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I just got done reading Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets book and decided that an Expert Secrets review is in order because it was a great book – and FREE too! Keep reading this review to find out how you can get your own copy.

If you believe yourself to be an expert in a subject and have experience in that subject, this is the book for you!

Want a FREE copy, click here – it’s free, you just have to pay for shipping.

But, if you are still on the fence, take a read of our review on Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice

What Is The Expert Secrets Book – A Summary

expert secrets reviewAre you an expert in a subject? Perhaps, you know a huge amount about a subject – more than others may know. Maybe you actually don’t know a huge amount but have enough knowledge about it that you can package a product together and offer it to others that are looking to learn more about it as well. This is where the Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson comes in.

This book takes you through everything you need to know in order to help you create a new opportunity of a successful online business and becoming an expert business person or entrepreneur. It leads you trough a detailed process of becoming the “attractive character” for the niche, creating belief in your offer, creating the offer itself as a new opportunity for your target audience, and then implementing this plan and creating a mass movement that leads to sales.

This Expert Secrets book also helps you through the journey of collecting followers that will pay for any advice in your niche that you can offer.

This book is kind of a follow up to the first book, DotCom Secrets (which you can also get for FREE here, just pay shipping)

Who Is It For

Within the first 20 or so pages of the Expert Secrets book you learn exactly who this book is for and you should be able to easily figure out for yourself where you fall. It is basically for two different types of people:

  1. People who are looking to sell information products. Are you an expert in something and can share your expertise with others? If so, you should be able to package that expertise up into a cool new opportunity of a product for others looking to learn from you.
  2. People with existing businesses that are looking to use information products as a way to help attract new customers. Informational products are a great way to grow a company quickly and efficiently. Mr. Brunson’s SAAS software, Clickfunnels, is a perfect example of this!

Table Of Contents Inside

The book is broken up into five different sections with step by step advice, each section contains four to six “secrets” that you NEED to know in order to help propel you to the next stage in your business:

Section One – Creating Your Mass Movement

Inside this section are the first four secrets that Russell shares in this book, each with enticing names that beg you to read on. Basically, this section is about figuring out who you should be and what you need to create to start that mass movement. These secrets he shares in this section are:

  1. The Charismatic Leader / Attractive Character – this secret really gets you to think about becoming a leader in your field and it actually made me mull over whether or not I had what it took to be that charismatic leader that you should be. This helps you figure out how to handle objections like this and know that you are the right person to do anything!
  2. The Cause – This is about creating your future-based cause and how to get people on board to your cause. This is a great start to your sales pitch.
  3. The New Opportunity – The third secret here is how to create hooks in order to help differentiate yourself from all others that are offering the same types of products or services. Basically offering something better than what others are offering.
  4. The Opportunity Switch – focusing on people that are “looking for more” and offering exactly that to them.

Section Two – Creating Belief

This section builds off the first section in that it takes everything to the next level of how you can transform your beliefs of your offer to your audience. Their “belief” in you is the first step in making them a customer.

  1. The Big Domino – this is all about identifying the one biggest thing that you have to work to get your audience to believe that will help to knock down all the other objections that they may have.
  2. The Epiphany Bridge – figuring out the art of leading people to an answer to a problem rather than just telling them the answer. If they are lead to come up with the answer themselves, they basically sold themselves.
  3. The Hero’s Two Journeys – using story telling to help lead your audience to a solution or product you created.
  4. The Epiphany Bridge Script – this is the exact epiphany script to the Epiphany Bridge to help you in creating your own stories to help draw your followers to your offers.
  5. False Belief Patterns – figuring out how to react to doubts and thoughts that your audience may have that are possible reasons that your offer may not work for them.
  6. The 3 Secrets – basically three core beliefs that may stop people from buying and hone your selling skills.

Section Three – Your Moral Obligation

This is about the fun part – sales, creating offers and structuring how you market your offers. All with examples like:

  1. The Stack Slide – this is basically setting up a list of everything that is included in your offer and what people get when they buy your content.
  2. The Perfect Webinar – This is actually not just for webinars and is basically a formula for setting up a perfect presentation for your product or service.
  3. The One Thing – This gets your started in setting up your sales funnels.
  4. Breaking And Rebuilding Belief Patterns – section one already gave you the theory on what these are. This section teaches you how to implement it.
  5. The Stack – Kind of Russell Brunson’s secret weapon. That’s as much as I can say here…
  6. Trial Closes – how to finish up the presentation and close the sale!

Section Four – The Funnels

Without going into a huge amount of detail because I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but this section gives some very detailed secret sales funnel set ups that you can implement for yourself. All these show entrepreneurs how to set up each funnel, which page goes where, what needs to be included on each page, what to have in your follow up sequences, where to send your traffic for best results, etc. What;s really cool too is that he goes through a lot of examples and really explains well how each funnel works and also why it works. The online business funnels he talks about here are:

  1. The Perfect Webinar Model
  2. The 4 Question Close (For High Ticket Offers)
  3. The Perfect Webinar Hack
  4. Email Epiphany Funnels
  5. Epiphany Product Launch Funnels

Section Five – What’s Next

Let’s say that you did all the work required to set up your expert business and now you are ready for the next steps. Where to you go from here? This section has the last final secret and I feel like it is probably the most important one.

  1. Fill Your Funnel – You have a funnel, now how do I get people to those funnels? Where is the traffic. This section gives you all you need to know for this.

Is There An Audiobook?

Yes! But there is only one specific way to get it. When you order the FREE physical copy here, you will be given the opportunity to also have the audiobook version for a small cost. Definitely worth it! I loved listening to it while commuting to my office in the mornings.

Is There A Free Experts Secrets PDF Free Download?

Well, there are. I’ve seen them out there but I wouldn’t recommend downloading an Expert Secrets pdf from any sites that offer them. For one, they probably aren’t approved and also the sites that offer them can be very sketchy and I would not be surprised if they are full of viruses. Get it from the official source that I mentioned in this article only.

Expert Secrets Pricing

Expert Secrets retails for $19.95 but it is offered for free here if you just pay $7.95 shipping. If you are outside of the USA, you can still get it for free but need to pay $14.95 shipping. Once you sign up for your book and get instant access, there are a number of additional offers that you are eligible for:

  • The Black Box which includes another of Russel’s books.
  • Story Telling Secrets Book
  • The Audio Books and other bonuses
  • The Expert Evolution System
  • Funnel Builder Secrets

I would definitely recommend checking out these additional offers that are well suited for your business as well.

Our Expert Secrets Review Conclusion

Are your excited now to read Expert Secrets? Personally, if you are looking to up your game in online business, I definitely would recommend this book. And this is coming from someone that doesn’t really care to read a book, epecially one about creating a business. Boring! But this book is different! I actually couldn’t put it down and I believe that implementing these secrets into my business will help put me into the next level of business.

With that said after reading this Expert Secrets review, why not click here and get your own free copy (just cover the shipping fees).

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