created just by using Kartra.

​Kartra Vs Clickfunnels

​What Is Clickfunnels?

clickfunnels vs kartra

​Basically, Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel and landing page ​software that helps individuals and businesses you create and launch pages easily in order to sell their products and services online.  Created by Russell Brunson.

​What Is ​Kartra?

kartra logo

​Compared to Clickfunnels, Kartra is also an online sales funnel and landing page ​software that helps individuals and businesses create and launch pages easily in order to sell their products and services online.  However, it does have some additions which you will learn about as you read on.

Also backed by well known marketer, Frank Kern.

Interested in learning more about how these two compare and what amazing features Kartra has that maybe Clickfunnels does not?

So, if you read the above definitions of each of these products, at a high level, they seem to be just about the same.  And you would be right, but once your get into the details, you'll see areas where they are very different.

Let's begin with what they both do to take your online business digital marketing automation to the next level:

​Features That ​Both ​​Have

​The first thing that we should look at is what Kartra and Clickfunnels both have in common.  Both interfaces, have a lot of similar features that you would expect in a top of the line business funnel builder or lead page creation tool.​

​Not only that, both will give you the ability to create super converting pages in order to bring your internet marketing efforts to the next level.

Here is a list of features that they both have:

  • Both ​Kartra and Clickfunnels ​offers a "drag and drop" ​web editor that allows you to ​easily put each element on a page or set of pages quickly and easily.  One of the easiest ways to make your ideas real with all the creative control you need.
  • ​A huge assortment of pre built templates for web pages to ​begin with to make sure that your ​sales funnel designs ​not only look beautiful but also convert well into sales and leads as well.
  • ​Easy to use online ​interface editor or dashboard that organizes ​your marketing pages and parts of pages very well.  Save ​a lot of time creating and focus instead on your goals!
  • Ability to easily integrate things that one time offs and up-sells.
  • Both give you the ability to easily integrate different services, shopping carts and payment gateways.
  • Clickfunnels ​vs ​Kartra offers platform dashboards can ​easily ​allow you to use your own custom domains.
  • Quickly and easily manage all your downloadable digital files and do automatic digital delivery.
  • Create and save reusable ​designs for your​ marketing pages.
  • ​Kartra and Click Funnels have the ​built in ability to set up email marketing sending for things like promotional emails, resetting passwords, sending shipping notifications (requires higher plan for Clickfunnels).
  • Both options have ​excellent affiliate programs with ​plenty of marketing material to use​ to help you promote them and earn money.
  • ​Excellent online support and instruction.
  • Fully responsive to mobile devices such as tablets and phones.
  • ​Ability to create evergreen variations of your landing pages in order to split test different designs and goal A/B test them against each other to find the ​top converting page in your marketing.
  • Clickfunnel vs ​Kartra have ​​analytics stats for your active campaigns to give you​ your traffic and conversion rate stats at a glance.  Great for when you are testing different things for goal oriented traffic and conversions.
  • Add tracking codes, such as Google Analytics, marketing pixels, CSS, etc to your head or body sections of your page.
  • Configurable ​SEO ​parameters for all your pages you intend to try to rank (title tags, headings, meta descriptions, meta keywords, etc).
  • ​Quick website hosting for your pages and funnels.  Clickfunnels ​vs ​Kartra both have ​fast and reliable hosting for their pages.
  • WordPress plugins that allow you to publish your pages right to your WordPress site.
  • Ability to share your pages and funnels with other task oriented platform users.
  • Both ​Kartra and Clickfunnels have trial offers that lets you try the builder before you buy!  Get to work on testing a ​sales funnel in minutes with little to no risk.
  • Add all the most popular social ​network sharing buttons to all your ​pages on your campaigns.

​Differences That We Noticed ​On Clickfunnels Compared To ​Kartra

​As you can see above, there are quite a few similar features in both the Click Funnels and ​Kartra platforms, ​however, there are some differences as well and we think that these differences are quite notable. I think that knowing what these differences are is really going to help you decide which is best for your business marketing.

The Biggest Difference:

The first thing that I noticed that was different and probably the thing the separates each of them the most - the email marketing system.  With Kartra, it is all included right at the cheapest account level.  You can get a full email autoresponder system included with Clickfunnels but you have to upgrade your account to their top tier offering.

To me, this is a HUGE difference because it means that with Kartra, it is potentially a lot cheaper each month because with Clickfunnels basic package, you would also have to pay for a separate autoresponder to integrate marketing with it.

Here are other differences of capabilities that we found w​ith Kartra compared to Clickfunnels


  • ​Huge “Clickfunnels Funnel Marketplace” that allows you to shop for some fantastic professional designs to use in your landing pages.  You can also create and sell your own templates here.  A great way to make a little extra money (and maybe even pay for the subscription!) is to create some custom templates and sell them here!
  • Cool ​unique free Clickfunnels T-Shirt offer available for customers that complete a few easy tasks like creating your first funnel, watching a simple intro video,


  • ​​Kartra has all the functionality needed to do all email marketing right out of the box without having to upgrade to a higher plan.  You only need to upgrade once you reach higher levels of leads that you are maintaining.
  • ​Manage affiliates right from Kartra so you can quickly and easily offer an affiliate program for your produ​cts and services you are offering.
  • ​Video hosting.
  • ​Done-For-You complete campaigns.  This includes all the pages of the funnel, email sequences, etc. Everything you need done for you!
  • Marketing AI that keeps track of everything relating to lead and customer activity on your marketing engagement.
  • New in Sept 2019 - Kartra Sites which allows you to build full sites using Kartra and easily change parts of the site over multiple pages.

