​Kartra Vs Kajabi

​When you are looking to subscribe to one of the top sales funnel and landing page builders for your needs, it can be a bit of a challenge.  You need to know what each can provide in order to make a good decision.  That's why we put together this comparison between Kartra vs Kajabi for you to check out!  Building landing pages and sales funnels has never been as easy and fun with either of these options.

​​​Kartra Vs Kajabi - The Main Differences

kartra vs kajabi

The main difference between these two SAAS platforms ​is when you compare Kartra vs Kajabi being used for your business.  Kartra is a landing page and sales funnel builder that is an all-in-one marketing tool, whereas Kajabi is a sales funnel builder that also gives you the option to create full websites.  

With that said though, Kartra also recently added Kartra sites that give you the ability to create full websites there as well.

​While both options are excellent choices and very similar.  Both Kajabi and Kartra can allow you to create full sales funnels and landing pages, create high converting marketing campaigns, and help you sell your products and services online.  The biggest difference in my opinion though is that Kajabi seems to focus more on website creation and things like online courses, membership sites, surveys and quizzes.  Kartra focuses on funnels and landing pages along with email marketing all integrated.

​Even though they are both very similar, they will also give you plenty of options to choose from.​

​Ready? Let's get going with this Kartra and ​Kajabi comparison!​

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​Kartra Vs ​Kajabi

​What Is ​Kajabi?

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​Basically, Kajabi is an all in one software tool that allows business owners to launch online marketing campaigns, create online courses, build landing pages and even create full websites.

​What Is ​Kartra?

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​Compared to ​Kajabi, Kartra is also an online sales funnel and landing page ​software that helps individuals and businesses create and launch pages easily in order to sell their products and services online.  However, ​Kartra does have some additions which you will learn about as you read on.

​Do you want to learn more to compare and contrast Kartra vs Kajabi, the helpful features that Kartra has but Kajabi maybe does not - and vice versa?​

So, if you read the above definitions of each of these products, at a high level, they seem to be just about the same.  And you would be right, but once your get into the details, you'll see areas where they are very different.

Starting at the two descriptions above, they actually might appear to be almost the same thing.  And you would not be completely wrong because they do have a lot of similarities.  But, keep reading because there are a fair number of differences between Kartra and Kajabi too!

We'll start with showing what both can do and what they both share as far as features:

​Features That ​Both ​​Have

​To begin and get a bit of a base level comparison, let's look at what Kartra ​vs Kajabi have in common.  At a high level, both have many of the same types of features.  The main reason for this, in my opinion, is that a lot of these features are really something that everyone would expect you to have in a top tier sales funnel creation tool or landing page builder.

​​Here is a list of features that they both have:

  • Both ​Kartra and ​Kajabi ​offer a "visual drag and drop" ​website editing suite that allows you to ​easily put together a page or set of web pages ​fast and easily.  ​You have all the creative control you need in both tools.
  • ​A range of different pre-built themes and templates to help you get started quickly to create attractive designs without being an experienced graphic designer.
  • Built in options to eaily add upsells and one time offers to your products and/or services you are selling.
  • ​Easily integrate ​various third party services, shopping cart and payment gateways.
  • ​Kajabi ​vs ​Kartra ​allow you to use your own custom domains or a subdomain that they provide you.
  • Kartra and Kajabi can quickly and easily manage all your downloadable digital files and do automatic digital delivery.
  • Create and save reusable ​design templates for your​ sales funnels.
  • ​Both Kartra ​vs ​Kajabi have everything you need to set up email marketing campaigns including storing and managing your email list, autoresponder messaging, broadcast messaging, etc.
  • If you arelooking to earn money by promoting these tools, both have excellent affiliate programs.
  • ​Excellent online support and instruction.
  • ​All Kartra and Kajabi template designs are completely mobile responsive.
  • Processes are built in to allow you to do A/B split testing to help you figure out the best and top converting pages in your campaigns.
  • ​Website analytics are available in both Kartra ​vs Kajabi.  These show important stats like website traffic, sales, lead conversions and everything else you need to help you make decisions for your business.
  • Ability to add tracking codes, such as marketing tracking pixels, CSS, Google Analytics, etc to your pages.
  • ​Basic SEO parameter settings.
  • ​​Reliable and fast hosting for your pages and sites.
  • Both ​Kartra and ​Kajabi have 14 day trial offers that lets you try before you buy ($1 for Kartra and free for Kajabi).
  • Add ​many of the​ popular social ​network sharing ​links to all your ​pages on your campaigns.

