What Does Kartra Replace?

Kartra is a lot more than merely a shopping cart system. It is a comprehensive list building, email marketing, business management, web-hosting platform expertly designed for marketers. It performs these and other functions, while linking them all together in one account for you to easily manage.

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What Is Kartra?

In essence, Kartra is a collection of crucial business tools that are required to run any online business. These tools are integrated into a single platform, which makes for more operational convenience. It is the brain child of Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, two renowned marketers who have successfully launched WebinarJam, which has found itself in a category among the premier online webinar tools available today.

Is Kartra a CRM?

what does kartra replace

What Does Kartra Replace?

Along with the Email Marketing Campaign Platform, the Online Form Builders and the Split Testing Software, the following services and platforms are replaced by Kartra:

Marketing Automation Systems

Automation is among the things that can be intimidating to new marketers. However, once they have been figured out, you will find that they are a vital part of your strategy. A complete visual automation platform is provided by Kartra, which is designed to produce advanced forking logic-based automation.

A number of elements can be added to your automation. These include:

  • Taking away from or giving lead points to your subscribers
  • Removing from or adding subscribers to sequences, tags, memberships and lists
  • Automatically unsubscribing cold subscribers
  • Creating “sub sequences” within your automation to produce intricate paths that can be taken, while ensuring it remains simple to manage visually
  • Creating solid analytics to indicate the performance of every email and step inside the automation

Automations are among the strong points of Kartra. Additionally, you can automate emails as everything is in a single place. This is an indication that a bit more work will be required to set up; however, this will be less work to do later on.

Sales Page Builders

These include squeeze pages, marketing pages, landing pages, product launch pages, thank you pages, video sales letter pages and checkout pages. Pre-made templates are provided for practically any use-case that can be imagined, from a blog feed or traditional home page to classic squeeze pages long-form and sales pages.

Furthermore, making changes directly to a template is just a matter of simply pointing and clicking. This applies to swapping out images, editing text and changing styles. In addition, you can use the provided blocks to introduce new components into the mix.

Membership Site Management Systems

The membership builder offers the benefits highlighted below:

  • It is quite easy to build content with membership
  • A variety of membership levels can be accessed
  • Memberships can be used to deliver products to enhance the experience of your customers
  • Memberships can be utilized as a means of charging a subscription-based product
  • Automatically generate passwords and securely deliver them to users via email

Essentially, a membership portal can be very easily built for users. Additionally, you will be able to set your payments to charge on a once-and-done basis or in monthly or bi-monthly installments. Free access can be granted as well.

Kartra automatically generates a user login (which is the email address of the member) and a high-security, auto-generated password (granting access to the new member). This data is automatically delivered to each member.

Memberships can also be used for product delivery. You will also be able to sell a membership that provides access to the content you are selling. This is a much better look than simply providing a google-drive link after a purchase for the delivery of your digital product.

There are currently 4 access levels on the membership portals that can be named whatever you like. This will enable your customers to have access to any content to which you would like them to access.

Kartra also has a campaigns area under which you will be able to drill down and deeply manage your leads. You will be able to:

  • View a complete history of the journey of the customer. This includes the pages they viewed, the forms on which they opted in, the help desk tickets they submitted, quantity of videos they watched and the products they purchased or had refunded.
  • View all their information and tags
  • Provide customers with access to products and provide refunds
  • Remove or add any information about customers

There is a lot that can be done in this area, however, the main takeaway is that it is tied directly into the entire platform. Therefore, when it comes to selling, it provides users with super powers.

Shopping Cart Software

The Shopping Cart offered by Kartra has been touted as the best marketing funnels and sales funnels software currently existing. This is largely because it provides you with everything you need to market, sell and for delivery of your products.

A typical funnel will practically use an e-mail auto responder and an opt-in web page such Kartra Shopping Cart. Along with an additional sales page with an order bump and some content. This would possibly be adhered to by extra material and a subscription.

Before various platforms and solutions would be required to achieve the same effect. Among other things, you would be required to:

  • Program and develop the site
  • Use an autoresponder service
  • Hire a hosting service
  • Find a membership website software application
  • Figure out A/B split-testing software

However, the all-in-one Kartra software covers all these different avenues.

You will be saving a lot of money by foregoing the purchase of all the products and services required to kick off your online business. Additionally, you will avoid investing the energy, time and frustrations typically involved with setting everything up.

This time can be spent focusing on your marketing strategy, which is what is truly important. The Shopping Cart offers a Free Trial and as such, you will be able to try the software and test its effectiveness.

Affiliate Management Systems

An Affiliate Program Management System is incorporated into the platform. A JV affiliate and promotional page can be created. In addition, you can have the affiliate signup process directly integrated into the page.

In addition, you can screen potential affiliate using a section for mandatory terms and conditions as well as customized questionnaires. Furthermore, the tool enables you to manage W9s and w8BENs, whenever necessary and easily review and approve affiliates and assign tags and lists to them after signing up for future promotions. You will also be able to provide a login for customers with and their affiliate link so they can get started.

Kartra can also be used to:

  • Set your payment milestones and your sales threshold milestones
  • Set your commissions by dollar or percentage; by all product ranges or products, and by individual affiliates
  • Pay commissions on new mail subscribers
  • Set your commissions to be paid by Stripe, Braintree, PayPal or Authorize.net

Video and Webinar Hosting

Video marketing is highly essential. After all, it occupies a large part of web traffic (over 75 percent). It also boosts conversions when they are embed in landing pages and assists virtually every consumer in his or her purchase decision.

Having said that, we can examine what Karta offers in this particular area. Firstly, there is watermark branding that can be used to keep away thieves who might attempt to capitalize on your work. This feature could safeguard your earnings as nobody will be able to copy and sell a product that has been created for you.

How your videos look and feel is totally up to you. You will also be able to easily embed videos or place them inside a pop up that plays as visitors scroll.
If you are operating a webinar or teaching program, you can set it up for the next video to play without stopping. For training videos, this is especially ideal. Best of all, everything is enhanced for all devices.

Graphic Designers

Hiring a graphic designer is totally unnecessary. Karta provides a large number of templates that can be used to quickly build your funnels. After your template is selected, the drag and drop builder can be used to design it to your preference. It has a range of functionalities that makes the process quite easy and convenient.

Its 100 percent mobile responsive feature is remarkable asset for any landing page builder. This is great since more than half of searches nowadays are carried out on mobile devices.

The online face of your brand is your landing page. As such, you are provided with the power to make it your own and make it look amazing. Whatever logos, fonts, or colors you desire, Karta give you the flexibility. Additionally, if you need a bit of inspiration, you can access the over 500 page/section templates.


Kartra provides the ideal set of marketing tools for your business. This is particularly true since this easy-to-use software can be used to actually replace a lot of services and platforms.  You can try it out for yourself for 14 days for just $1 by clicking here and signing up.

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