​Pricing Comparison


  • Start with a 14 day FREE Trial offer.  Click here!
  • Standard Clickfunnels - $97 per month.  This gives you slots to create up to 20 funnels and 100 landing pages and up to 20,000 visitors per month for this platform.
  • Etison Clickfunnels Suite - $297 per month.  This package basically unlocks all the limitations on the standard plan and makes the number of funnels/landing pages and traffic unlimited. Actionetics as well.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these prices.


  • Start with a 14 day ​Trial for $1.​
  • ​Starter - $​99 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 2500 contacts, 15,000 emails, create 100 pages, sell 20 different e commerce products, and much more.
  • ​Silver - $​1​​99 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 12,500 contacts, ​125,000 emails, create ​unlimited pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.
  • ​Platinum - $​​499 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 25,​000 contacts, ​​250,000 emails, create ​unlimited pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these prices.

​More info on Kartra pricing here.

​Comparing The Funnel Creation Process ​

​Both products have easy to understand creation processes, but they are naturally slightly different.


Compared to ​Kartra, Once you click the "Add New" Button, you are greeted with the following screen that allows you to choose the type of funnel you are going to be creating.  What is interesting is the number of marketing options it gives you!

On one side, you have the classic Clickfunnels process that gives you a more stripped down and customizable option for testing.  The other give you the "Cookbook" option which is extremely cool!

clickfunnels 14 day trial

To me, the classic option in the suite is great if you want to quickly and easily create a small optin funnel, sales page or a webinar sales page.  If you want to get more advanced, the Cookbook page Builder is just the right thing and saves hours of time!

The Cookbook page Builder starts you off by choosing a funnel type such as video sales letter, 2-step tripwire, application, reverse squeeze page, live demo, etc.  All types of different funnels to choose from.  They even have each of these categorized by industry such as Author/Speaker/Coach, Retail, Professional Services, B2B, etc.

Whether you want lead generation for subscribers or sell a product, it is an awesome and easy way to create a set of landing pages and funnel.

Once you choose, you are greeted with a page that looks like this which allows you to choose your marketing template and get started.

clickfunnels how to delete a funnel

And you are good to go!  Tweak you design from the template starting point (or start with a blank screen), add additional pages/steps in your funnel process, integrate with third-party services, create split test pages for conversion, etc.

Get your Clickfunnels trial right here.


​Compared to Clickfunnels, Once you sign up here, ​you are first taken to a "Welcome" page that gives you all the info you need to get started including where to find support, the private ​Facebook group, training portal, etc.  For your first time, Find your welcome email and click on the link to the app to sign on.

can you create a blog in kartra

​​Down the left hand side of the screen you will see options for products, communications, pages, products, etc.

So let's say that we want to create a sales funnel.  First, you click the "My Pages" menu option on the sidebar.  Then click the green "+" sign box to add your page.

can you build websites in kartra

​Next, a box will pop up which will get you started in launching the page builder, choose your starting template, and get everything set up for your awesome marketing sales funnel.

complete in kartra sequences

​Now once you click "Launch Builder" you are sent to the app that allows you to create a landing page easily by dragging and dropping components into your page and editing them as needed.

On you first time, you are also automatically given a quick tutorial that gives you a complete rundown on everything you need to know for your business.

Get your Kartra trial here.

​Comparing The Template Selections

​Here is a quick selection of what some of the templates look like for ​Kartra and Click​funnels.  Both Click funnels and ​Kartra compare to each other quite well.


​Clickfunnels has an excellent selection of fantastic looking business templates to get started with.  The other cool thing is that you can filter all of these by the functionality of each template.  This includes filtering by optin, sales, webinar, membership, clickpop, etc types of marketing funnels:

does clickfunnels work for real estate

​Here is just a small sample of the Clickfunnels templates that they have available.

	 clickfunnels done for you

Still want more template options?  Take a look at this small selection from the Funnel Marketplace that is also available.  Some amazing looking designs in here from other users just like you!

clickfunnels template and theme marketplace


​​The people at Kartra definitely did not skimp on different templates to choose from in order to get started.  Once you start your page build, you will be given a list of template categories to choose from and than that section of marketing templates are presented to you to choose from.

Here are some examples:

create a course on kartra

​​More templates:

how to create squeeze page in kartra

​These are just a small sample of all the templates available for all different kinds of pages.

As a sidenote, you can also save your own templates as well!

​Comparing The Types Of Funnels Available

​Both Clickfunnels and ​Kartra have an ​excellent selection of different types of sales funnels and landing pages that you can choose and ​work with.