​Differences That We Noticed ​Kajabi Compared To ​Kartra

​As you ​noticed above, there are quite a ​number of similar features in both the ​Kajabi and ​Kartra platforms, ​​but, there are also some differences as well and we think that these differences are notable.  I think that knowing what these differences are is really going to help you decide which is best for your business marketing.

The Biggest Kajabi and Kartra Difference:

When you think about the most notable difference between Kartra vs Kajabi, I would recommend looking at how each can be best used.  For creating full websites around things like online courses and content delivery, Kajabi is awesome.  Kartra would be best suited for when you want to create online sales funnels.

Here are other differences of capabilities that we found w​ith Kartra compared to ​Kajabi


  • ​Functionality to allow you to build and manage your own online community using Kajabi - kind of like a Facebook group.
  • ​If you are running a course style website, you can create online quizzes with Kajabi.
  • Kajabi blog functionality.


  • ​​​Built in scheduling so that someone can book time with you through your calendar using Kartra.
  • Functionality to allow you to share your marketing campaigns to other Kartra users.
  • Kartra help desk features included.
  • Kartra video hosting.
  • New in Sept 2019 - Kartra Sites which allows you to build full sites using Kartra and easily change parts of the site over multiple pages.

​Pricing Comparison


  • Start with a 14 day FREE Trial offer.​
  • ​Kajabi Basic - $​149 per month.  This gives you ​3 products and pipelines, create unlimited landing pages and emails, store up to 10,000 contacts and 1000 active members.
  • Kajabi Growth - $​199 per month.  This package b​umps up the limitations of the basic plan giving you up to 15 products and pipelines, 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members.  It also allow you to have up to 10 admins.
  • Kajabi Pro - $​399 per month.  This package is another bump to up to ​100 products and pipelines, ​100,000 contacts and ​20,000 active members.  It also allow you to have up to 3 websites and ​25 admins.

The Growth and Pro plans also give you access to 24/7 chat support, the ability to have your own affiliate program, advanced automations, Kajabi brand removal, etc.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these Kajabi prices.


  • Start with a 14 day ​Trial for $1.​
  • Kartra Starter - $​99 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 2500 contacts, 15,000 emails, create 100 pages, sell 20 different e commerce products, and much more.
  • Kartra Silver - $​1​​99 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 12,500 contacts, ​125,000 emails, create ​unlimited pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.
  • ​Kartra Platinum - $​​499 per month.  ​This gives you ​​​up to 25,​000 contacts, ​​250,000 emails, create ​unlimited pages, sell ​unlimited different products, and much more.

* Note - doing annual billing does give you a discount on these Kartra prices.

​More info on Kartra pricing here.

​Integrating With Other Services

​Both Kartra and Kajabi options have the ability to integrate with a huge number of different third party services for things like:

  • Mail
  • Webinars
  • Messaging
  • Delivery
  • Payment Gateways

​Support Available

​​Of course, both ​​Kajabi and ​Katra have​ a variety of different methods ​of support when you and your business need it.


  • Kajabi ​Chat support
  • ​​Kajabi 24/7 chat support for the two highest account tiers.


  • ​​The Kartra Support Portal - this gives you access to a huge library of courses, training and support materials.
  • ​Kartra Live Support online.
  • ​Kartra Private Facebook group.
  • ​Kartraverse Training Portal.
  • Weekly Kartra updates with the latest tips and tricks.

​​Some of the Cons Of Each

​Well, you know we had to list some of the bad sides of each.  ​We already went over a lot of the excellent features and benefits of Kartra ​vs ​Kajabi.  ​I think that it is very important to make sure that you know some of the imperfections of these packages as well.


  • ​When comparing ​basic plans, it is the most expensive at $​149 per month (but with that said, well worth that price!)


  • ​ As your marketing campaigns collect more emails and your email list gets larger, it requires you to upgrade your account to keep up with that.  However, this probably isn't too much of an issue because if you have more people on your list, you have more income coming in to resolve this.

​​​​Kartra Vs Kajabi Compared To E​ach Other

​What's the verdict?  As you ​just read, both ​Kajabi and ​Kartra are excellent ​options for these types of ​needs.  ​However, which one would I recommend to sign up for?

Well, ​personally I prefer and use Kartra vs Kajabi ​vs ​anything else out there because I find it easiest to use for your business.  But, if I were you, since they both have a 14 day free trial, I would highly recommend signing up for both of the​se, give them each a try for free (or $1) and choose the one that you ​prefer.

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​​Kajabi Vs ​Kartra

​Kartra Comparisons

​Other options.  Stay tuned, we plan to release other business comparisons like this Kartra vs ​Kajabi article.

I hope this Kajabi and Kartra article was helpful to make decisions on which you should choose!