  • ​Regular optin - gives your business aspect a starting point with both the squeeze page and thank you page.
  • Sales funnel - includes a main sales page, product launch step, order form page, one click upsell (OTO), one click downsell marketing, order confirmation.
  • Webinar funnel - includes registration, thank you and broadcast room pages.
  • Membership site - signup page and main content page.
  • Other - Clickpop popup forms.


  • ​Regular optin​ landing pages.
  • Sales funnel​s with all steps from squeeze, email verification, confirmation, thank you pages, etc.
  • ​Membership pages and site setup.
  • ​Upsell and Downsell pages.
  • Product sales pages.
  • Webinar registrations.
  • Product review pages.
  • Video sales letters.

​Integrating With Other Services

​Here is a quick chart showing third party of integrations with ​Kartra vs ​Clickfunnels.

​Third Party Service





clickfunnels vs lead pages

​Constant Contact

leadpages vs clickfunnels vs




​GVO Pure Leverage

​HTML Form


​InfusionSoft CRM


​Mail Chimp

​Market Hero
















​ActiveCampaign CRM












Payment Gateways:


​InfusionSoft CRM





​Easy Pay Direct









​Zapier (for Marketo, etc)






​S2 Member



​Support Available

​​Of course, both ​Clickfunnels and ​Katra have​ a variety of methods for support when your business needs it.

Click ​Funnels

  • ​Detailed searchable ​knowledgebase for quick and instant answers to your questions.
  • Online messaging system.
  • Lots of helpful tutorial videos and courses.


  • ​​The Kartra Support Portal - this gives you access to a huge library of courses, training and support materials.
  • ​Live Support online.
  • ​Private Facebook group.
  • ​Kartraverse Training Portal.
  • Weekly updates with the latest tips and tricks.

​​Some of the Cons Of Each

​Well, you know we had to list some of the bad sides of each.  ​We already went over a lot of the excellent features and benefits of Kartra and Clickfunnels.  ​I think that it is very important to make sure that you know some of the imperfections of these packages as well.


  • ​When comparing standard plans, it is the most expensive at $97 per month (but with that said, well worth that price!)
  • With the amount of options available and things you can do, it can take awhile to get your head around it.  However, there are excellent training videos available as well as a ton of marketing info from users on Youtube.  If you ever have any issues figuring out how to do anything, a quick Youtube search or looking in the available knowledge base can quickly solve it.


  • ​​Once you get to a point that you are maintaining a huge email list of leads, it can get a little expensive. BUT, if you are at that point, ​your business ​is already making money hand over fist so it should not be too much of an issue!
  • ​The interface does take a little getting used to if you are already experienced with other builders..

​​Affiliate Programs Available

​Want to make some money promoting either of these marketing products?  ​As an entrepreneur, you may be interested in promoting either Clickfunnels ​vs ​Kartra software products.  ​To help you decide on whether or not these are right for ou to promote, here is a quick overview of each of the affiliate programs available.

Click ​Funnels

​The affiliate program here is HUGE.  Many different products to promote and earn money with.  Here are just some highlights of the affiliate programs:

  1. Earn money by giving away a FREE book.  This funnel also includes a number of upsells that can bring earnings as high as $927!
  2. ​Dream Car promotion.  Get 100 active users and you get a bonus of extra payment towards a lease of your dream car.
  3. Funnel giveaway promotions.
  4. Webinar promotions.

Personally, I recommend promoting the 14-day free trial because the more of these that you generate for them, the better your chances at getting $38 per month per active paying user.  These add up after while and can potentially provide a great monthly income.

They also have an extremely extensive library of business promotional materials to use to help make those sales.  These include email marketing swipes, banner ads, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, and much more.


​The ​Kartra affiliate program is a bit more basic than the Clickfunnels option but it is still a​n excellent business program.  You can earn ​40% recurring commissions on all your sales.

​As far as promo materials available, there are:

  • email swipes
  • videos
  • banners for both Facebook and other sites.
  • social media swipes

My understanding, or at least some rumors that I heard was that under the direction of Frank Kern, there are a number of new products in the marketing pipeline for your business to promote and earn money from.  ​Will update this when they are available!

​​Clickfunnels vs ​Kartra Compared To EAch Other

​What's the verdict?  As you can see above, both Clickfunnels and ​Kartra are ​both completely awesome choices for these types of solutions.  But which would I recommend?

Well, ​personally I prefer and use ​Kartra vs Clickfunnels ​vs ​anything else out there because I find it easiest to use for your business.  But, if I were you, since they both have a 14 day free trial, I would recommend signing up for both of them, give them a try for free and choose the one that you like best.

Would you rather see a review?  Check this out:

We also have some other comparison related  and alternatives articles as well:

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​Kartra Comparisons

​Other options.  Stay tuned, we plan to release other business comparisons like this Kartra vs Clickfunnels for:

  • Unbounce
  • Instapage
I hope this Clickfunnels and Kartra article helped you make your decision on which to choose!

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